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The H
24 Ho
ur s a Day
My name is Sunny H. and I am an Alcoholic. I am a
grateful member of Alcoholics Anonymous. I would like
to spend a couple of minutes talking to you about our
Singleness of Purpose. This is a topic that is very important to me, because when I walked in the doors of A.A. I
was already looking for the way out; looking for why I
was different from you, thus making you the alcoholic and
not me. I truly believe that if I had attended a group that
did not practice the Traditions and did not have a single
purpose for meeting, you would have a different person
presenting this topic today.
If during my first few meetings the discussions had been
about religion, politics, drugs that I had or hadn’t tried or
any other topic that would have allowed me to be different
from you, I would have easily said “See, it’s just not for
me.” But those first few meetings were not like that at all.
The people in those meetings talked about their thoughts
and feelings — thoughts and feelings that for so many
years I thought only I had. They talked about things that
they had done when drinking — the same things that I
was certain only I had done in secret. But most importantly they talked about what they did when they came to that
jumping off place, where they knew they could no longer
keep drinking, but had no idea how to get sober. They
shared with me about both the Fellowship and the program of Alcoholic Anonymous. They told me what A.A. is
and what it is not. They explained to me what a sponsor is
and the importance of getting one. They told me that I did
not have to keep living the way I was living if I didn’t
want to, and that if I kept coming back and following
some suggestions my life could be completely different.
Those first few meetings that I attended were meetings
that observed our Fifth Tradition, which states “Each
group has but one primary purpose — to carry its message
to the alcoholic who still suffers.” So today, now that I
have reaped the benefits of a group that followed this principal, it is my responsibility to pass on that same message
that was given to me.
In a February 1958 Grapevine article, Bill wrote, “Many
early A.A’s had the almost comical notion that they were
pure alcoholics — guzzlers only, no other serious problems at all. When alcoholic ex-cons and drug users first
turned up, there was much pious indignation.
‘What will people think?’ chanted the pure alcoholics.
Happily, this foolishness has long since evaporated”
Today in our Fellowship there are many, myself included, that would not have been considered a “pure
alcoholic” in those early years. But, as Tradition Three
states, “The only requirement for A.A. membership is a
desire to stop drinking.” No matter what our other problems or affiliations, we should only discuss our common
problem and our common solution when we speak in a
meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. We must never forget
that we are divided by our differences. So, if we do not
protect our singleness of purpose, where does this leave
the alcoholic who is slowly making his way to our doors?
Or what about that potential alcoholic that comes to our
meeting but doesn’t come back because they don’t relate
to our “other issues”?
We could refuse to look at the part that we play and
simply say that “he is just not ready” or “he just doesn’t
want it enough.” But what about our part? It is our responsibility to keep A.A. free of outside issues.
Far too often, I go to meetings where the topic strays from
alcoholism and the solution that we have found in
Alcoholics Anonymous. When we turn a blind eye, who
are we really cheating? We are cheating ourselves. In
Bill’s essay about Tradition Five in the Twelve and
Twelve, Bill states, “Shoemaker, stick to thy last!...better
(Contd. on Page 2)
(Contd. from page 1)
do one thing supremely well than many badly.” Later in
that same first paragraph he says “The very life of our
Fellowship requires the preservation of this principle.” I
truly believe that Alcoholics Anonymous’ seventy-six
years of success is because A.A. groups focus on alcoholism and alcoholism only.
There are many other programs out there that have been
given permission to use our Steps and adapt them to their
particular problem. When we allow a meeting to focus on
any other problem other than Alcoholism and the solution,
we are not only hurting ourselves and the newcomer that
may be in attendance, we may also be cheating those other
programs. As Bill states on page 79 of As Bill Sees it
Step One: We Admitted we were
powerless over alcohol that our lives had
become unmanageable.
In Step I, we are asked to admit that we are powerless
over alcohol and that our lives have become unmanageable. It means just that. There are no half measures. We
must make a complete surrender to the simple fact that
using the tools we posses, we cannot manage our lives if
we continue the use of alcohol in any form. Everyone who
admits and accepts the fact that he is powerless over alcohol must understand that once a person has passed from
normal to abnormal drinking, he can never control his
drinking again.
When well-meaning people spoke of a lifetime without
alcohol, it seemed like an impossible accomplishment to
me because I had tried desperately and I did stay sober a
few months — even two and a half years — this all in the
last twenty years.
