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No. 35
January 2015
Day of Liberation – 8/ 9 May 2015 – Day of Victory
70 years ago, on May 8/ 9, 1945 the mankind experienced the final military smashing of German
fascism. These dates mark the victory over an inhuman regime of Hitler fascism,
• that political opponents segregated, pursued and arrested,
• that murdered millions of humans alone from a designed racial origin as Jews, as Sinti and
Roma, as Slavic,
• that brings war, occupation and destruction to all states in Europe and even countries and
peoples in other parts of the world, with the idea of imperial domination and destroying the Soviet
- that costs in its brutal result the life of more than 55 million people.
Today, the historical truth is denied in some European countries, the collaborators with the fascist
occupiers are honored as "freedom fighters". Against this form of historical revision, we emphasize
as FIR:
The fascist world domination plans were stopped by common acting of the anti - Hitler - coalition.
It has been done by the members of the armed forces of the allied ones, above all the members of the Soviet army, which carried the main load of the war, which smashed this threat also
It has been done by the partisans and resistance fighters in all of German fascism occupied
countries, communists in their first ranks, those who gave their life for the liberty of there own
Part of this anti - Hitler - coalition also were German anti-fascists, who illegally in Germany, into
structures of partisans or together with allied armed forces fought for the liberation of their country.
We remember all those women and men who - often risking their lives – took part in the liberation.
In political declarations even of the European Parliament is claimed that with the end of the war
only a "totalitarian rule" had been replaced by another. The FIR emphasizes in contradiction:
The May 8, 1945 is the day of liberation
• for all of German fascism threatened peoples,
• for the arrested ones of the fascist concentration camps, which had been sent still in the agony of
the Nazi-regime on death march,
• for the forced labourers, those work as slaves in different forms for the German industry, in agri culture and for the war politics,
• for the Nazi opponents in Germany.
The May 8, 1945 marks the beginning of a new policy in the international relations. The common acting of all Nazi opponents created the basis to establish the United Nations and to adjust
the basics of international law for pursuit and condemnation of the main war criminals in the
Nuremberg Tribunal. These norms are still valid today, as the General Assembly of the United
Nations recently confirmed.
The common slogan of all anti-fascists in that time was: "Never again war! Never again fascism!"
For FIR and its member federations this is an obligation for today and tomorrow. Together with the
members of today's generations we act
 against new-fascism and extreme right policy,
 against xenophobia, racism and anti-Semitism,
 against war, imperialist hegemony and state and non-state terrorism as well as its social
The liberation created the basis for the vision of a "new world of peace and freedom," as it has
been formulated by the prisoners of the concentration camp Buchenwald on April 19, 1945.
Member federations of FIR fight in this sense today for the realization of comprehensive political
and social human rights, peace and democracy. Together we celebrate the 8/9 May 2015 as Day
of Liberation and Day of Victory.
Executive committee of FIR
The International Federation of Resistance Fighters (FIR) congratulates the
United Nations
Mid-December 2014, the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York accepted a
fundamental resolution (A / C.3 / 69 / L.56 / Rev.1) to combat glorification of Nazism and other
practices of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. At the same time, all
forms of rehabilitation of the fascist crime and criminal organizations are sentenced.
The resolution recalls the principles of the Nuremberg war crimes trial and the judgments, which,
inter alia, declared the SS with all its parts, especially the Waffen-SS, as a criminal organization
and other provisions which have been made on the issue of crimes against humanity they have
relevance until today.
The statement confirms the Durban Resolution of September 2001: "We condemn the continued
existence and the resurgence of neo-Nazism, Fascism and violent nationalist ideologies based on
racial or national prejudices." Any positive reference to the Nazi regime, its allies and affiliated
organizations should be banned.
It causes concern, the increase of extreme right and populist right-wing parties in parliament and
the fact that traditional parties accept coalitions with these parties.
The adopted Statement condemns all practices, they "do injustice to the memory of the countless victims of crimes against humanity committed in the Second World War, in particular those committed
by the SS organization and by those who fought against the anti-Hitler coalition and collaborated with
the Nazi movement, and may negatively influence children and young people".
The statement concludes with "that failure by States to effectively address such practices is incompatible with the obligations of States Members of the United Nations under its Charter, including those
related to the purposes and principles of the Organization."
