Now complete the exercises below with the correct department name.
1. Operator: A&C good morning, How Can I help you?
John Smith: Hi, My name is John Smith. I am the a manager at Dale’s sports
department store. I am trying to talk to one of your representatives about your
services. I was wondering if you could help me with that?
Operator: Sure Mr. Smith. I will be transferring you to one of our associates in the
_________________. One moment please.
John Smith: Thank you.
2. Jack: Hey Susie, I am a bit confused about the company’s healthy insurance plan. Do
you know who I can talk to?
Susie: Sure, why don’t you call Meg Stevens in the ______________. She definitely
knows all about the company’s healthy insurance plans
3. Robert: Porter, can you please get in touch with anyone in the ______________. I
need the new advertisement campaign guideline, so that I can read it before talking
about it to my customers and prospects. I missed the training seminar.
Porter: Sure, I will be right back.
4. Mary: Hi John, I think my computer is out of space. Can you back up my data?
John: Hi Mary, I am sorry, you’ve called the wrong department. For the
________________, please call 4324. Thanks!
Mary: Oh, sorry about that. Thanks
5. Operator: A&C good morning, how can I help you?
Jessica: Hi my name is Jessica. I am having trouble accessing my online reports, can you
transfer me to the __________________?
Operator: Sure, just a moment please.
Jessica: thanks.
6. Mr. Anderson: Judy, can you please get in touch with the _____________________. I
need the net revenues report of January, today. My senior director has asked me to
talk abut our numbers this afternoon. Tell them it is urgent.
Judy: Absolutely Mr. Anderson. I will call them right away.