Then, a year ago, the door was somehow opened for me,
and I got a good look at myself. I removed the reasons for
my drinking from my subconscious mind, and I am now
able to live with myself and find joy doing so. All of us
had been burning life’s candle at both ends. It wasn’t until
we blew out one end of the candle and set it upright that
we realized the normal person does just that. With both
ends lit, the wax and drippings were fouling up the place
and getting into other people’s hair. With the candle
upright, we could control where the drippings went.
We realized then that we had been living as though we
expected to live a thousand years. Now, in our sanity, we
can look forward with confidence to finishing a normal
span of years. We realize that we haven’t spread much
happiness around during the years of our eclipse: however, we also realize with joy that we still have quite a few
years of normal living ahead which will enable us to make
a lot of people happy and, in so doing, we will experience
a happiness and peace of mind we never expected to have
on this earth. There are may compensations in our lives
“This is why sobriety — freedom from alcohol — through
the teaching and practice of A.A’s Twelve Steps, is the
sole purpose of the group. If we don’t stick to this cardinal
principle, we shall almost certainly collapse. And if we
collapse, we cannot help anyone.”
I am going to close with a couple of lines from our Preamble: “Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men
and women who share their experience, strength, and hope
with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. . . .” “Our
primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics
to achieve sobriety.”
Thank God for Alcoholics Anonymous and the Traditions
that protect it.
that we can look forward to when we realize we are, at
last, free from John Barleycorn. Just knowing that we are
free of this curse lightens our load immeasurably. The
main thing the non-alcoholic notices at a meeting of A.A.
members is their sense of freedom. It is wonderful to be
able to go to a ball game, a prize fight or a show and
come home and discuss it intelligently. It is a great feeling
to go to a church and feel that all the remarks of the priest
or minister are not directed at you alone. It is soul-satisfying to sit down with the boss and work out a schedule
months in advance, knowing that you will be on the job
every day to carry out your end of it. If you have children,
you will notice a gradual change in their attitude toward
you. All kids need someone older and stronger than they
are to lean on. They need love and affection. When they
are robbed of it, their lives get warped, and the result is
delinquent kids.
Compensations? There is no end to them. Would you swap
all that for a lousy glass of beer or booze knowing it
would set off a chain reaction which would most certainly
foul up the whole thing?
The SPBCI office would like to express a
great big THANK YOU to our fellow “AA’s”
in South Palm Beach County
for their support at the
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South Palm Beach County Intergroup - Profit & Loss - December 2014
Intergroup Activity Log
12th Step Calls
First Call to AA
Meeting Inquiries
Business Inquiries
QB Sales Receipts
Dec 14
Office Volunteers
Joe, Kelly, Nancy, Charlie, Randy, Adam, Linette, George, Caryl, Ken, Samantha,
Stan, Dennis, Andrew, Alexandra, Jonathan, Peter, Miles, Marianne and Linda
Thank you Alexandra for your “Saturday Service” and Kelly for your “Monday Service” . . . all the best
as you both move forward with your lives . . . you will be missed!
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The Hand of AA is Available 24 Hours a Day!
January - Just For Now
February - Boca Big Book Step Study Group
March - Inner Voice Candle Light
April - Tradition Three Big Book Study
May - Sobriety For Breakfast
June - Boynton Boat Ramp Big Book Study
Diane S. - 01/01/92 - 23 years - Sober Sisters
Petti T. - 09/19/05 - 9 years
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Marianne D. = 01/11/11 - 4 years
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the AA hotline, meeting schedules, 12 step work, literature inventory, SCAAN
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If you would like a reminder notice next year, please fill out the address portion
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Foot Prints in the Sand
Palmetto & A1A, Boca Raton
Sunday - 5:30 PM - OD - Permanently Cancelled
Patience, Love and Tolerance Group
Mary, Mother of the Light Church, Lake Worth
Sunday - 7:30 PM - O - Permanently Cancelled
Men’s Spiritual Sobriety
Crossroads Club, Delray Beach
Friday - 8:30 PM - OM - New Meeting
Carry the Message
Advent Lutheran Church, 300 Yamato Road, Boca Raton
Thursday - 8:30 PM - OBW - New Meeting
Sunday Night Speaker Discussion
Science of the Mind Church, SW 12th Ave. Room 6
Boca Raton - Sunday - 7:30 PM - OS - New Location
Delray Central House Group
Monday-Saturday - 10:00 PM - Permanently Cancelled
Intergroup Business Meeting Minutes – December 17,2014
Chairperson: John S. Meeting opened with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity
Prayer. Minutes from the October 29, 2014 meeting were approved. New group reps were
welcomed. John announced the Gratitude Dinner was a great event; a detailed report will
be given by the chair. John mentioned the Intergroup office end of year inventory has been
completed. Also, a member of the community has come forth interested in assisting David
(Webmaster) with the website, she will meet with the Steering Committee next year to discuss further. John thanked all those involved with Intergroup this year. Intergroup is closing the year on an amazing note. All service positions are filled, the treasury is doing well
and the community continues to grow!
