Letter to CCG Chairs from Dr Chaan Nagpual

Barbara King, Diane Reeves, Andy Williams
FOR information of all Birmingham GPs and PRACTICE MANAGERS
Dear Andrew, Gavin and Nick
You will have received, or shortly will receive, the attached letter from GPC chairman Dr Chaand
Nagpaul, in relation to the recently published GPC practice workload guidance manual circulated by
the LMC (also attached).
In his letter Dr Nagpaul recognises the hard work that CCGs are doing to support general practice in
the current exceptionally challenging environment, makes some suggestions as to how this support
can further be strengthened, and asks that you circulate the letter to your CCG Governing body
members and consider some specific actions in order to help contribute to the GPC’s and LMC’s
efforts in helping to safely manage practice workload, namely:
Having a standing item in all your board meetings to discuss the pressures on GP practices,
and how your CCG could put in place measures to support GPs and their primary care teams.
Having a policy that that all commissioning strategy and decisions are accompanied by an
impact analysis on GP practices, since achieving cost efficiencies or making changes in one
sector so often has unforeseen workload implications on GP practices
Working with the LMC to enable a shared and productive approach to the above
I’m sure you will give due consideration to the contents of this letter and that your
members would appreciate a positive response. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch should your
CCG wish to discuss how it might work with the LMC to progress this.
This information will shortly be available on the LMC website at www.blmc.co.uk.
Kind regards
Dr. Robert Morley
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