EF CUTEC October14

Entrepreneur First
Turning world-class technologists into world-class startups
What is Entrepreneur First?
We help the most ambitious
tech students start startups
when they graduate
What is Entrepreneur First?
We’ve supported 60 grads to
build 20 companies worth
$90m over the last two years
The 7 deadly startup sins
First-time founders make the
same mistakes
Error One
Treating founding like a
checklist – and so never
Error Two
Focusing on the
“entrepreneurship” bit
Error Three
Working on the wrong thing
for you
Error Four
Treating it like a job
Error Five
Not taking enough risk
Error Six
Valuing the wrong things in
co-founders (and yourself)
Error Seven
Assuming demand that’s not
We’re here to help
Applications open now:
[email protected]