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St. Andrew Connections
Volume 22, Issue 1
Tuesday, February 03, 2015
One of the customs I really
appreciate about Greater
Lafayette is how motorists pull
over to the side of the road
when a funeral procession goes
by. It’s a small thing, but it
speaks volumes about respect
and our shared mortality. And
I can bear witness to the fact
that it is not a custom that is
universally shared around this
Shortly before Christmas, I
was waiting at a cross street
for a particularly long funeral procession to pass. I was in a big
hurry—as usual—but after a
moment of impatience, I settled
back, turned off the radio in my
car, and took a moment to think of
the brothers and sisters in Christ
I’d lost this last year. When I
looked up, I noticed the woman who
was driving the last car in the
procession. She was talking away
on her cell phone. I have to admit
that seeing her do that got under
my skin.
I often think that as a culture we
are addicted to input of all kinds.
Here was a moment when this
woman should be sitting silently in
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her car thinking about the
deceased, mulling over her own
mortality, leaning on the promises of God. But no, she’s chatting away with some friend via
cell phone. She’s circumventing
the silence; she’s anesthetizing
the grief; she’s trampling all over
what might have been a holy
Now, there’s a part of me
that still believes that
this is likely to be true.
It is likely that rather
than being still with her
thoughts in the drive
from the funeral home
to the cemetery, here
was a person who was uncomfortable and unaccustomed to being
alone with her thoughts. It is
likely that she preferred not to
deal with sadness and loss and
reached out to someone—
anyone—who could get her mind
and her heart off the subject
of death. We don’t like to remember that each one of us will
die. We don’t like to lose someone we love. It is likely that this
woman was looking for a distraction, and her cell phone provided
her the easiest opportunity.
Ah, but every once in a while I
have to be honest even with
myself. When I saw her talking
on her cell phone, I assumed even
more than this. I assumed that
this woman was talking about nonessential, relatively unimportant
things. I assumed she was catching
up on the “news;” I assumed she
was chit-chatting and killing time.
I imagined the conversation
being about Britney or Lindsay
or Paris. I imagined the worst.
I have no idea why I do that. I
take one tiny piece of evidence
(a cell phone conversation on the
way to a cemetery) and recreate
an entire scenario about a
stranger that is laced with
judgment and peppered with condemnation. I take my pet peeve—
that we too often let technology
run our lives and have become entertain-aholics—and project it
onto someone about whom I know
virtually nothing.
God rarely lets me get away with
thoughts like that for very long.
Several things came to my mind as
I continued my drive up to church.
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Our Mission: God has called us together to become like Jesus in authentic community for the sake of the world.
St. Andrew Connections
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If I were riding in a funeral
procession and my cell phone rang,
and it was my wife or
kids or the hospital—
would I answer it or
let it go? I assumed
the woman in the car
had made the call, but
it’s just as likely that she was
receiving a call.
What if she was talking to a
sister or parent who was too sick
or too far away to come to the
funeral? Maybe there was someone on the other end of the line
who needed this woman’s
condolence, love, and support.
What if this woman was in charge
of the funeral meal afterward and
was calling to let them know when
they could expect the family to
be there?
What if she was the favorite aunt
of a child who’d just lost a
parent, and he’d asked
where Aunt Betty was and
wouldn’t be reassured
until he talked with her
from the limousine? A cell
phone is a new kind of tool
for communication, and
who’s to say she is not
using that tool in a way that
ministers to others at a difficult
You get where I am going with
this. A cell phone call during a
funeral procession may well be
indicative of a problem we have
today as a culture. At the same
time, it might be something
entirely different, and from my
vantage point there was no way
for me to make a fair judgment
either way.
I can assume the best or at least
suspend my assumptions until I
have reason not to, or I can
judge and condemn by
assuming the worst. But
I have to be careful
because assumptions
very quickly become
habits, and habits very
quickly shape my temperament,
and my temperament often
determines how I see the world.
Jesus said that the assumptions
you use in judging others will be
the same assumptions God will
use in judging you. So, if I were
you, Jesus implies, I would make
wise and gracious assumptions
and do the best I can to refrain
from easy or unfair judgments.
Me, I plan to turn off my cell
phone a lot more often than I do
now. I also plan on assuming the
best about the people around me.
