Current Newsletter (February 2015)

Trevor Spangle—Guest Speaker
Newsletter of the
Santiam Spokes, Inc.
P.O. Box 739
Club Meeting Feb. 5th - 7:00 PM
Trevor Spangle is a
local cyclist, special education teacher, and
member of the Santiam
Spokes. He enjoys all
varieties of bicycling,
and is passionate about
getting people of all ages
involved in the sport. He
is currently the organizer
and advisor of a bicycling club for elementary
school students in the
community called Bike
Cascades. Trevor will be
presenting on ways
which technology and
social media can be used
to enhance the bicycling experience, as well as connect and bring together individuals and communities on a larger scale. Learn how to make bike
routes online and track your every day rides. Attendees are encouraged
to bring their laptops, smartphones, and/or any GPS tracking devices that they
use while exercising to follow along with each tutorial. This is one meeting you
won’t want to miss! See you there!
Lebanon, OR
Volume 23 - No. 5
February 2015
2015 Officers
President — Ken Bronson
Vice Pres. — Steve Snyder
Co-Secretaries — Mary Ellen
Lind & Barbi Thomson
Treasurer — Shirley Schoberg
Membership - Wade Bloecher
Newsletter — Greg Stephens
Ride Captain — Art Olin
Webmaster — Vince Nowell
Publicity — Trevor Spangle
Historian — Bill Pintard
Strawberry Coordinator —
Ron Kropf
2014 Jack Thomas Award
The 2014 Jack Thomas
Golden Cluster Award was
presented to a very deserving
May Garland by President
Ken Bronson at the January
meeting. The award is normally given out at the annual
Holiday Party but May was
unable to attend. She is a
long time Santiam Spokes
member. She has held many
positions and helped on the
Strawberry Century for years.
Congratulations May!!
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Also in this Issue
2015 Officers Slate Filled
Food Coordinator Needed
Liars Century Ride
January Minutes
January 3rd Ride
Slo-Poke Sez
New Members
2015 Summer Tour
Exercise Keeps You
Bike Cascades Update
February Calendar
2015 Officers Slate Filled
It looks like 2015 is going to be a very good year after all. In the January meeting there was much discussion on whether
or not to hold the annual Strawberry Century. We didn’t have a Strawberry Coordinator or even a full slate of Club
Officers. After discussing what our options were, it boiled down to...we have to hold the Strawberry to uphold Club tradition plus financially it supports the club. There are a lot of people that think this is the Best Ride ……….period. Best support, best food, best scenery, best roads, and the friendliest volunteers. Trevor Spangle stepped up and said he would do
Publicity/Registration. Ken Orwick said he would do the roads with Rod Sell’s help. Ron Kropf volunteered to be the Strawberry Coordinator with Dennis Murphy’s help in training him. A couple of days later during the club ride, there was more
discussion on what was involved in being Ride Captain. Art Olin decided that this was the position he has waited his whole
life for. As being Ride Captain is synonymous with doing the roads for Strawberry Century, he was talked into that job
also. Ken Orwick graciously gave up the Strawberry Roads position and said he would help elsewhere. So we have a full
slate of Officers for the club and all we need for the Strawberry Century is a Food Chairperson. There are a lot of
food helpers to help the food Chairperson……….so please consider taking this on.
First Annual Liars Century Ride -
By Greg Stephens
January 1st came in with a bang. I
awoke to 21 degrees outside. But
we five had decided to do a ride on
New Year's Day regardless. So at
9:00 A.M. we showed up at the Olin
residence. We were treated to hot
coffee/hot chocolate and muffins/
zucchini bread courtesy of Mrs.