The FIR thanks all states and governments supporting the adoption of this resolution, the warnings
of the anti-fascist forces in many countries about the growth of neo-fascist and extreme right-wing
political groups, racism and xenophobic intolerance. FIR cannot understand and accept that most
the States of the European Union abstained in the vote. Although the Italian ambassador to the
UN said they have had doubt to the "integrity of the resolution text". However, he could not name a
point that would have been contrary to the principles of the United Nations.
The international anti-fascist movement estimates this UN resolution as a positive signal in preparation of
the 70th anniversary of the day of liberation, to counter all attempts of rehabilitation or historical amnesia.
The main tasks of FIR in 2015
At the meeting of the Executive Committee in late October 2014 in Haidari near Athens FIR as an
international umbrella organization of former resistance fighters, partisans, deported, victims of the
Nazi regime and member of the anti-Hitler coalition advised the policy issues in the coming year. It was
in the foreground, that we and our affiliates have every reason to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the
liberation of the occupied countries, the camps and detention centers and to remember the anti-fascist
political renewal. Having already in August 2014 impressive ceremonies in Banska Bystriza for the
Slovak National Uprising, in Paris for the liberation of the city as well as in Belgrade in October, the
first date in the next year is January 27, 1945, when the units of the Red Army reached the Auschwitz
extermination camp and were able to free several thousand prisoners. Not only in Poland, but also in
many other countries, the member associations of the FIR will take this date as an opportunity for
political remembering the dehumanizing effects of anti-Semitism and antiziganism. The liberation of
the concentration camps are also other great occasion for international celebrations at which the FIR organizations are actively involved.
In various countries, international conferences are planned. In March, the Czech Freedom Fighters
Association is planning an international meeting in Prague with veterans of FIR - Associations. End of
March a commemoration meeting will be held in Moscow for which in addition to the FIR numerous
other international organizations will be invited. The highlight will form the Victory Day on May 9, 2015,
on this anniversary celebrations in Moscow.
In addition to these international events in which the FIR and its member organizations will be
involved, the FIR sets itself in the coming year to projects that focus on to demonstrate the vitality of
the anti-fascist and veteran organizations:
This includes working with the exhibition "Antifascist resistance fight against fascism". Already 2013 we
have had the opening in Belgium and this version will be shown in the Netherlands. In the fall of 2014,
a Hungarian version was opened in Budapest, which will be seen in the coming months in several
Hungarian towns and villages. In January 2015, the German version goes on tour. Bremen, Hamburg
and Berlin are the first stations in Germany. In addition, the exhibition also in Austria will be shown. For
content support 2015 is also planned the publication of a catalog for the exhibition. Thus makes an
important contribution to the FIR preserving the memory of the anti-fascist struggle and against all
attempts of historical reinterpretation.
Of great importance is also working with the younger generation. From 5 to 10 May 2015 re-runs the
"train of a Thousand" from Brussels to Auschwitz. This international youth meeting, organized jointly
with the "Institut des Vétérans" and the Belgian Auschwitz Committee, brings youth and time-witnesses
from many European countries together in the political commemoration. The VVN-BdA will be involved
with a delegation in this youth meeting.
As a unifying element of many joint actions of the FIR associations, the "Torch of FIR" has been
proved that has already been shown in Belgium, Bulgaria, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Serbia,
Hungary and Cyprus. In the fall it travelled through Greece and other Balkan countries before being
shown in Spring even in Portugal, Austria, the Czech Republic, Russia and Germany.
The FIR with its member associations shows in all these activities that it represents a living network
that gives the concerns of former combatants and today's anti-fascists hearing and validity.
Ulrich Schneider
Support the political work of the International Federation of Resistance (FIR) - Association of Antifascist!
The political work of international anti-fascist organization requires large resources.
Since civil society organizations do not have national or institutional grants, the organization depends on
contributions and donations.
Bank-account: Postbank Berlin IBAN DE 04 1001 0010 0543 0541 07, Owner: FIR
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Declarations of FIR
Statement of FIR against the attack of a synagogue in Jerusalem
The International Federation of Resistance Fighters (FIR) – Association of Anti-fascists, the
umbrella organization of former guerrilla fighter against fascism, members of the anti-Hitler
coalition, victims of the Nazi regime and anti-fascists of today's generations received with great
sadness the news of the attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem.