I may be disappointed every now
and then, I’m sure, but no more
so than assuming the
worst right out of the
gate. And I take Jesus at
his word. I very much like
the idea that God himself
looks at my choices and
my behavior moment by
moment and assumes the
very best about me and
my motives. Knowing that, I
might even work a little bit
harder to live up to His assumptions. And that has real potential
to come back and bless me.
(This articles has been reprinted
from January 2008)
“We could hardly believe our ‘love
Christmas gift’ delivered at our
door by the most loving and caring
lady, son, and daughter (a great
example she was making to the
children) also.
The container was loaded with
many kinds of cookies, bread,
two kinds of nuts, fruit, tea bags,
homemade hand lotion, so very
much work and love in it all.
St. Andrew has two of the best
ministers and outreach programs
which we are very appreciative! “
Thank You Very Much,
Beulah & Tom Cole
"Kevin and I appreciate so much
the prayers, cards, visits and
food over the past two months
as he had two total hip replacements. His physician and the
medical staff here are top notch
but we both know his remarkable
recovery is really due to the
powerful prayers on his behalf.
We are so thankful to have found
a new church family here at
St. Andrew.”
Thank you!
Cathi & Kevin Parish
Keeping in Touch with
Loving our neighbors through caring acts that bring healing and health to those in need.
January 2015
Did You Know?
Some Blood Pressure Basics
High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is the
most common cardiovascular disease in the US today.
It is the leading cause of stroke and a major cause of
heart attack, and over 30% of American adults have
high blood pressure.
This month, InTouch Ministries would like to
highlight the wonderful volunteer efforts of LuAnn
Boggess. You probably know LuAnn as our organist on
Sunday mornings who brings us beautiful music each
week, but she also quietly goes about following Jesus
in many other ways, too.
Hypertension can be treated through diet, exercise,
and medication, but it must be diagnosed first.
InTouch offers monthly blood pressure screenings by
qualified healthcare professionals. We’d be happy to
help you manage this important risk factor.
She faithfully records the written
prayer concerns that we put on our
attendance sheets every week and
sends them out to our prayer chain—
so that the issues that are on your
heart get prayed for. Many of our
InTouch ministries use the joys and concerns we
share in worship to stay informed about how we
can reach out to hurting people.
Join us next Sunday and start to track your numbers!
Blood Pressure
February 8
9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Pastor Pat’s
LuAnn also heads up the Remembering ministry team.
This ministry recognizes that the grief which comes
when we lose a loved one does not end after the
funeral. The Remembering team sends beautiful
handwritten cards of support and encouragement on
anniversary dates of the loss, as well as during times
such as the holidays when we feel that loss even
more keenly.
CareNotes is Ready for February!
And our monthly Westminster
communion service relies on
LuAnn to bring prayerful music
each time we gather. The
Westminster residents’ hearts
come alive as they sing out glory
to God.
Monday, February 9
7:00 p.m.
Adult 2 Classroom
Have you ever wanted to try your hand at making
homemade cards? Don’t be intimidated if you’re not a
“crafty” person! Our CareNotes leaders have jobs
for every skill level and make it easy for newcomers!
Please join us
Let Us Know!
In all that she does, LuAnn’s
faith shines through. InTouch offers a big thank you
for her blessings!!
Our ministry works best when we know who and how
we can help! Just call the Church (497-7755) or click
on the Support tab (
The next LUM meal is on the schedule for February 8! For the winter
months, a basic soup or stew or chili is requested for the
meal along with crackers/saltines if you wish for up to
30-50 folks. The next LUM meal, April 12, can be considered a summer meal for preparing sandwiches, but could
go either way, perhaps. Do prayerfully consider hosting
a LUM meal through St. Andrew. Thank you for the
consideration!! LUM meals are not difficult ones to prepare. Encourage
your group, family members, or friends to prayerfully consider hosting
a LUM meal. Please contact Peggy Hoover if you are interested at
404-8128/[email protected]
Members of our West Lafayette Camp Of Gideons are very thankful to
St. Andrew United Methodist Church for the free
will monthly gifts through the Panera Bread
program. These gifts totaled $1,219.88 in 2014.
From these donations, Gideons International will
be able to place Bibles at $5 per copy (243 copies)
or New Testaments at $1.30 per copy (938 copies)
into many of the 198 countries we currently serve in the world. The
distribution and placement of Biblical Scriptures by The Gideons was
started in 1908 and is scheduled to get to a level of 20 million copies
in the year of 2020. Gideons International is made up of Christian
business and professional men and their wives (Auxiliary) who lead
people to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ by personal
witnessing and the placement of Biblical Scriptures.
