How to use DDX Export feature

Send to iRomexis
To send the model to iOS click Send to iRomexis. For more information on how
to use the Planmeca iRomexis see Planmeca Romexis User’s Manual APPENDIX C:
DDX Export
To send CAD/CAM or STL models via the DDX network to registered DDX Labs. For
DDX configuration within Romexis, see “DDX Configuration” on page 241.
The recipient can import the STL files or the entire cad/cam case if they have our
design software.
Sending Cases Through DDX
In the CAD/CAM module of the active patient, select the desired case file.
Click DDX Export.
If you are currently logged into DDX, you will see details of your other cases.
The available models for the case that you have selected are listed near the
bottom of the screen. Ensure you have a ditched_prep model if your case has
equigingival or subgingival margins. See “Retract” in Chapter 7 for more
Importing and Exporting
Select STL (3D Models Only) or Native PlanCAD (All Data) as the export type at
the bottom of the screen. Labs must have Romexis PlanCAD software in order to
use the PlanCAD data. Ask your lab which export type they prefer.
Click Create a New Case.
Note: If you are not already logged into DDX, a login screen will
Select the desired lab from the list of My Labs or Find A Lab.
Fill out the form. You must select a Procedure and type the tooth number(s). The
rest of the fields are optional.
Click Submit Case.
The system returns to the DDX Cloud screen. Wait for the case to appear in the
Existing Files section.
A red progress bar appears when the case automatically uploads. The screen
closes when the upload is finished.
Note: If the case does not automatically upload, click on the file in
Existing Files and click the Add Files button.
Importing and Exporting
Planmeca PlanScan Full System User Manual