We condemn this act of violence which cann't legitimized by any political desperation or other
reasons. This violence is a major obstacle to progress on the path to a peaceful solution to the
conflict in the Middle East.
Such attacks on churches and believers lead to escalation and provide those who defeat on both
sides of the conflict an agreement, the keywords to answer violence with violence.
We call for an immediate end to the violence in the Middle East. We call on the political leaders in
the Palestinian territories to do everything in their power to prevent such forms of individual terror
for the residents of Israel can live without fear.
We call on the political leaders in Israel, do not answer this crime through their own criminal
actions against the Palestinian civilian population.
The Middle East peace can only be made on the basis of United Nations resolutions – a military
solution is impossible. We assure our Israeli member federation our sympathy and full solidarity.
November 18, 2014
FIR supports the protest movement against social cuts in Greece
About 100.000 people organized by PAME demonstrated on 1 st November 2014 in Athens against
social cuts and the Greek government.
The Executive Committee of FIR meeting today 31/10/2014 in the room of the Council of the Mu nicipality of the historical resistance town of Haidari decided unanimously to send its militant greetings to the great demonstration organized by PAME (All Workers Action Front) on Syntagma
Square on Saturday 1/11/2014.
We are sure that workers, unemployed, pensioners, small businesses, farmers, women and the
youth will overthrow with their organized struggle the anti-popular policy followed by the Greek
government and not only the Greek government, a policy which was demanded and dictated by local and international big monopolist capital supported by the European Union and other imperialist
forces and organizations. This policy puts the consequences of the capitalist crisis on the shoulders of our people and of all peoples so that there will be no reduction in profits.
FIR calls all veterans of the Second World War, all men and women fighters of the Democratic
Army of Greece and their descendants to continue with the struggle of the Greek people in the first
ranks and to assist all other peoples which fight for the visions and goals of millions of fighters who
gave their life for a world without fascism, without wars, a world of social justice and without ex ploitation of men by men.
On behalf of the EC of FIR
Grigoris Touglidis
1st Vice President of PEAEA – DSE, member of EC of FIR
Festivities of liberation started
Commemoration in Norway
Norway commemorated the Soviet soldiers in honor, who sacrified their life in the struggle for the
liberation of the north of the country and died in Nazi camps, such as the Russian Foreign Minister
Sergei Lavrov said at a wreath-laying ceremony at the monument to Soviet soldiers in Kirkenes.
Norway commited end of October 2014 the 70th anniversary of the liberation of its northern
regions by the Red Army in World War II.
Lavrov participated in the unveiling of the memorial Rörbua, a building, part, over which the flag of
Norway was raised 70 years ago. The Minister thanked the Norwegian Falstad Centre for an
outstanding contribution to clarifying the fate of Soviet prisoners of war. According to Lavrov it was
a result of a vast research, including in Russian archives, 4700 people - about half of the Soviet
soldiers buried in Norway – could have been identified.
Facing the frequent attempts in several countries, to justify or glorify the Nazis and their
accomplices, the importance of the work done could not be overestimated, as Lavrov said.
The Minister brought the conviction that Russia and Norway will maintain a permanent memorial to Soviet
soldiers as well as to participants in the Norwegian resistance and partisan movement.
Commemoration in Serbia
Invited by the Serbian member federation SUBNOR the president of FIR, Vilmos Hanti, the Vice-president
General Michail A. Moiseev and the member of the Executive committee Filippo Guiffrida took part in the
festivities in Belgrade.
During this commemoration several meetings of antifascist and veteran organizations took place. After an
intensive exchange of opinions the participants decided a common declaration.
Statement of the foreign participants in the festivities marking 70 years since
the liberation of Belgrade
We, representative of the World Veterans Federation (WVF), the International Federation of Resistance Fighters – Association of Anti-Fascists (FIR), and the national veterans’ organizations of
some anti-Hitler coalition countries, express our warmest gratitude to SUBNOR, to the authorities
and the nation of Serbia, for having the honor to be invited to, and to attend, the celebration of 70
years since the liberation of Belgrade from the Fascist occupation in World War Two.
