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Errors in “Paul decries ‘same old candidates,’ gets a reminder from Romney camp”
Dear Mrs. Malkin,
On January 28, 2015 your site Twitchy.com (referred to hereinafter as “Twitchy”)
published an article titled “Paul decries ‘same old candidates,’ gets a reminder from
Romney camp”. The post at issue in this letter, featured tweets from myself (@Stefan_BC), and
others replying on another tweet made by Senator Rand Paul earlier on 1/28/2015. My tweet
pointed out (with a degree of hyperbole) that Senator Paul’s father ran for president frequently,
thus undermining the Senator’s underlying message that he is not an establishment candidate. I
appreciate the exposure for my content, but sadly there was a rather glaring oversight in your
staff’s reporting.
When your site reposted my tweet you mischaracterized my own rather obvious
background as a progressive (something you already knew from a previous twitchy post where
you referred to me specifically as “prog scum”) by way of a headline indicating that I am “from
the Romney Camp”. This is demonstrably false. I donated to and voted for President Obama in
2012 (something that a quick FEC search would uncover). In fact until last year I was the
legislative director for an elected official who served as an Obama Delegate at the 2012 DNC
(again a modicum of research would have clarified this fact).
This reckless mistake on the part of Twitchy directly puts not only my reputation as a
progressive in danger; it directly threatens my financial livelihood as an opposition researcher for
liberal/progressive politicians. This headline gives perspective employers the false impression
that I am already working for (or at least sympathetic to) former Governor Romney. Candidates
for office are busy people, and they might not know that your site functions less as a source of
substantive journalism, and more as a catalyst for morons looking to tweet insanely idiotic
missives at people who you disagree with.
Given these facts it is obvious that the post and it’s accompanying headline were created
with a high degree of recklessness for the truth. These oversights are so profound that they would
not survive a challenge in court for slander (even if you were able to show that I am a public
figure). I am demanding that the headline be modified to reflect my well-established background
as a socialist and/or progressive. Additionally an apology would be nice. If this is not something
you are interested in doing, feel free to have your attorney contact me.
Stefan Borst-Censullo, Esq.