New Reps: Boynton Beach Group-Rick P.(Alt); Carry This Message-Peter G.; Delray
Central House-Kim K.; Divas-Chris W.; Journey To Freedom-Rachel G.; Mens Roving Big
Book Study-Ross P.; Mens Spiritual Sobriety-Andrew L.; Morning Medicine-Hillari H.;
Principles In Practice-Peter M.; Second Chance Womens Group-Deb C.; Second Chance
Womens Group-Kelly S.(Alt); Sobriety for Breakfast-Bret T.; Sobriety on Sunday-Jack R.;
Sunny Isles-Judy D.; West Boynton Group-Otto S.; Women with a Solution-Kristine G.;
Womens Boynton Beach Step Study Group-Beth P.
Office Manager: Jeannie G. Thank you to the SPBCI office Volunteer Staff and the 11 volunteers who assisted with completion of the December 7, 2014 inventory. Thank you to the
West Boynton Group, Group Chair 2014 Gratitude Dinner, for their many hours of service
before, during and after the event. The Steering Committee expresses our heartfelt thanks.
Thank you to the 36 groups signed up for the Holiday Alcathon held at Delray Central
House. The Alcathon is a wonderful way to “carry the message”. All are welcome to attend!
The Holiday Sale price for the 75th Anniversary reproduction of the first edition of
Alcoholics Anonymous is $10. In addition, new “gift items” were selected by Cheryl S.
(Vice Chair) and Bari W.(volunteer), are now available to purchase. I am thrilled to
announce Michael G., Archivist for SPBCI, will soon be returning to the office. He
expressed gratitude for the outpouring of love and prayers and is looking forward to working with Michele T., Archives Chair, and the Archives Committee!
Treasurer: Elizabeth B., The 7th tradition baskets were passed. Intergroup is continuing to
do well thanks to the office and all who bought items or contributed in Novermber.
Intergroup had a net revenue of $3,114 for the month of November and a year-to-date net
revenue of $13,242. The comparable year to date figure for 2013 was a net revenue of $
11,958. For a detailed report see the SCAAN insert.
Archivist: Michael G. No Report. Excused absence.
Archives: Michele T. No Report.
Bridge the Gap: Bari W. (W): No report.; Dave F. (M): No report.
General Service Liaison: Molly B. Excused absence. No report.
Group Information: Elliott R. No report.
Hospitals and Institutions: Kitty B. - Excused absence. Emily L. Currently we have 47 meetings per week in 19 facilities. There have been quite a few changes since last month’s
report, due to people either finished with their commitments or simply not showing up. We
had no regularly scheduled meeting for H & I as we are trying to find a better time that will
accommodate more volunteers to show-up to the meeting. We have been able to place
some new chairs in positions, but are having difficulty with communication between either
the former coordinators or the facilities themselves. Kitty and I have been out making
announcements and have had a few people interested therefore spaces have been filled
but not enough. South Palm Beach H&I really could use help from anyone who has over
one year of sobriety and understands that chair commitments are for one year unless two
people alternate for a specific meeting. Kitty B. and I are reaching out for help in filling
spots. Anyone who is interested should contact Kitty B. or Emily L.
Public Information: Stuart M. Stuart met with Cheryl S. (Vice Chair) and went over different materials that would be beneficial in getting the message out. Still very much at the
beginning stages, realizing there is not a lot of information out there. I decided to start with
Schools and Libraries. Met with the guidance people of two High schools so far in Boca
Raton and they liked our choice. I did leave some brochures with them and I also made it
clear that if they wanted someone to come and speak to a group of students that it could
be arranged. Stuart found out that the School Boards approval is necessary for anyone to
speak at the school. Cheryl went to Boca Raton High School and gave them AA literature
to be reviewed by the Vice Principal. She also announced that Library’s do not accept
donations, but with a library card you can request books, for example the 12 & 12.
SCAAN: Maryann & John T. Articles are always welcome. Please email to the Intergroup
office by the 15th of the month.