Our participation in this magnificent manifestation is an opportunity to pay our respect, together
with the citizens of Serbia, and our heartfelt gratitude, not only to the brave soldiers of the People's
Liberation Army of Serbia and the Red Army, the living and the fallen ones, and all those victims
who lost their live in the fight against fascism, but also to the combatants in all war fronts who have
heroically fought against the Nazis in the Second World War, and, by offering own heroism and
sacrifice, contributed to saving the world from the fascist slavery and gloom.
It is our common duty to always recall the lessons learned during WWII, to carefully nurture the
anti-fascist tradition in our countries, and to join hands in creating environment of trust, mutual respect, and understanding among all nations and countries.
Having that said, and most concerned over the evermore present negative and extremely dangerous phenomena, that not only undermine the very foundations of legacy of our glorious struggle
against fascism, but also put at risk the global peace, we, representatives of the veterans, call
upon all veterans’ associations to vigorously stand up against any attempt of reviving, rehabilitat ing, and glorifying the fascism and the fascist ideology, against relativization of crimes committed
by fascist and their collaborators, against desecration of memories of the fallen soldiers and vic tims of fascism, against any rehabilitation of the collaboration with fascists, against attempts to revise the outcome of the Second World War and against any notion of racism, racial discrimination,
xenophobia, and all forms of intolerance, violation of the fundamental human freedoms and democratic values.
In Belgrade, October 20, 2014
Foreign participants in marking the 70th anniversary of liberation of Belgrade
„World without Nazism“ protests against historical falsification by Ukraine Prime
During his visit to Germany in early January 2015, the Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk
took in an interview a parallel between the bloody civil war in eastern Ukraine and the "invasion" of
the Soviet Union in the Ukraine and Germany during the Second World War. Yatsenyuk literally
explained: "We all know very well the invasion of the Soviet Union in the Ukraine and Germany".
The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the State Duma, Alexei Puschkow estimated
this "statement Jazenjuks basically a direct support for Nazi Germany and the insult to the memory
of the millions who sacrify their life for the liberation of our country and of Europe".
"Jazenjuks statements cannnot be tolerated at European level," said Boris Spiegel, president of
the international human rights movement "World without Nazism". "We can not allow that such a
high-ranking politicians write such statements unpunished." Spiegel called on Yatsenyuk to
apologize and to show respect to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War.
"The World without Nazism" plans because of this provocation, in the first half of 2015, to hold a
major conference to Jazenjuks statements and other "pro-Nazi acts" by representatives of the
radical forces in Ukraine.
The torch of FIR on tour
Celebration of the anniversary of the blow-up of Gorgopotamos-Bridge
On December 7, 2014, organized by PEAEA – DSE the celebration for the blow up of the train
bridge on the Gorgopotamos river in the presence of thousands of Resisters, friends of the Nation al Resistance and the Democratic Army of Greece, as well as of a great number of youngsters.
This act of sabotage which was the first and the most important against the forces of the fascist
Axis in occupied Europe, was carried out by forces of the ELAS (National People’s Liberation
Army) headed by captain-in-chief Aris Velouhiotis and by the forces of the EDES (National Democratic Greek Association) headed by general Napoleon Zervas, as well as by a group of 12 British
This sabotage revived the moral of the Greek people which began to fill the ranks of EAM (National Liberation Front) and ELAS at thousands writing with letters of gold the most heroic pages of
struggle and sacrifices of Greece’s modern history.
At the beginning of the manifestation we presented the FIR Torch which – we must point out this –
was welcomed with enthusiasm by all participants and was hold alternatively by many fellow mili tants until the end of the manifestation.
The "train of the 1000" Auschwitz - Birkenau, May 2015
The great event, the international youth meetings "Train of the 1000" is in its final stage of prepa ration. Born in the joint responsibility of the "Institut des Vétérans", the Belgian Auschwitz Founda tion and the FIR will be - under the auspices of Philippe, King of the Belgians - in May 2015 again
around 1000 young people from different European countries and Israel together for the occasion
in the memorial Auschwitz.
Up to now there are registrations from Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, the
Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Other interest ed participants are expected from Russia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Israel and Spain.
Not all participants will arrive by train from Brussels to Krakow, particularly from the eastern and
south-eastern countries, the participants will come directly to Poland. On Tuesday, May 5, 2015,
therefore, about 700 teenagers of Belgium and nearly 200 young people from other countries will
start from Belgium with the train to Poland. In Poland, there will be an intensive program with guid ed tours of the memorial, talking with time-witnesses, commemorations, encounters between
young people and impressions of present-day Poland. The return trip takes place on the evening
of May 9, so that the participants will be on May 10, 2015. in their home countries.
