Hans-Josef Vogel
74,000 inhabitants
Contact Person
Dr. Gotthard Scheja
Director, Office of Environment
[email protected]
Joined Mayors Adapt on 22.07.2014.
Extreme Temperatures
Water Scarcity
 Flooding
Sea Level Rise
 Storms
 Ice and Snow
Forest Fires
 Agriculture and Forest
 Biodiversity
Coastal Areas
 Disaster Risk Reduction
 Financial
 Health
 Infrastructure
Marine and Fisheries
 Water Management
Since 2011 Arnsberg has had a comprehensive ‘Integrated
Climate Protection Concept’ that includes a number of activities
indirectly related to adaptation.
In addition, Arnsberg has already begun to take concrete
adaptation action. In August 2007 the region was hit with 2
days of heavy rainfall within a 10-day period that resulted in
flooding and a situation in which debris hindered the retreat of
excess water. To avoid such situations in the future and
prepare for 100-year floods, Arnsberg received funding from
the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen in October 2007 to begin
widening 4 creeks in the most high-risk areas. Construction was
undertaken on 2.7 km of creeks.
Wannebach creek
in Niedereimer
before (above) and
after (right) the