To all customers Brütsch/Rüegger Werkzeuge AG 30 January 2015

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To all customers
Brütsch/Rüegger Werkzeuge AG
30 January 2015
New situation concerning exchange rates and prices
Dear Customers
The decision taken by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) on 15 January 2015 to abandon the
minimum euro exchange rate is putting Swiss businesses under enormous pressure again.
It affects manufacturing and supplier companies in equal measure. As soon as the decision
was announced, we stepped up negotiations with our suppliers, urging them to revise their
prices without delay to take account of the new exchange rate situation.
160,000 quality products sourced in different currencies from more than 900 suppliers all
over the world make it impossible to introduce a uniform, across-the-board exchange rate
discount. Instead, we are granting an exchange rate discount for certain manufacturers’
brands and sub-ranges. An up-to-date list of the manufacturers’ brands and sub-ranges
concerned can be found on our website at At the present time, several tens of
thousands of articles enjoy an exchange rate discount of between 5 and 20%; they are
highlighted both in our ToolShop and in the business documentation.
Brütsch/Rüegger Tools Ltd. is renowned for its 99% product availability from stock as well
as its same-day despatch delivery service – order today and use it tomorrow. We are able
to achieve this thanks to our modern logistics centre and high stock levels. In order to
assist our customers immediately, we are granting the exchange rate discount as of now
even on our existing stock purchased at previous exchange rates.
Besides, we constantly offer attractive special promotions for products and brands not
purchased in foreign currencies. They can be found in our ToolShop ( under
“Special Offers” and in our customer magazine “Tools Courier”.
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We would also like to recommend our in-house brand FUTURO, which features impressive
price savings of 25 to 30% compared to well-known branded articles. Our FUTURO range
consists of more than 15,000 quality products from all product areas.
We wish to assure you that we remain committed to fair prices in Switzerland.
Yours sincerely
Brütsch/Rüegger Tools Ltd.
Olaf Sprich
Head of Sales
Member of the Management Board
Marc Schuler
Head of Product Management
Member of the Management Board
Brütsch/Rüegger Werkzeuge AG
Heinrich Stutz-Strasse 20, Postfach, 8902 Urdorf
Telefon +41 44 736 63 63, Fax +41 44 736 63 00
[email protected]
Our most important manufacturer brands with discounts from 5% to 20%:
Manufacturer brand Manufacturer brand
Manufacturer brand
Manufacturer brand
3M FUTURO HSS‐Mills Mannesmann Subito AHP Merkle Mecmesin T&S Metabo Toproc ALBRECHT FUTURO Tool cases FUTURO TopLine Pliers FUTURO VHM‐Drills Metro Tschorn ALLMATIC FUTURO VHM‐Mills Molykote UT KARAT AMF FUTURO Tool bags Mouldpro VARGUS Bahco H+S MULTIFIX Veribor Banclok HAINBUCH Mungo Vise BECK Hazet Opitz Waldmann Benzing Heine Parat Weco BEST HeliosPreisser Weidmüller Wera ALBA Hepco Becker Peltro Pferd Carbide burrs Bolexp Heuer Front Pferd abrasive Wiha Pliers BOSCH IBR Photonic WITTE Cimco JBO Pressol Lifting harness Codipro Käfer QNIX Cumsa Kärcher QUICK Darex KCL Raaco Delta PT KENNAMETAL Repar DEWALT Knipex RUD DIEBOLD Koken Round slings Durbal KOPAL SAV EMUGE Kröplin Scangrip Facom Kukko Schweizer Fein LED Lenser Scotch Brite FESTO Loctite Scotch tapes Fibro LUXO SECO Flott MAGAFOR Spax FRANKEN FUTURO Shop Equipment Mahr Stahlwille Makita STOLLE BMI Seite 2 / 2
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until 30.04.2015 15%
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