Arturo. We ate and drank while we
discussed if we were senile or just
plain stupid for thinking of doing
this Century ride. Maybe we should
stay and eat/drink and just say we
did the ride. After some serious
discussion, it was decided “game
on”. It was sunny and the temperature climbed to 27. “Close
enough,” Bish said....and off we
went. As we headed towards Lebanon it wasn't that bad as there was
no wind. By the time we got to
Waterloo, it was time for a bathPhoto by Olin Photography
room break and we huddled in the
sun to warm up a little. Off to
Lebanon along River Drive brought
Greg Stephens, Maurice Banning, Mike Bischopink, Art Olin, & Ken Bronson
up some wind and increased humidity making it increasingly colder and not quite so much fun. Stopping at the Park in Lebanon for a bathroom break, the solar warmth of the Blue Room was indeed welcome. Back toward Sweet Home we went,
getting increasingly warmer by the mile. Somewhere around the fire station on Berlin Road it must have been
at least 31. On to Pleasant Valley Road and finally it was indeed pleasant....sunny, no wind, and it had to be
finally above freezing. I could finally feel my feet, and my hands were actually warm enough to feel the food I
was eating. Down Northside to N. River Drive heading for Sunnyside we went. Of course Sunnyside was devoid of people and we had it to ourselves. Back to Sweet Home we headed.........the end was in sight. As we
pulled into the driveway of Arturo’s abode, the odometer clicked over to “62” miles. First Annual Liars
Century. We had done it. The company was stupendous, the fun we had was amazing, the lies we
told were tall, and finally the ride sucked because of the weather… of the best days of my life!
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January 8th, 2015 Minutes
The first Santiam Spokes meeting of 2015 was held January 8 at the hospital. President Ken Bronson called the meeting
to order at 7:09 p.m. As usual, he asked for reports on notable rides taken by members. Trevor Spangle said that the
Bike Cascade program has kicked off earlier this year with 25 kids having already turned in their permission slips. He
asked if anyone wanted to be a guest speaker to the club to let him know. Greg Stephens can put a notice regarding
this in the newsletter. Brian Danner and Sean Eaton were introduced as guests.
Program Speaker: Steve Snyder introduced Christine Ayers of the Albany YMCA. She is a certified teacher of several
different classes including Bones for Balance, Tai Chi and weight training. She spoke about the importance of lifetime
fitness and that building bones while you’re younger will slow bone loss when you get older, and demonstrated several
easy exercises and stretches for joint mobility.
Minutes: The minutes from the November 2014 meeting were approved unanimously with the following correction:
Instead of “Our bank does not have a policy regarding stop payment,” it should be amended to read, “Our bank follows
the industry standard for stop payment, which is that a stop payment is effective for six months. It must be renewed
every six months to remain in effect.”
Ken read a copy of the December 2014 minutes which were also approved unanimously.
Jack Thomas Award: Ken presented May Garland with the 2014 Jack Thomas Golden Cluster Award. The engraved
trophy will remain at the hospital and she was also given a personal, framed award. Bill Pintard had several books to
display that had originally come from Jack Thomas. Many are somewhat dated but still have much good information in
them, and he offered them to anyone interested.
Treasurer’s Report: Shirley Schoberg-Hebda reported we currently have $10,257.54 in the bank, with $7,800.98 in
reserve for the Strawberry. There is a $350.00 outstanding check which represents a double payment to Beta Sigma
Phi for past Strawberry help which Shirley is hoping they will return, and $5.00 for Oregon State CU monthly account
fee, leaving a balance of $2,101.56. She asked if we should renew Bicycle Times magazine (No) and renew our membership in the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce (Yes). She is also expecting a future bill of about $140.00 for web hosting.
Membership: Wade Bloecher had left the numbers with Ken who officially reported “We are up two.” (I contacted
Wade separately and was told we have 60 individuals and 44 families for a total of 104 memberships.)
Ride Report: Greg and Ken went through past rides and we will be repeating some 2012 and 2013 ones. Bill Pintard
asked if anyone has seen the three rides books. These contain approximately 300 club rides and they have gone missing. Roger Gaither has made a CD of 200+ rides he had on his computer to aid a future ride coordinator in planning.
Ken suggested burning another copy of it and giving it to a communications person.
