One Million Pledged! - Los Alamos Visiting Nurses Services

February 2014
One Million Pledged!
Momentum is building with The Sanctuary at Canyon’s
Edge capital campaign – pledges now total over $1
million! The capital campaign, which began its ‘quiet
phase’ last winter, is now in the process of conducting
personal solicitations with community leaders and
philanthropists throughout the region.
“This campaign is going to dramatically improve our
care for the terminally ill,” said Dr. Keeley Power, an
LAVNS board member and their Medical Director.
“Los Alamos is aging faster than most communities and
many of our residents don’t have family in the area.
The Sanctuary at Canyon’s Edge is going to provide a
much-needed option to terminally ill patients and their
loved ones.”
The overall campaign goal is $3 million, which will be
used to build a 10,000 square foot six-room
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inpatient hospice house and administrative office.
Tax-deductible pledges are being sought from civicminded community leaders, corporations and foundations. Please call LAVNS at (505) 662-2525
to learn more about this exciting campaign!
Top 5 Reasons We Need an Inpatient Hospice House
Some people do not understand the importance of hospice care and/or the need for a specialized
inpatient Hospice House. Hospice is more than a word; it’s a philosophy. Hospice providers
believe that death should be peaceful for both the individual AND their loved ones. A speciallydesigned and staffed Hospice House helps to ensure that a person’s final days are dignified,
peaceful and loving.
A designated Hospice House is not only for a patient’s final days. It can also be used for
temporary purposes, such as respite (when the caregiver needs ‘time off’) or when symptoms
become too difficult to manage at home. The most common uses of a dedicated inpatient
Hospice House include:
The patient does not want to die at home
The caregiver cannot provide the level of care necessary
The patient does not have, or cannot afford, a caregiver
The caregiver needs respite
The patient and/or caregiver desire the specialized care which can only be found in a
Hospice House
One Year at New Home
Los Alamos Visiting Nurse Service (LAVNS) is proud to have
marked their first anniversary at 2202 Canyon Road. “I’m
grateful to live in Los Alamos and provide care for our wonderful
patients and families,” said Debbie Storms, an LAVNS nurse and
a Sanctuary at Canyon’s Edge capital campaign volunteer. “All
of us at Visiting Nurse Service feel very fortunate to have this
beautiful property for our new Hospice House.”
LAVNS is utilizing the property’s one existing building, the old
Boy Scout Lodge, as its temporary office until the new inpatient
Hospice House and adjoining offices are built. “This is the perfect
location for the Hospice House,” said Sarah Rochester, LAVNS’
Executive Director. “It was a stroke of good fortune that we
learned it was available and could act quickly. It feels like this
property was destined to become home to The Sanctuary at
Canyon’s Edge!”
Capital Campaign
Emily Brownold
Lauren Hull Earles
Karen Easton
Kirk Ellard
Lynn Finnegan
Allene Lindstrom
Sarah Rochester
Tammy Thorn
Mary Venable
Debbie Weber
This list of civic-minded
individuals will grow as the
campaign grows. Please contact
LAVNS if you are interested in
becoming part of our team!
Rochester believes there are numerous benefits, both to the community and LAVNS, associated
with this property, including:
The mortgage payment is equivalent to the organization’s previous monthly rent payment
The property is centrally located
There is ample land for parking, building expansion (if necessary), a community
labyrinth and lots of undisturbed nature!
The parcel is set back from the street so it is private and quiet, which will help patients,
families and loved ones find peace and solitude
Los Alamos Visiting Nurse Service
2202 Canyon Road, PO Box 692, Los Alamos, NM 87544 • 505.662.2525 •