Harlem Wizards at NPHS, January 31, 2015

Lansdale, Pa 19446
Harlem Wizards @ North Penn High School
The Harlem Wizards are returning to North Penn High School, Saturday, January 31st,
2015 at 7:00pm. The evening promises to be a fun-filled event that is great for kids and
adults and will guarantee to put a smile on your face! This event is hosted by The North
Penn High School Booster Club.
The Harlem Wizards have a unique mission: create awe-inspiring events throughout the
country. At a Wizards game, fans will witness amazing basketball talent combined with
hilarious comedy. Its two hours of family time where parents, grandparents, and kids
can all laugh together. When you’re in the stands, you’re more than a spectator; you’re
part of the show with loads of audience participation. Throughout the game, fans will
experience a magical display of tricks, coordinated ball handling, fancy passing and
aerodynamic athleticism combined with high-energy comedy and audience
interaction. The experience can only be summed up in two words: Awe-Inspiring!
And that is not all!! The Wizards will be challenged by the “Dream Team 2”, an All-Star
cast of NPSD employees. Team members include: Dr. Dietrich, Superintendent NPSD;
Jeff Ellsesser, teacher, Bridle Path; Kim Cusano, teacher, Gwyn-Nor; Treena Sadler,
teacher, Gwyn Nor; Debbie Williams, teacher, Gwyn Nor; Bridget Patterson, teacher,
Inglewood; Zach Quigley, teacher, Inglewood; Meghan Smith, teacher, Kulp; James
Holloran, teacher, Montgomery; Kyle Richhart, teacher, Montgomery; Michael Coulter,
teacher, Nash; Christopher Calhoun, teacher, Nash; Joe Covone, principal, North Wales;
Tom Narzisi, teacher, Oak Park; Victoria Geppert, teacher, Walton Farm; Matt Basilii,
teacher, Walton Farm; Stacie Moseley, principal, York Avenue; Cara Weinberg, teacher,
York Avenue; Brian Haley, teacher, NPHS; Gino Santoro, staff, NPHS;
Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the following locations:
1. North Penn High School K-pod Reception Office
2. Harlem Wizards web site @ www.harlemwizards.com Click on - Buy Tickets
and then Click on - January. 31, 2015. Lansdale 7pm
3. Complete Order Form (over)
Lansdale, Pa 19446
Harlem Wizards Mail-In Order Form
Date of Event: January 31st, 2015.
North Penn High School Gymnasium
Doors Open @ 6:00 pm Tip Off @ 7:00 pm
Tickets will be sold on first come, first served basis. Please make checks payable
to: NPHS Booster Club
Tickets may be picked up @ NPHS. Tickets will also be available at the Check-In
Table on January 31, 2015.
Please complete all information requested below.
Phone Number____________________________
Email Address_________________________________
Number of Tickets _________ x $10.00 (price per ticket) = $_________ Total
Mail Order Form to:
Harlem Wizards
North Penn High School Booster Club
1340 Valley Forge Road
Lansdale, Pa 19446
Questions – please call 215-853-1347
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Lansdale, Pa 19446