February 7 – no ride leader yet; February 14 – Shirley will lead the annual Chocolate Ride; February 21 – Trevor Spangle; February 28 – Mary Ellen Lind and Dennis Murphy.
Old Business: Santiam-Calapooia Scenic Bikeway: Doug Robin said the proposal is progressing but instead of being one of three up before the state we are one of ten proposals being considered. The committee has received letters
of support from all entities now except ODOT. They should be able to send out a draft after their next Wednesday
New Business: Mary Ellen gave a synopsis of this year’s proposed summer tour. It will run from Sunday, August 23
through Saturday, August 29. The tour will repeat what was done in 2008, along the northwest Oregon coast. Because
we will probably have less sag support we are looking at a maximum of 20 people. More information should be forthcoming in the April newsletter.
Strawberry Century: After MUCH discussion, it was decided that the ride must go on. Ken had asked BLT if they
would help us and was told No, it was too close date-wise to their busy fundraiser and they’re too stretched for volunteers now. Ken has also talked to his son, Blair, who owns Best in the West Events. Understandably, Ken would bow
out of any negotiations due to conflict of interest if discussing any business aspects. Dennis said he is discouraged that
after 22 years of hosting the Strawberry we are thinking of dropping it now, and Donna Short said that because the
Santiam-Calapooia Scenic Bikeway is basically our Strawberry route that politically this would not be a good year to
discontinue it.
Trevor offered to do both publicity and registration as he has some experience with this. (Bill said that we need to get
sponsor letters out right now as many companies have already allocated their funds for 2015.) Ken Orwick offered to
head up roads and marking with Rod Sell if Rod is willing; Ron Kropf offered to take on the position of Coordinator with
Dennis helping to train him. Barbi will once again be in charge of t-shirts.
With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m. The next meeting will be 7:00 p.m February 5, 2015
at the hospital.
Respectfully submitted, Barbi Thomson Co-Secretary
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January 3rd Ride
May Garland
Ron Kropf
Dennis Murphy
Mike Bischopink
Dian Gerstner
Steve Snyder
Arturo Olin
Greg Stephens
Roger Gaither
Saturday, January 3rd, the club ride was from the Beanery in Albany. Dian Gerstner was ride leader and led
us to Lebanon and back to Albany. The weather was brisk, cold and mostly clear. There was no wind so it
seemed warmer than it was. Thirteen hardy souls showed up and had a great ride. Some of us couldn’t stay
for lunch in Lebanon due to time constraints so we came back to Albany via Gore road. We saw 3 Bald Eagles, 3 Marsh Hawks and assorted other birds. All in all, it was a great 35 mile ride! Good friends, good exercise, and got some Vitamin D. Bottom line is, if you are out riding, every ride is a good ride!
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January 3rd Ride
Mary Ellen Lind & Kari Kropf
Alberto Rimer
Emma Ybarra
There is a giant fork in the fence line on Gore Road. I can only surmise it stands for inviting the Eagles to dinner. There is an old wives tale circulating in Brownsville that says the first thing a flock of sheep does in the
morning is draw straws to see which one is supposed to die that day. I don’t know if I believe that or not, but
it does seem like there is an awful lot of sheep dying in the rye grass fields. If you look closely, you will see
they all have a short straw in their mouth. Weird………...
Slo-Poke Sez
Anticipate, Anticipate,
Ride ahead of your bicycle,
and anticipate what is likely
to happen, and what could
possibly happen. Ride accordingly. Always make the
safest decision!
Page 5 - February 2015
Welcome New
Shawn Eaton
Richard Thomas
Articles for the
Please email submissions
[email protected]
2015 Santiam Spokes Summer Bike Tour
The Santiam Spokes Summer Tour this year will be in
Northwest Oregon. It will be August 23rd thru August 29th.
