Intelligent Edge Analysis and Control

Intelligent Edge Analysis
Leveraging insight
for effective
Network Operations
> In field event analysis for
immediate situational knowledge
right when it is needed
> Flexibility to adjust expert
rules embedded at the edge as
conditions change in the field
> Network outages no longer isolate
or impact edge devices
> Tight integration with the Grid
Director core provides maximum
flexibility and control in mission
critical asset management
> A 2 million meter environment will
generate over 750 million meter
events per day, most of it noise.
Embedding technology at the
edge filters and contextualizes
data at the source to improve
overall communications and make
data much more manageable.
> Grid Director typically identifies
outages 15 minutes ahead of a
utility OMS system.
> Keen insight at the source reduces
unnecessary truck rolls and
overtime costs.
Bringing power and control to the network edge.
The Grid Director Intelligent Edge Analysis and Control application places all the
power of Grid Director near the very edge of the network with embedded agents
for distributed information transfer and control.
This application provides immediate intelligent analysis, correlation and control
within substations, premises and field devices where appropriate, while at the
same time passing information upstream when more complex analysis and
management is required.
The agent technology is lightweight yet powerful enough to run the Grid Director
core technology for expert-system rules and complex event processing, and is
flexible enough to be adjusted ‘on the fly’ either manually or automatically in
response to pre-set rules.
Distributed control functionality enables edge devices to be governed centrally
or in a distributed manner. This flexibility empowers the central core to change
expert rules dynamically, and leverage complex event processing at the edge
agent for a truly dynamic system that adapts immediately to unpredictable
events. The utility gains centralized management and control, with instant edge
Embedded edge intelligence will change the way the smart grid is
monitored and controlled. With resident processing of expert rules taking
place at the edge, asset security and control is improved dramatically, and
the network is freed up for faster and much more flexible performance.
The Grid Director Intelligent Edge Analysis and Control
application increases network efficiency by freeing
up valuable bandwidth and other resources for
actions and logic that are better and more efficiently
managed at or very near their source.
At the same time, this topology increases reliability by making it much easier to isolate
issues and transmit contextualized information rather than just raw data. By empowering
the edge device with the same powerful and flexible event processing technology that
powers the Grid Director core, the entire system is more evenly distributed, with the right
processing happening at different aggregation points, and the entire network freed up for
data that actually has to be transmitted across it, and processed and stored centrally.
Key Features
Active Scan Technology
Actively monitoring signals at the edge
identifies issues quickly, easily, and early.
Ultra-Efficient Design
A modest processing footprint ensures
that additional features will not affect
core functionality.
Complex Event Handling
Information is localized when most
beneficial, and transmitted contextually
to upstream systems when necessary.
> Centralized and Distributed management of the edge agent logic allows for flexible and
adaptable intelligence when and where it is most needed, with distributed expert rules
handling logic that is relevant at their particular point in the system.
Effective Integration
> Complex event analysis keeps information localized and informs nearby systems rather
than requiring central processing in all cases.
Using the same tools and technologies
of the core system assures effective and
> Active Scan Technology at the edge enables more granular analysis of edge devices
without generating data traffic that may affect network operations.
> Small processing requirements enables advanced applications at the edge without
sacrificing performance.
meaningful integration.
Improved Reliability
Unexpected events at the edge are
constantly monitored and processed,
even when communication is limited.
About Bit Stew Systems Inc.
Bit Stew Systems is the creator of the market leading platform for Software Defined Operations for
the Industrial Internet. Bit Stew’s revolutionary information processing engine, MIx Core™ enables
complex event processing, advanced analytics and sophisticated machine-intelligence. The MIx Core
technology has proven scalability to provide end-to-end operational visibility for billions of connected
devices and trillions of data points—making it the ideal platform for the Industrial Internet. This same
MIx Core technology can also be embedded in devices, gateways and routers for intelligence and
automation directly at the edge of the network.
Localized Prioritization
Flexible analysis puts the right expert
rules in the right place since not all
locations have the same priorities.
Bit Stew’s flagship product solution, Grid Director™ is built on MIx Core and designed specifically to
meet the exacting demands of the utility industry. Grid Director offers customers complete visibility
and control of their networks enabling more agile and informed decision-making that improves
reliability, efficiency and performance. Grid Director provides real-time analytics, pattern recognition,
dynamic event management, and rapid integration across enterprise systems and applications.
Incorporated in 2009, Bit Stew Systems is a venture-backed private company that is headquartered
in Canada with offices in the USA, Australia and Europe. Bit Stew was named on the Gartner Cool
Vendors in Energy & Utilities list for 2014 and the Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company of the Year
– North American Service Solutions for Utilities.
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