Telephone Relay: Joe M. As of today, December 17th 2014, the telephone relay has group
volunteers through May 2015. If any groups are interested in taking the phone, I am available to attend your business meetings to explain the responsibilities and answer any questions. Thank you for allowing me to be of service.
Where & When: Kaely L.-No Report. Excused absence.
12th Step Committee: Ginger G. (W): No report. Excused absence.; Scott K. (M): No
Page 5
Liaison to North County Intergroup: Gary K. NPBC Intergroup met on December 10, 2014.
NPBC Intergroup will host 2 Alcathons so groups can come together and celebrate the
Holiday Season and also so AA can be there for anyone who may be alone during this festive season. Hotline Committee will be up and running when the Intergroup Office is closed.
Treasurer reported a deficit of $2,308.49 for November. He has been in contact with the
estate that the group had discussions with earlier this year and anticipates they will be
receiving a check for $5,000 in the next few weeks. This bequest is being made in accordance with guidelines. Overall our finances are strong. Office Manager Total Office Activity
for November was 655. This was 77 more than last month and 77 less than last year. The
Intergroup Office will be closed Thursday December 25th and Thursday January 1st.
Otherwise, they will keep to their normal operating hours. The Intergroup Office is open
Monday through Friday from 9 to 5, and on Saturday from 9:30 to 1:30. Archives
Committee Liaison: Still has no replacement for District 8 archives - if there is anyone interested attend the District 8 business meeting and make your desire known. Website
Committee: Web stats for the month of October: Unique total visits 6,977; First Time Visits
5,615; Returning Visits 1,362. Institutions Committee: Committee currently brings 99
meetings a week to 42 facilities – with one new one in the past month. The Big Book Ball
will be held December 31 at the Borland Center on PGA Blvd in Palm Beach Gardens from
7pm to midnight. Tickets cost $20 and include a light dinner, great dancing and New Year’s
fun! New Business: Discussion concerning request from Triangle Club to increase the
Christmas Alcathon meeting rent from $15 to $20 per meeting. History of the request and
discussion ensued. The sense of the body was to allow the increase so the Office Manager
will be providing them with the additional money. For a detailed report, contact the
Intergroup office.
Gratitude Dinner: Ginny D. (chair) West Boynton Beach Group. Ginny thanked all supporters of the event. Sponsoring the event was a great service opportunity for their home group
and really helped them come together, especially new comers. Ginny expressed her gratitude to the Intergroup and their service towards the event, with a special thanks to John
S (chair). 400 seats were filled the night of the event, including 12 tickets donated to those
who otherwise would not have been able to attend. Ticket price was decreased to $26 the
week of the event to sell off remaining tickets; the price was in honor of the 26th
Anniversary of the event. After ticket sales, 50/50, and raffle baskets, the net revenue of
the event was $2,805.
Alcathon 2014: Billy (Delray Central House) highlighted a few items for the upcoming
events. There are signup sheets for 3 hour monitoring shifts, see cork board for more information. All groups hosting a meeting can reference the white board by the podium for additional instructions. Delray Central House thanks all those of service during the events and
looks forward to hosting.
AAWS Book Price Increase: AAWS has not increased the cost of books since 2008, as discussed Intergroup sent out three options of pricing to all reps to be voted on; the price
increase will take effect January 2015. Scott P made a motion to implement option 2, for a
32% mark up (current policy), motion was seconded and vote taken. Minority opinion given
by both Carolyn and Brett. Vote was retaken, motion passed.
Intergroup Email Communication: With the growing number of group reps, Jeannie will be
sending out a “test email” on Monday, December 22, 2014, to all email addresses currently on file. If you do not receive an email and are a listed group rep please contact the
Intergroup office to verify your information.
Closed meeting with the Lord’s Prayer.
Respectfully submitted, Sarah B.
February Service Meetings
February 21
SPBC Intergroup H&I Committee Meeting
Saturday, 2:00 PM - SPBCI Office
February 8
District 8 General Service Business Meeting - Triangle Club
February 21
SPBC Intergroup Steering Committee Meeting
Saturday, 9:00 AM - SPBCI Office
February 25
SPBC Intergroup Monthly Business Meeting
Wednesday, 7:00 PM - Delray Central House
April 10-12
Area 15 GSO Assembly
Boca Town Center Marriott
July 2-5, 2015
2015 International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous
The Other Events listed below are presented solely as a
service to SCAAN readers, not as an endorsement by
August 12-16
59th Florida State Convention
September 3-6
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