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Talk It Over With Mom* (Even if
she’s dead or otherwise totally uncool)
Mama Etc’s Mindful Recipe for Solving Problems
A Door
A Mom*
We suggest doing this exercise in the early morning and without a timer, if you can.
1. Define one problem or issue currently taking up real estate in your mind as
specifically and objectively as possible.
For ex. “I yelled at my kid because I got frustrated with her lack of focus yesterday” is better
than: “I just don’t have enough enough patience” or “I’m not a good enough mom.”
2. Close your eyes.
3. Count backwards with your breath from 50 to 1. Breathing out on each number.
Breathe in... Breathe out 50... Breathe in... Breathe out 49. Do this until you Breathe out 1.**
4. Look for a door with your mind’s eye.
5. Open it.
6. Say hello to your Mom*. Feel free to give hugs and make small talk.
7. Talk with your Mom* about your problem for as long as you like.
8. Eventually your Mom* will tell you it is time for you to go. She might even count you
back into the real world.
9. Open your eyes, and go on with your life, knowing that your Mom* is there, if
you ever need to talk again.
* The person you talk to doesn’t have to be your mom. Feel free to substitute a father,
another relative, a friend, or anyone whose advice you really respect. If you need help with
a career issue, for example, you might even try talking it over with your ideal mentor: Oprah,
Sheryl Sandberg, that cool chyck from HR, Frank Underwood, Yoda, Steve Jobs, Gloria Steinem, Wonder Woman—whoever you think will give you the best advice.
** If you don’t see a door on 1, try counting backwards from 100. If you decide to use this
exercise on a regular basis, keep decreasing the number by 10 as you get further into your
mindfulness practice. If you don’t see a door, simply go back to the last number that worked
before. Eventually you will be able to do this exercise by merely counting backwards from 10.
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