We are very glad that this year, the European Union is supporting this project with a large sum of
money. Thus, it is possible to enable young people, especially from Southern European countries
travel to Brussels for the common start of the memorial ride.
Although there will be held simultaneously official events in different European countries leading
representatives of the FIR take part in this "Train of the 1000" and the official ceremony in memorial Auschwitz, at least a Vice-President, the General Secretary and other members of the Execu tive Committee. At the memorial service on May 8, 2015, the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz is expected to come.
Further Information from the office of FIR, Franz-Mehring-Platz 1, D – 10243 Berlin or by E-Mail:
[email protected]
News from member associations and organizations
KZ Verband Austria
Resistance fighter Maria Cäsar was awarded the „great honor of Styria”
On November 19, 2014, the great honor of Styria was awarded the Styrian resistance fighter Maria
Cäsar, longstanding regional chairman of the KZ-Verband of Styria .
Resistance fighter Mary Caesar was born on 13 September 1920 in Prevalje / Slovenia and spent
her childhood and teenage years in Judenburg. Her father was a worker in the cast steel mill and
often without employment. So she realised the plight of the interwar period.
Politically Maria Cäsar was first active in the Red Falcons and after February 12, 1934 in the
Young Communist League (YCL) and made illegal work in the underground. On May 23, 1939,
she was arrested by the Gestapo and had to spend 14 months in custody on Grazer court prison.
Immediately after her release from liability she married. Her first husband, who, like she was a
member of a resistance group died as a soldier in 1943. Maria Cäsar came in contact in the followup with the Yugoslav partisans and resistance groups in Judenburg. In 1944, members of
resistance groups were arrested, she had to fear being arrested as well, so she went to her
Slovene relatives.
Maria Cäsar received in 1978 the Liberation Medal, the City of Graz made her an honorary citizen
in 1995 and the province of Styria gave her in 1999, the Gold Medal. On November 19, 2014
Maria Cäsar was finally awarded the great honor of Styria.
Russian Association of Veterans honored Marshall of the Soviet Union
The leader of the Russian Veterans Association and Vice-president of FIR General Michail A. Moi seev and the member of the Executive committee Nikolai Rojanov honored together with the former defense minister the Marshall of the soviet army and hero of the Soviet Union Wiktor Georgijewitsch Kulikow, from 1978 to 1989 commander in chief of the united troops of the Warsaw treat ment.
Hungary: MEASZ presented the historical exhibition
End of September 2014 in Budapest the Hungarian version of the exhibition „Antifascist Resistance fight in
Europe“ opened. Supported by the 13th district of the town the exhibition could be presented for about three
weeks. After this time MEASZ organized a tour through further Hungarian cities.
Claims for compensation for victims of the fascist crimes are legal
Historical judgment in Rome: Victims of Nazi crimes should continue Germany sue for compensation. The Italian Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional a provision that has so far prevented such claims.
The principle of state immunity against civil lawsuits from other countries did not apply in cases of Nazi
crimes, the judges said therefore to justify. War crimes and crimes against humanity are excluded from this
recognized in international law principle - Germany as the successor of the German Reich should therefore
be sued for damages.
Regulations preventing the actions for "such a very serious legal transgressions", thus violated two articles
of the Italian Constitution. Article 2 secure the integrity of human beings and Article 24 guarantees the right
to erstreiten the preservation of our own interests in court.
The Wehrmacht had occupied during World War II after the surrender of the former ally large parts of Italy.
By the end of the war then shot dead German soldiers abducted hundreds of Italians and countless
concentration camps. Italian courts had therefore Germany repeatedly obliged to restitution payments - to
the International Court of Justice in The Hague these judgments 2012 for illegally declared. The plaintiff
was that time Germany.
Obituary for Datuk Abdul Hamid Ibrahim
The President of the World Veterans Federation (FMAC) died on October 5, 2014 after a serious
Datuk Abdul Hamid Ibrahim, born and living in Malaysia, was active at various levels for the Veter ans Association for over 30 years. As Vice President, Financial Secretary, and in the past 14 years
as president of the organization he formed with his personality and his initiatives, the image of the
He reactivated as President the co-operation between FMAC and FIR by addressing this issue at
international meetings and visits to the member associations and other situations. On 9 May 2005,
first we met in Moscow, in 2010 he officially took part as a guest on the FIR Congress in Berlin.
