Vertical Cutter/M ixer VCM-41/42 Vertical Cutter/Mixer

• Chops and grinds meat, fish,
vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc.
• Blends and mixes sauses,
soups, dressings, desserts, etc.
• Table top with robust design.
• Volume 4 liter.
Food Preparation Machines
Made in Sweden
Powerful machine for the pros
Four-armed scraper
HALLDE’s VCM is one of the industry’s
primary vertical cutters. Its unique functions for quick preparation and its robust
quality make it ideal for all professional
kitchens from private restaurants to
public sector catering operations.
The VCM has a scraper system designed
to prevent food getting stuck on the inside
and the lid of the bowl, where the knives
are unable to reach. The scraper arms
keep the lid and the inside of the bowl
clean. At the same time they move the
ingredients back towards the knives.
The VCM’s scraper system has four arms
instead of one. It is a patented function
that means that the rotation of the ingredients in the bowl is stopped enabling
the knives to cut the contents more
effectively. This accelerates preparation
time considerably and minimises the heat
release that arises when preparing.
The lid has a 5 cm wide feed tube for
filling while the machine is running.
Adapted speeds
You can run the VCM-42 at two speeds;
1.500 rpm for gentle preparation and
better control when chopping, and 3.000
rpm for rapid mixing or blending of sauces
or minced meats. The VCM-41 has one
speed; 1.500 rpm. The VCM also has a
direct action pulse function. This pulse
function provides direct access to 1.500
rpm without any irritating time delays.
Powerful knife unit
The VCM has a generously sized
knife unit of acetal with two large
knives that effectively cut through
the ingredients. The removable
knives are serrated in order to
maintain their sharpness longer.
Exemplary safety features
The VCM has three individual
safety switches. You can only
start the machine if the bowl,
lid and safety arm have been
correctly fitted. The VCM has a
mechanical motor brake which
means the knives stop rotating
immediately when the safety
arm is turned to the side. As the
motor brake is mechanical, it
also works in the event of electrical faults or power failures.
User friendly ergonomics
Easy to carry
You control the machine using one knob
instead of several buttons. The knob is
located on the left hand side allowing your
right hand to remain free for the scraper or
for filling. The knob is at a convenient height
to ensure an ergonomic working posture.
Both the machine and bowl have
two large handles that make them
easy to carry even if you have wet
Only the best material
prevent water accumulating on the top.
For rapid cleaning, all loose components
are easy to remove making the machine
easy to rinse. All loose parts can be
washed in the dishwasher.
The machine base is manufactured of
robust metal. The bowl is stainless steel.
The lid and scrapers are strong xylex.
The knife balk is acetal and the knives
are stainless steel.
Highest possible reliability
Developed for the best hygiene
VCM’s powerful motor has a high torque
during start-up and when in service and
powers the direct-driven cutter. No belts
or intermediate connections. This makes
the VCM an exceptionally reliable machine
– irrespective of the foods you are
working with.
The VCM is manufactured solely from
hygiene certified material. The machine
has smooth surfaces, rounded edges
and has no unnecessary recesses where
food might penetrate and get stuck. The
machi­ne base has a drainage hole to
VCM-41/42 Results
Fish mousse
Parmesan cheese
Minced meat
Herb oil
Aromatic butter
VCM-41/42 Vertical Cutter/Mixer
•The machine base and bowl are made of metal and can withstand rough handling.
•The direct action pulse function produces 1.500 rpm without any delay.
•Patented scraper system with four scraper arms speeds up the preparation.
•Three safety switches make it impossible to start the machine if the knife is exposed.
Mechanical motor brake make the knife stop immediately when the safety arm is pushed aside.
•The bowl, lid, knife unit and scraper can all be washed in the dishwasher.
•Table top model, easy to put away and take out when needed with its two sturdy handles
at the sides.
• Motor: 0.55/0.75 kW. Two speeds (VCM-42), one speed (VCM-41).
230 V, 1-phase, 50-60 Hz. 100-120 V, 1-phase, 50-60 Hz.
230 V, 3-phase, 50 Hz. 400 V, 3-fas, 50 Hz.
• Transmission: Direct drive.
• Safety system: Three safety switches and mechanical motor brake.
• Degree of protection machine: IP44.
• Power supply socket: Earthed, 1-phase, 10 A. alt. earthed, 3-phase, 16 A.
• Fuse: 10 A, delayed action fuse.
• Sound level LpA (EN31201): 72 dBA.
• Magnetic field: Less than 0.1 mikrotesla.
• Machine base: Aluminium.
• Bowl: Stainless steel.
• Lid and scraper system: Xylex.
• Knife balk: Acetal.
• Knives: Stainless steel.
Volumes and dimensions
• Bowl volume: Gross 4 liter. Net liquids 1.4 liter.
• Feed tube diameter: 50 mm.
Knife unit
• Knife unit diameter: 190 mm.
• Speed VCM-42: 1 500 och 3 000 rpm.
• Speed VCM-41: 1 500 rpm (50 Hz), 1 700 rpm (60 Hz).
Type of preparation
• Chops, grinds, blends and mixes.
• Prepares aromatic butters, dressings, desserts, herb oils, thickenings,
mayonnaise, sauces, soupes, minced meat, purées, patées, etc.
• Prepares meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, onions, parsley, nuts, almonds,
parmesan, mushrooms, chocolate, etc.
We reserve the rights to make changes in design and product range without notice
• Machine base VCM-42: 15.4 kg.
• Machine base VCM-41: 14.8 kg.
• Bowl complete: 1.6 kg.
• EN 12852+A1:2010. Following the provisions of
Directive 2006/42/EC, 2006/95/EC, 2004/108/EC.
• RoHS 2002/95/EC.
Food Preparation Machines
Made in Sweden
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250 ex
Net weights
• Restaurants, shop kitchens, diet kitchens, bakeries, retirement homes, schools, fast food
outlets, catering, day care centers, salad bars, pizzerias, ships, central kitchens, institution
kitchens, etc.