With Christ's love,
George and Jean
Scout Sunday will be celebrated
at St. Andrew on February 8. Boy
Scouts from Troop 335
will be in attendance at
the 8:45 a.m. service,
and all scouts (including
Cub Scouts and Boy
Scouts from other
troops) are encouraged to wear their
uniforms on that
Sunday morning.
Our condolences go to our
church caretaker, Juan Valdez.
Juan’s dad passed away in
Mexico last week. Juan was in
Mexico and was able to see him
before he passed. If you would
like to send a sympathy card to
Juan, please send it to the
church c/o Juan Valdez, 4703 N.
50 W., West Lafayette, IN
“We volunteer because our lives
have been so blessed. It is nice to
give something back and it feels
so good to see how comfortable
these families are at St. Andrew.”
“....a homeless family may lose
their children because they cannot provide basic food and
“All I did was hold the little girl’s
hand–it seemed to help her.”
“It is easy to do. It is very
important. It is not a continuing
These are some comments from
folks who have volunteered to
help make Family Promise, a
ministry to homeless families,
happen at St. Andrew. Your help
is needed too! We host just four
times a year. You can bring in an
evening meal, host during the meal
and early evening, stay overnight,
or help set up/tear down, among
other things. It is easy and fun.
Two volunteers are there at all
times, and if you are new, you will
be paired with an experienced
person. You get to demonstrate
God’s love and kindness as you
interact directly with families in
real need, right here in your own
To volunteer or ask questions
contact: Cathy Potter
[email protected] or
Susan Foster
[email protected]
St. Andrew Connections
A BIG thank you goes out to all you who donated and to the volunteers
that helped at the Pack Away Hunger packing event on Monday,
January 19. With your help, we were able to pack 82,008 meals! Half
of the meals packaged are going to Mission Guatemala, and half of the
meals will remain here in Lafayette and be distributed by Food Finders
Food Bank, Inc.
Christ United Methodist
and Our Savior Lutheran
are partnering together
to take college students
on a mission trip from
May 10 to May 18 to
Mission Guatemala as
part of our Pack Away
Hunger partnership. All
St. Andrew college
students are encouraged
to consider this opportunity to meet the basic
needs and to improve the
quality of life for the
Guatemalan people.
A second adult mission experience
from June 27 through July 5 to
Mission Guatemala is also being
planned by Christ United
If you would like more
information on how you can be
part of either of these mission
experiences, please contact the
church office at 497-7755.
Please consider volunteering for
the International Friendship
Program at Purdue. This program
matches international college
students with families in our
community. There are both both
short-term or long-term opportunities. Please contact Beth
Tucker at [email protected]
for more information.
St. Andrew Connections
~Start Sorting Out Your Books to
What is the St. Andrew Book
Fair? It’s an annual fund-
raiser organized by The
Echoes of the Gospel book
group. This year the
proceeds from the Book
Fair will be divided
between the Methodist
Habitat for Humanity House and
Pack Away Hunger. Last year we
collected just over $1,500, and we
hope to beat that total this year.
Where do the books for the
Book Fair come from? YOU
contribute them! (Just think of
the shelf space you will clear.)
Please donate books in good condition. We accept all genres (no
text books or magazines please).
Books for children, youth, and
young adults are always in
demand. We are counting on your
help to make this the most
successful Book Fair yet.
After our Book Fair ends,
all remaining books are
donated to the West
Lafayette Public
Library for their book
In addition to donating
books, we need you to attend
the Book Fair! The 2015
Book Fair will be February
21 and 22 in The Intersection. The Saturday
hours from 10 a.m. to
2 p.m. are open to our
congregation and their friends
and neighbors. However, this is
not a public sale, and it will not
Hi! We are Dean and Anita Brusnighan. We’re very excited to offer
leadership of an informal exploration of the basics
of God’s Word. We’re calling it “The ABCs of Bible
Study: Exploring How to Read and Study the
Bible.” This is a Lenten small group opportunity
scheduled to meet at the church each Sunday
from February 22 to March 29 from 6–7:30 p.m.
No previous experience reading or studying the Bible is needed.
