Meet our Committee of Management

Meet our Committee of Management
Chair Person – Shannon Adams
Shannon has been a member of our Committee for 3 years. This is his first
year as Chair and we greatly appreciate his approach to the role and his
wealth of experience. Shannon comes to us with 10 years’ experience in a
management role at a NSW HACC service.
Vice Chair – Jason Osmand
Jason has been a volunteer driver with Community Accessability Inc. for many
years. Even though this is his is first year as a member of the Committee,
Jason has taken a very active role and is the Committee representative on the
Fleet Management subcommittee.
Treasurer – Marg Darmody
Marg has served as a committee member for 6 years and has been a very
active member throughout that time. Marg continues to look after the farm
and her family and has a unique insight into the services that we provide at
Community Accessability.
Secretary – Peter Bennett
Peter is our only member that is not from the Wodonga area and is new to the
Community Accessability family. He is from Yarrawonga and was
instrumental in securing community funding for the Yarrawonga Community
Car. Peter brings a regional perspective to our Committee.
General Member – Charles Overman
Charles has been on the Committee for 5 years and has previously held the
role of Treasurer. Charles is a retired Solicitor and shares his advanced legal
knowledge and business experience with us to ensure we are always heading
in the right direction.
General Member – Joyce Ransley
Joyce has been a member of the Committee for 3 years. She has a wealth of
experience in the disability and aged care sectors as well as administration
and has great empathy with those we serve and wants to make a difference.
Joyce has chosen to work closely with Volunteer Friends Program and will be
assisting the VFP to develop its Holiday and Activities program.