Alexander Breen
1 (401) 598-7506
[email protected]
I am a software developer with experience in teaching and computer science research. I am fluent in Java, C,
Python, Haskell, and shell scripting. I am also fluent in programming languages for the web, like PHP and
Ruby. I have special education and experience with designing and managing databases (SQL and NoSQL
Boston University, Boston, MA. Cumulative GPA: 3.7. Major GPA: 3.8.
• Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. Presently earning. Expected graduation fall 2015.
• Master of Science in Computer Science. Presently earning. Expected graduation fall 2015.
Barrington High School, Barrington, RI. Class of 2010.
Work experience
Boston University, Boston, MA. Research assistant. 2013-present.
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. Teaching fellow. 2013-2014.
• Harvard Extension School E-22: Data structures and algorithms. Fall 2013, 2014.
• Harvard Summer School S-111: Intensive introduction to CS. Summer 2013, 2014.
• Harvard Extension School E-66: Database systems. Spring 2014.
Boston University, Boston, MA. Course and teaching assistant. 2012-present.
• CS 111: Introduction to computer science I. Fall 2012, 2014, spring 2015.
• CS 112: Introduction to computer science II. Spring 2013, fall 2013, spring 2014.
829 Studios, Brookline, MA. Web developer. 2011-2012.
Experienced in systems, network and application programming using C.
Experienced in “high level” languages like Java, Python, Haskell, Ruby and PHP.
Proficient in source control management with git and GitHub.
German reading and writing skills (studied for three years).
Personal projects
Dungeon, a multiplayer text-adventure game engine, in Java.
socrates, a Python tool that automates testing and grading of student work.
Apollo, a PHP interface to socrates and other tools allowing students to upload coursework.
natural and programming languages
developing scripts and toolkits for automation
UNIX, especially command-line tools and scripting languages