January - University of North Florida

J a nua r y
TLS Kick-Off Meeting
Inside scoop on internships, jobs and careers!
Wed. January 21, 9 - 10:30 p.m. 42/1020
Funded by Student Government
Upcoming Events
January 21: TLS Meeting – Kick Off @ 9:00 p.m.
January 23: Propeller Club Networking Social @ 5:30 p.m.
January 26 and 27: Career Day Information Sessions (see TLS website for times)
January 28: Medtronic Facility Tour @ 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
January 30: TLS Summit 2015 @ 9:00 a.m.– 1:00 p.m.
February 27: Transportation & Logistics Spring Career Day
(Career Day Registration Deadline Jan. 16, Resume Deadline Jan. 23)
TLS President’s Corner
Welcome back!
I hope everyone enjoyed a fun-filled
winter break. I would like to invite all
UNF students to take advantage of
networking events, facility tours,
guest speakers, Career Day, fun
meetings and socials organized by
TLS. There are many benefits that
may surprise you when you get out
of your comfort zone and become an
active member. An exciting event
planned for the spring semester is
the 2nd Annual TLS Summit. The topic is Port City Projects:
Jacksonville’s Journey from Good to Great. Industry leaders
will discuss current and future projects that will make Jax an
East Coast hub for import, export and distribution, and an
economic engine for the region. Students from all majors are
encouraged to attend because there is a good chance that
economic progress in Jacksonville will impact job prospects
for everyone. The event is open to UNF alumni and the
business community so it will also be great for networking .
James Flannagan
Executive Board Spring 2015
Vice President
James Flannagan
Valerie Seaman
Gil Namur
Lisa Nguyen
Ana Mendez
Delaney Robinson
Zachary Monger
Chris Kyburz
Assistant Directors:
Maria Bosque
David Acevedo
Recruitment Blake Ehlers
David Jones
Nick Lamantia
Chelsea Howard
Philanthropy Addie Ward
Dakota Dusold
Gil Namur
Lynn Brown
Get to Know: Guilherme Namur, TLS Treasurer
Guilherme “Gil” Namur was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil
and moved to Orlando at the age of 13. His majors are Transportation and Logistics and Business Management, and he plans to
graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in December 2015. Gil started
out at UCF as an engineering major and soon changed to marketing. He quickly realized it was not the career path he wanted so he
researched state universities for a program that would be exciting,
challenging and offer excellent career opportunities. Gil transferred to UNF a year ago especially for the Transportation & Logistics Flagship Program! “I would have never imagined I would end
up in this industry, but it is my new found passion.” He has always
worked full-time while in college, but is now focused on coursework and industry-related internships, most recently at Horizon
Gil joined TLS the first week of his first semester at UNF and says
he owes a lot to the society. In Gil’s opinion, “networking, getting
involved and getting out of your comfort zone is the key to success.” After graduation he would like to work in the maritime industry and believes that TLS is the perfect path towards his goal.
Now as a senior and TLS board member he offers a bit of advice: “Attend as many TLS meetings, tours
and events as possible. Get involved because you never know who you are going to meet or what impact they will have on your future. I look forward to meeting current and new TLS members this spring!”
By Guilherme Namur
Organized by: Guilherme Namur & Dakota Dusold
[email protected]
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J a nua r y
TLS on Tour—Medtronic
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Depart UNF 8:30 a.m. Return to UNF 12:00 p.m.
Medtronic is the world’s largest medical technology company with 49,000+ employees in
more than 140 countries. The Surgical Technologies division in Jacksonville designs, develops, manufactures and supports healthcare providers with advanced surgical navigation and
imaging solutions, powered surgical tools and systems. UNF Students only. Transportation is
provided but space is limited. [email protected] by Jan. 21.
TLS Philanthropy: 14th Annual Hubbard House Holiday Drive
Since 2002 TLS and the Propeller Club of Jacksonville have been making the holidays happier for
the residents of Hubbard House, the oldest full service shelter in the state of Florida for women
and children who are victims of domestic violence. TLS collected new toys, books, hygiene items,
clothes, gift cards and much-needed items such as strollers/car seats, and diapers. Phil Gore, TLS
Director of Philanthropy said, “It is always gratifying to give back to the community.” This drive is
just one example of how TLS reaches out to the community! TLS invites all students to participate
in philanthropy. Together we can make a real difference!
By Guilherme Namur
In the Know: The Propeller Club of Jacksonville
The Propeller Club of Jacksonville is part of the International Propeller Club of the United States, a business network dedicated to the promotion of commerce, global trade and the maritime industry. Currently
there are 80 Ports with 30 located internationally. The Port of Jacksonville is one of the original Ports
chartered in 1930. Through the establishment of Student Ports, the Propeller Club educates students
about opportunities in the maritime profession and its impact on national security and the economy. In
2000 the Transportation and Logistics Society at UNF became one of only 27 Student Ports in the U.S.
and all TLS members enjoy dual membership in TLS and the Propeller Club Student Port.
The Propeller Club of Jacksonville supports many TLS/Student Port annual activities throughout the year
including the Hubbard House Holiday Drive, a networking reception on January 23 so students can meet
maritime professionals and learn about the industry, and Big Sea Day on March 27, which is a comprehensive tour of JAXPORT. Members are sponsored to attend the CEO Spotlight, State of the Port luncheon,
and Change of Command Ceremony. The Propeller Club will sponsor the 2 nd annual TLS UNF Summit on
January 30 and awards an annual academic scholarship. The commitment and generosity demonstrated
by the Propeller Club through scholarships, sponsorships, and mentoring makes a tremendous impact
and we appreciate the support!
By Lynn Brown, CTL
Life After Graduation: Aerial Gallagher
Aerial Gallagher graduated from UNF in April 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Transportation and
Logistics along with CTL certification from AST&L. During her time at UNF Aerial was involved in
TLS and participated in many facility tours as well as Big Sea Day. “The tours give you the opportunity to see different aspects of the supply chain and how different companies operate.” She
also participated in the T&L Career Day and believes it was a significant experience because of
the interview practice and the opportunity to network with logistics companies.
Aerial is currently a Supply Chain Analyst for Winn-Dixie / Bi-Lo. She works about 40 hours a week
on various projects to reduce costs within the supply chain and increase efficiency and accuracy
of the supply chain in regards to weekly advertisements.
Aerial had a few words of wisdom for students in the T&L program: “Networking is extremely important and today’s technology and business oriented social media like LinkedIn can make it easier than ever. Definitely take advantage of this technology to stay connected because recruiters
are using it as a tool to search for new talent which could offer many opportunities for career development. After working at my job for more two years I felt very comfortable, but I wasn't afraid to
see what was out there. I thought about where I wanted to be in 5 years and how I could get there
faster. Since I had a job, I could apply and interview for positions without pressure until I found a
position that would help me reach my goals!”
By Dakota Dusold
[email protected]