We have been members of St. Andrew since 1992. Leading two
Disciple Bible Study classes together has had a powerful impact on
our own spiritual journeys. We are looking forward to this new way
of sharing the Bible with others. Our prayer is that this small group
can be a meaningful part of your faith journey.
If you have been hesitant to join a Bible study because you didn’t
know where to start, this group is for you. Our desire is to help
people find the Bible more approachable. The term “Bible study”
can often sound lofty or overwhelming. Our goal is for this small
group to be accessible for everyone. We look forward to seeing you
on February 22.
Look for our information table in The Commons on Sunday, February 8
and 15. Please stop by to say hello and let us answer any questions you
may have about participating in our small group.
be advertised. The idea of this
fund-raiser is to promote the joy
of reading and to donate to worthy
causes. Please explain to anyone
you invite that the books will not
be priced, but a donation is requested. The Book Fair will open
after the first service on the 22nd
and will remain open until 1 p.m.
The first Sunday to donate
books will be February 1,
and you can continue to
bring books in until
Wednesday, February 18.
You may place your donations in the tub marked for
the books in The Commons
near the office. Need more
Contact Barb Jones:
[email protected]
Winter is here, and it might be
necessary to suspend church
operations for weather reasons.
If you are ever in doubt as to
whether a service
will take place,
please check
the web page
( for
closings or watch
WLFI. We will also endeavor to
put a message on the phone at
the church office. For committee
meetings, please contact the
chair of your committee for the
most up-to-date information.
St. Andrew Connections
2014 Operating Budget Summary:
Operating Budget:
Actual receipts (105% of budget):
Actual expenditures (101% of budget):
Operating Balance at end of year:
The operating balance was moved to our accumulated surplus
Thank you for your support to make 2014 another great
year in supporting the many ministries of St. Andrew. A
detailed report is available on the credenza outside the
church office. We are looking forward to all the
ministries to be accomplished during this year with
your support of the 2015 operating budget. Contact
the church office if you have any questions.
News from Financial Secretary: The 2014 giving statements have
been distributed or mailed out. Let the church office or Larry Biehl
(583-4041) know if you did not receive one and wish to have one or if
you have questions about your statement. A letter of acknowledgement
and verification of your 2015 operating pledge has also been
The 2015 giving envelopes have been distributed. Those not picked up
yet are in the slots below the mailbox for the Financial Secretary in the
church office. Envelope boxes are also available for those who wish to
use them for 2015 and do not have any yet.
Building Fund Summary
Building Fund income for 2014:
Payments from operating budget:
Building Loan balance as of 12/31/2014:
Principal paid during 2014:
Interest/closing costs paid during 2014:
Building Fund Account Balance:
A more detailed Building Report for 2014 is available on the credenza
outside the church office.
NOTE: The building loan will be paid off in 2029 if only the minimum
payments are made. However, we will pay the loan off in 2020 if we
continue to receive additional yearly gifts of $60,000 to the building
fund as we did during 2014. To repeat what has been mentioned before,
the campaign to reduce the debt continues; it is just without a formal
name and pledges. Thanks to all for your support.
There was a pretty good turn-out
which made some strides in
lowering overall costs for the
students going on the Sr. High
Mission experience this year.
Everyone in CrossRoads just
wanted to take the time to say
thank you to all those who
participated in the Parent’s Night
Out. Whether you utilized the
night for a child-free evening,
worked the night to provide this
INVALUABLE service, or just
dropped off your kids to help
out—THANK YOU! We appreciate
your support!
One of our longtime elderly
St. Andrew members needs a
helping hand. A blind in
her kitchen has broken,
and she needs someone to
hang a new mini-blind for her.
This might be a great opportunity
for a senior high youth and his/
her parent to earn a little extra
money to help pay for the mission
trip. It could also be a wonderful
service project for a confirmand
and their mentor. Or it could just
be a good deed from someone who
has the skills needed!
If you are interested
in helping out, please
call Sue Burchill at the
church office (497-7755) for
more information. Thanks!
February 2015
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Mission Trip Fundraising Fun Night
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Jr. High Lock-In
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Family Promise Families
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Family Promise
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Northwest District
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Family Promise
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SafeSitter Class
9:00 AM Faithfully Fit Exercise
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John Weaver 65th
Birthday Party
Boy Scout Anniversary Week
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