IBM Cloud Advisory Services

Data fragmentation
Cloud Transformation Journey
Random, varied Cloud consumptions patterns
Lack of a plan for Cloud Adoption/Transformation
Define the vision. Execute flawlessly.
Limited visibility into business unit adoption
Maria, CEO
Nicolas, CMO
IBM Cloud Advisory Services
Julia, CIO
We need to drive innovation
and agility into our organization and culture
We need to expedite time to
We need greater visibility into our
business cycles and predictive
Maria is intrigued by the prospect of the Cloud and what she hears from her peers.
Her competitors seem to be leveraging it significantly more than her company and
moreover, internally she hears complaints that the CIO is not a fan due to perceived
security and governance issues.
We being pushed to drive greater
insights and predictability into our customer interactions
We need to better leverage big data and social media to create more personal customer
relationships but lack the
technologies to do so
We need faster time to market and flexibility for our promotional campaigns
Nicolas believes the Cloud will give him a competitive advantage, as he needs to be
able to create true relational marketing with his customers. He lacks insights to be
able to do so today, and further, cannot execute programs with any speed when he
does want to connect with his customers.
Shadow IT is exacerbated by cloud. I’ve lost control of cost,
assets and IP proliferation.
Some business units have
multiple instances of the same SaaS application
Our data is fragmented across random vendors and platforms
Julia feels like she is being “pushed” into Cloud adoption for her company but does
not believe there is any understanding of the complexity and risk the organization
is inheriting. In fact, her perception is that the issues she has so diligently tackled
through the past years, such as data validity and availability, security, and cost
containment are rapidly becoming of control and unwieldy.
I see the spend, I hear the pain but I am concerned about the risk exposure to the enterprise
from the lack of planning and
disciplined governance
Po is torn between the speed and agility that Cloud can deliver versus the
compliance and risk he could inherit. He needs to be convinced that one is not
sacrificed for sake of another.
1. Cloud Envisioning
2. Portfolio Prioritization
Art of the Possible
3. Initiative Definition
Art of the Pragmatic
4. Cloud Readiness and
Governance Assessment
5. Adoption Plan Creation
Best of the Vision with Flawless Execution
Initiative risk and compliance management
Execution plan
Cloud portfolio of initiatives
Prioritized portfolio
I can see the future of a cloud enabled business model and
how it can transform our business
Detailed initiatives
I now realize what I can expect and when from our Cloud
Adoption, and am able to realistically forecast when we can
release new products and programs based on capabilities
the Cloud can deliver for my team
I can now have the executive team’s support to ensure we are
not venturing down a path that will create excessive risk for the
organization. I believe our entire executive team now is on board
with what I have been saying all along, and will push Cloud via a
more balanced approach
I can hold this entire executive team accountable to drive
revenue, yet potentially reduce costs, via Cloud adoption,
all while knowing we are managing our risk and compliance
We practice what we preach
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Managing Cloud Services
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Watson on the Cloud
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