2014 Grants ACF - Durham Community Foundation

2014 Ajax Community Fund Grants
Made possible through the Town of Ajax
$21,000 in flow-through funding by the Town of Ajax
directly impacts 8,000 residents
Thanks to flow-through funding of more than $21,000 in 2014 by the Town of Ajax,
11 charities will benefit and positively impact 8,000 residents living in Ajax. The Town
of Ajax also contributes to the Ajax Community Endowment Fund at Durham
Community Foundation (DCF), ensuring a lasting legacy of giving and benefits to its
We are grateful for our partnership with the Town of Ajax, the vital support of CAO,
Brian Skinner, CFO Rob Ford, and the expertise of the Ajax Community Fund Task
Force co-chaired by John G. Smith and Don Terry. Other members include: Kate
Bird, Jessie Haung, Ash Khan, Kathy McKay and Mitchell Simeon.
From Left to Right: Kathy McKay, Don
Terry, John G. Smith, Kate Bird, Ash Khan
and Jessie Haung
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ajax-Pickering will be launching a $30,000 program called Healthy Minds for Safer
Communities. This new school-based mentorship initiative will promote positive mental health amongst at risk elementary
school children in Ajax. At least 100 children will be served by this project which is being delivered in partnership with
Durham Regional Police Services - West Division, Durham District School Board, Durham Catholic School Board, Kinark
Child and Family Services, and Children’s Mental Health Ontario. Staff and mentors will receive training, education, and
support from the mental health organizations. They were granted $2,500.
Community Development Council of Durham Region in collaboration
with the Congress of Black Women Ajax-Pickering presented ‘A
Celebration of Music-Concert’. Held in October, the event showcased the
community’s diversity. More than 200 people were expected to participate in this
event. They were granted $1,700.
Kinark Child and Family Services’ Positive Parenting Program – also known as Triple P –supports families waiting for
treatment by advancing their knowledge, skill, and coping techniques for dealing with behavioural and emotional problems
in preadolescent children. It is an eight-week program that will accommodate 10 Ajax families.
This project was awarded $4,610.
Community Justice Alternatives of Durham Region will deliver
workshops to 130 youth who are at risk of adopting criminal behaviours. The
workshop is named Conflict, Anger, Learning Communication and Mediation or
simply, CALM. Through a series of workshops the participating youth will develop
the skills necessary to handle stress and conflict in a healthy manner. This
program will be delivered in collaboration with Durham Region Police
Services and all youth social service agencies. They were granted $1,500.
Lincoln Avenue Public School is a vibrant, but small and older school in Pickering Village that lacks some of the
amenities and fundraising capabilities of their larger counterparts. The school lacks some basic sporting equipment such
as balls, nets, safety mats, and jerseys. This equipment will contribute to the school community’s efforts to engage and build
school pride among its students. In particular, the equipment will be shared with a number of community organizations using
the school during off hours, including Boys & Girls Club. They were granted $1,000.
2014 Ajax Community Fund Grants
Made possible through the Town of Ajax
During the summer, Scientists in School launched a new and innovative program
called Scientists in Summer. The community workshop program was designed specifically
for summer camps, daycares and other community groups for kids aged 3-12. More than
700 children attended these workshops which are 60-90 minutes in length and can
accommodate up to 30 kids per session. Presenters provided their expertise and passion
to discovery-based learning programs, and plentiful science materials to every workshop.
With workshops such as: The Planet Digs Bugs, Obey Newton: It’s the Law! and Please
Play with your Food!, children not only enjoyed the activities but also learned that science
can be fun. They were granted $4,200.
The Literacy Council of Durham Region and the Congress of Black Women are collaborating to support education
by offering scholarships through their annual “Inspiring Confidence” celebration. These awards, offered by the Congress of
Black Women of Canada, were created to carry on the work of Kay Livingstone -- a founding member of the Canadian
Negro Women Association -- who inspired the other “Women of Vision” to plan and implement programs and events to
enrich the black community. They were granted $1,500.
Young Singers is a community children’s choral group founded in Ajax by Artistic Director Anna Lynn Murphy, a local
resident. More than 600 singers beginning at the age of six are given the opportunity to train and perform in front of
audiences across the GTA. Their annual Winter Concert, in December will showcase all four choirs of Young Singers
(ages 6 to 21 years old). They were granted $1,000.
Meet and Eat is a new program started by The Youth Centre in collaboration with the Ajax Public Library to address
the needs of disenfranchised youth and young adults in Ajax who come to the library during the day. The program offers a
safe, welcoming place to share a small meal, enjoy some activities, engage with local Youth Outreach Workers, and access
community resources through luncheon guests. The program takes place every other Wednesday. They were granted
Emerging Leaders is a new initiative being launched by Dan Carter and his
team of volunteers as part of his annual Day of Hope & Leadership. In September,
60 youth between the 15 and 25 years of age spent a day of inspiration and
learning at St. Francis Centre for Community, Arts and Culture. Together, they will
also develop and deliver community projects valued at $3,000 over the course of
the next year. The attendees were nominated by schools and community
organizations. They were granted $1,500.
On behalf of these charities a heartfelt thank you to the Town of Ajax
for building community through flow-through funding!