There were more work-meetings with senior officials of the FIR, the current president of the FIR
Vilmos Hanti, the Secretary General of the FIR Dr. Ulrich Schneider and other representatives.
These encounters were not only working meetings, but accompanied by warmth and friendship.
Datuk Abdul Hamid Ibrahim has contributed in this way to a lively interaction between the veterans
associations and animated the common task "Veterans for a better world!"
Obituary for Hans Lebrecht (1915 - 2014)
Hans Lebrecht was born in 1915 in Ulm. In 1934, he was forced to leave the school because of his
Jewish origins. In the working-class youth he became involved in the anti-fascist resistance. Under
the pretext of preparing a Zionist youth group to work in agriculture and handicrafts in Palestine in
a camp in Allgäu, Lebrecht did on behalf of the KPD courier services from Germany to Austria and
later to Switzerland. When in 1938 an arrest threatened, Hans Lebrecht emigrated based on a de cision of the KPD to Palestine. There he joined the Palestine Communist Party – since 1948 renamed Communist Party of Israel. He lived for many decades in a kibbutz.
In addition to his work as a journalist for several newspapers in Israel and Europe Hans Lebrecht
was functionary of the Communist Party of Israel (including the Central Committee). Several times
he was arrested for his political work in Israel, but acquitted thanks to international solidarity.
He fought for a peaceful solution to the Middle East conflict with the equal participation of Pales tinians and Israelis. He worked actively in the movement Gush Shalom (literally: Peace Bloc),
1993, inter alia, was co-founded by the well-known journalist and author Uri Avnery.
For many years, Hans Lebrecht was Chairman of the Association of anti-fascists and Nazi victims in Israel
and Vice President of the FIR. He died at the age of 98 years.
Literature for Anti-fascists
Giacomo Notari: Ihr Partisanen, nehmt mich mit Euch!
A report from the Resistenza
At the end of the Second World War in Italy a great number of person stood up against the German occupation and the Italian fascism. They had to decide: Should they join the military ranks of
Mussolini troops or fight against war and oppression? In this situation, the 17 years old Giacomo
Notari from a small village in the northern part of the Apennines decided in May 1944 to join the
Resistanza with his pseudonym „Willi“.
As a partisan in the ranks of the Garibaldi-brigade he did his job for the liberation of Italy.
During the antifascist resistance fight they created ideas for time after the war. That is why Notaris
first-time in German language published memories did not finish in the year 1945.
After the liberation he and his comrades have had a lot work for the political, cultural and practical
rebuilding of the life. 70 years after the end of the Second World War the fight for the values of anti-fascism is more up to date than ever, the author remarks.
Giacomo Notari, *1927, is President of the regional organization of Reggio Emilia of the Italian veterans organization ANPI. On the local level he worked as major and in other responsibilities for a
democratic rebuilding of the society in the post-war Italy.
Today he works as a time-witness for the antifascist resistance fight.
Bibliographic information:
Published February 2015 by PapyRossa-Verlag Köln, 150 S., 12,00 €, ISBN 978-3894385835
Michel Vanderborght Award 2015 - Call for proposals
In the summer of 2015, we want to award the price Michel Vanderborght in a tribute ceremony for
the second time to historians, politicians, artists and initiatives, which are anti-fascist or
humanitarian socially active for many years in terms of the FIR. We want in that way to honor
people who preserve the legacy of the anti-fascist resistance fighters and keep them alive for
today and tomorrow.
In this sense, we call on the member associations of the FIR and friendly organizations, to make
proposals for people or institutions who have earned this honor. We suggest that this price is not
primarily to honor our own organizations or deserved members, but those who made a good job in
the field of anti-fascist organizations around our common cause.
In order to make an appropriate selection of the proposals, we need names and current contact
information and a detailed explanation of why this person, group or institution for the price is
suitable. If available, send us either evidence of activity or clues as to where we can get an
impression of the work of the initiatives on the Internet.
Send until end of February 2015 your suggestions for the ceremony to the office of the FIR.
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