We invite all club members to join our week-long summer
tour! The route begins in Carlton, a small town a short way
north of McMinnville. It will go north and include the Banks
– Vernonia Trail and on to Astoria. Then the route goes
south on HWY 101 and turns inland a short way south of
Tillamook on a low-traffic road, over the coastal mountains,
along the Nestucca River, and back to Carlton. For accommodations, there will be camping at state and forest-service
campgrounds and an overnight on the grounds of the vacation home of Ken Orwick’s MIL. Group meals will be prepared most of the evenings. The average mileage per day
will be 40 – 50 miles with total mileage of approximately
The dates and route were determined by a group of club
members who have interest in riding a summer week-long
tour. They hope you will join them! The Northwest Oregon
route was developed and tour was ridden in 2008; truly an
adventuresome, enjoyable experience that is worthy of repeating! A SAG vehicle will be provided to carry essential
camping and personal baggage.
The week-long summer tour is open to all members of the
Santiam Spokes bike club. Registrants are expected to participate in the June 13 Strawberry Century production which
provides funding for the sag driver expenses. The campsites
and food costs are shared by all riders.
A registration form will be published in the April issue of the
Outspoken or online at Early registrations are encouraged to assure there is a space for you; the
limit is 20 bikers.
If you have questions, please contact Mary Ellen Lind,
[email protected] or 541-231-6973.
2015 Spokes Summer Bike Tour - Sag Driver Needed
A person, or a couple, who would like to serve as SAG driver(s) for our Summer tour from Sunday August 23
through Saturday, August 29? The person does not need to be a club member, but must enjoy having fun with
bikers! Must have (or have access to) a large pickup, preferably with a canopy, to carry the bikers baggage.
You will be reimbursed for gas and expenses. Please contact Mary Ellen Lind at 541-231-6973
Bike Cascades Update
Last year, Cascade School initiated Bike Cascades, a bicycling club for students in the local community. The
club was designed to introduce students to the social and physical benefits that come through bicycling. The
kids learned the basics of bicycle maintenance, how to ride safely as a group with traffic, and went on a
weekly club ride of their own. The members were able to participate in the “family route” of last year’s 22nd
annual Strawberry Century.
Now beginning its second year, Bike Cascades has grown to twice its original size. Kids are excited about bicycling and going to school, and are finding healthy, sustainable outlets for their passions. Bike Cascades is
extending an invitation to all members of the Santiam Spokes to lend a hand in supporting this group of students. Bike Cascades is looking for guest speakers, ride supports, and other resources that may help their
endeavor. If you have a good idea, story or event to share with Bike Cascades, or have a connection you
think would be good for their club, please contact Trevor Spangle at [email protected]
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Exercise Keeps You Younger by Dr. Gabe Mirkin
The decline in brain and body function with aging is caused more by inactivity than it is just by aging. A new study of 85 male
and 41 female fit amateur cyclists, aged 55 to 79, found that most of them were physically much younger than most people of
the same age (The Journal of Physiologyem>, published online January 6, 2015;593(1):). All rode their bikes for recreation
and none were serious competitive athletes. The men had to be able to ride a metric century (62 miles)averaging only 10
miles per hour, and the women 60 kilometers (37 miles), averaging a slow 6.7 miles per hour.
The older bicyclists’ test results were close to those for younger people for:
* endurance,
* pedaling power,
* metabolic health (control of blood sugar levels),
* balance,
* memory function,
* bone density and
* reflexes.
The single best test that correlates with aging is called V02max, the maximal amount of oxygen that a person can take in and
use during a given time period. Many population studies show that VO2max drops significantly with aging. In this group of
older bicyclists, VO2max was just a little lower than the results in the younger ones. Incredibly, the older cyclists had test
results similar to younger cyclists for lung power and exercise capacity; and even more incredibly, the memory of the older
cyclists was just as good as the memory of the younger cyclists. This confirms many other studies that show that a high level
of regular exercise prevents your brain from deteriorating. Several thousand years ago, the Romans knew that when they
greeted each other with “Mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body).
