Adobe Acrobat
Make documents anyone can read anywhere!
Learning with a difference...
• Have documents that always print or display
the same way
• Create documents that can’t be tampered with
• Learn how to scan and edit paper documents
Course content
• Create files in familiar Microsoft Office
programs and quickly convert them to Adobe
Acrobat files
• Edit converted or scanned files
• Bookmark pages in documents for future
reference or quick access.
Course overview
On this course you will learn how to convert documents into Acrobat
format. Learn the techniques to keep all the original colours, text
effects, illustrations and general appearances. Anyone can then send,
receive and use these fantastic looking files, even if they do not have
Adobe Acrobat.
Discover how to set a high level of security in Acrobat files to prevent
anyone from editing or formatting your files. Scan documents into your
computer and use Acrobat to turn them into individual, live, editable
You will also learn how to make handy tabs that readers of your
documents can use to quickly go to different topics, and use as a
visual table of contents.
• Three easy ways to change the structure of
your files
• Learn how to send you files for review and
stamp them as approved
• Track changes that colleagues make to your
• Annotate documents with comments and
1 day
9:30 - 16.30
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Refreshments are provided on arrival,
mid morning and mid afternoon breaks.
A buffet style lunch is also provided.
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• The best way to save an Acrobat file
• Tips to view your files easier
• Four tips about the security options in Acrobat
Experience our tried and tested training methods; have fun while you learn and most importantly - apply what you have
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