VST-852SL Pro Brochure

Vesta Family
Innovative Video Verification
Pet-Immune Vesta Camera VST-852Pro SL
Eliminating false alarms and delivering quick images to expedite emergency response
Vesta Camera VST-852Pro SL is a pet-immune PIR motion sensor combined
with a QVGA high-quality camera that provides your alarm system with video
verification and remote look-in.
Powered by Energizer Lithium AA L91 1.5V Batteries that operate for more than
4 years, VST-852Pro SL features long battery life and low power consumption
designed to deliver greater stability, lengthen usage time and reduce
maintenance costs.
Developed to detect intruder motion and capture alarm images within a
protected space, the camera ensures excellent catch performance for security
purposes and eliminates the chances of false alarms caused by jumpy pets
(such as a dog up to 27 kilos or ten cats) or rodents.
VST-852Pro SL’s advanced authenticated two-way encrypted wireless link (2.4
GHz DSSS) guarantees quality indoor coverage and the transmission of
high-resolution color QVGA images. The vivid color QVGA images present the
alarm scene in full detail, allowing both monitoring personnel and users to
respond efficiently.
• Eliminating the chances of false alarms caused by jumpy pets (such as a dog up to 27 kilos or ten cats) or rodents
• Easy plug-n-play installation
• 3 images upon an alarm event
• 1 image upon a remote image request
• Night surveillance up to 5 meters
• Low power consumption
• Long battery life
• High-resolution color QVGA images
• PIR detection range: 10 meters
• PIR (horizontal) detection angle: 120 degrees
• Camera (horizontal) viewing angle: 60 degrees
• Lens: VGA CMOS camera, JPEG 320X240, less than 15KB per image
• Frequency: 2.4 GHz DSSS, 2-way supervised
• Battery: AA 1.5V lithium battery X 2
• Battery life: 4 years*
• Dimensions: 106mm X 52mm X 72mm
* Note: Battery life is calculated at an average of one image request per day.
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