Older Bicyclists Did Lose Strength
By studying only older men and women who are very active and ride bicycles most days, the authors were able to select a
group of older people who are not like the general population in England. Thus this study shows that older people who exercise
regularly have bodies and minds that are similar to those of much younger people. The conclusion is that the rapid decline in
mind and body with aging is caused far more by inactivity than by aging.
The oldest cyclists were stronger than non-exercisers, but they had much smaller and weaker muscles than cyclists in their
50s and early 60s. This shows that aging makes you weaker, no matter how much you exercise. However, other studies show
that while you lose strength rapidly with aging, you lose endurance and recovery time from intense exercise far more slowly.
What You Should Learn for this Study and Others Like It
If you want to be able to run, cycle or walk long distances fast as you grow older, you should try to exercise every day and try
to go a little faster on some days. The majority of older people have chosen to be frail, weak and uncoordinated because of
their lifestyles, not their ages.
* If you have never exercised, start now.
* If you exercise regularly, continue to do so.
* Find an exercise in which you can keep moving almost every day: dancing, walking, various exercise machines, cycling, skiing, and so forth.
* Those who choose to ride a bicycle should worry more about being hit by a car than about the disabilities associated with
* In our modern societies, people are living longer and often spend many years suffering terrible disabilities of both mind and
body. Most North Americans over 70 cannot walk fast. One in eight people over 70, and one in two over 85, suffer from dementia. Exercise helps to slow damage to your mind and body associated with aging.
* Lack of exercise is associated with increased risk for overweight, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, many different cancers,
and premature death.
Food Coordinator Needed For The Strawberry Century Ride
Our club’s Strawberry ride is known for its outstanding food stops and the strawberry shortcake at the end of the
ride. But that doesn’t just happen by itself! We are looking for someone to take on this important position for
this year’s ride. Previous coordinators have developed instructions and spreadsheets so there is a good basis to
work with. Mary Ellen will continue in the role of acquiring the rest stop volunteers and working with the food
coordinator on what needs to be done. The main duties of this position are to:
Obtain a food handlers license
Take an inventory of food and supplies stored at the storage unit
Decide what foods each rest stop will offer
Place food orders with vendors
Purchase any additional food and supply items
Be on hand day of the ride to manage food related issues and to help with distribution and cleanup
Planning needs to begin by the end of March, with most tasks easily accomplished between then and the week of
the ride. The day before and the day of the ride will require the most time.
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February 2015
7 Lebanon to Brownsville Loop
Start SLCH 10:00 AM Cat l-ll 34
Miles Ride Leader Dennis Murphy 541-829-2597
Club Meeting
7:00 PM
14 Chocolate Ride - Start Two
Rivers Mkt. 10:00 AM Cat l - 26
Miles - Ride Leader Shirley
Schoberg-Hebda 541.979.1129
& John Hebda 541.220.8161
21 McDowell Creek Ride - Start
SLCH 10:00 AM Cat l-ll 33 Miles
Ride Leader - Trevor Spangle
28 Corvallis-Peoria Road Loop Start Harrison St. Bridge Corvallis 10:00 AM Cat l 37 Miles Ride Leaders Dennis Murphy and
Mary Ellen Lind 541-231-6973
Wednesday Rides start at 10:00 AM at the Linn County Fairgrounds. Rides vary in length according to the weather. Call Jo &
Ace Johnson - 503.428.0654 for more information.
Saturday Club Rides start at 10:00 AM from various locations depending on the route. There will be an email sent out Thursday with the information describing the ride, where it is to, how long it is, and a weather preview. For more information call Art
Olin - 541.777.0627 or email Art at……[email protected]
Newport Ride Coming Up in April
The annual bike ride to Newport is coming up April 25th and 26th.
Dennis Murphy and Mary Ellen Lind with lead this Club Classic from
Corvallis. This route will take good bike fitness. The route is 70
miles each way so now is the time to start logging some miles and
getting into shape. There will more information about food and
lodging and SAG for the ride in next month’s Newsletter. If you
might be interested in going please contact Mary Ellen Lind
541.231.6973 or email: [email protected]
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