Quotes of the Day – Wednesday 28th January

Quotes of the Day: Wednesday 28th January
Complied by Olalekan Okusan
ASHRAF Ahmed (Egypt) after beating SURAJU Saka (Congo Brazzaville) 4-3
in second round of men’s singles
It was a very difficult match for me because Saka is an old player with a lot of
experience. I am just coming back from a knee injury and this being my
competition after returning from the injury. It was a very tough match and when
the game was 3-3 major and I made a call when the seventh game was 3-3 but he
refused to accept my call and the point was given to him. This really made me to
want to beat him and I am very player beating a great player like Saka.
MAGDY Shady (Egypt) after beating BOUDJADJA Mohamed Sofiene 4-0 in
second round of men’s singles
This victory means so much to me because he has beaten one of our top players in
Egypt – Mohamed El-Beiali in the team event. And defeating him today showed that
being a junior player I am good to play in the senior. I have shown everybody that
I am capable of playing with the senior. I ensured I concentrate throughout the
match and I made use of my forehand and backhand very well. I did not defend
because he wanted to attack but I did not allow him because he is a good attacker.
So I ensured I attack him first and that confused him.
MAKANJUOLA Kazeem (Nigeria) after beating ELSOBKY Mohamed (Egypt)
4-0 in the second round of the men’s singles
I played against him in 2013 in Cameroun and I defeated him in the group matches
but he beat me in the final 4-1. I noticed that he could not play from the forehand
and he cannot even block my shot so I capitalized on this to amass points. I also
used my strength to play him because he looked fragile and cannot withstand my
powerful shots.
OFFIONG Edem (Nigeria) after beating SHOUMAN Fagr (Egypt) 4-3 in the
round of 16 of women’s singles
At the start of the match I was a bit distracted by the side talks and before I knew
what was happening, she was leading 3-1 major. But I knew I can win and I had to
fight back. I was not nervous but when I saw my opponent crying I was touched
and this nearly caused me the seventh match. I also noticed that she could not
return my service and this aided my victory.
NASSER Galila (Egypt) after beating OSHONAIKE Funke 4-3 in the round of
16 of women’s singles
I knew that she is a very strong player with a lot of experience. I just came into the
game with positive mindset. I had to rely on my forehand because I noticed that if I
play her with backhand, I always lose and my coach told me to play with my
forehand and things worked well for me. It is just amazing for me beating a great
player like Funke Oshonaike. I cannot just describe my feeling now.
IDOWU Saheed (Congo Brazzaville) after beating MAKANJUOLA Kazeem 43 in the round of 16 of men’s singles
It was a very tough match because I actually started well and I was leading 8-2 to
lose the game at 11-8. From then I lost concentration and he won three games in
row to take a 3-0 lead. But in the fourth game, I changed tactic and played with a
lot of confidence. I made use of my forehand and backhand very well and I changed
my topspin which became difficult for him. He could not block my topspin and this
made the match very hard for him to play. I think it was a narrow escape for me
but I worked hard for the victory.
EL-DAWLATLY Nadeen (Egypt) after beating OFFIONG Edem (Nigeria) 4-2
in the quarterfinal of women’s singles
I was mad at myself for losing points early into the game. I had to calm myself and
tried to feel the game and not to be nervous. I think my footwork really helped me
and I also pin a lot of spin on the ball as much as I could. I know it is not always
easy to win the person that had beaten you earlier in same competition. For me, I
know the pressure was on her and not on me.
HANFFOU Sarah (Cameroon) after beating YOUSRY Noha (Egypt) 4-2 in the
quarterfinal of women’s singles
This victory meant a lot to me and Cameroun because I never expected that I
would go far in the competition. I just took each game as they come and I found
myself in the quarterfinal. When I was leading in the fifth game 10-4 and I lost to
put the match at 3-2 and in the sixth game, when it was 10-7 in my favour, I just
zero my mind that it was 0-0 and this spurred me on in the game. Also, I was
playing her backhand and this nearly caused but I had to change tactic and started
putting a lot of spin on the ball for her.
ASSAR Khalid (Egypt) after beating LASHIN El-Sayed (Egypt) 4-1 in the
quarterfinal of men’s singles
I prepared very well before the match to ensure I play very well because I respect
Lashin as one of the great players in Africa as well as the defending champion of
the tournament. I am very happy beating him. I never expected the match to go in
my favour and I cherish the victory today.
EL-BEIALI Mohamed (Egypt) after beating QUADRI Aruna (Nigeria) 4-3 in
the quarterfinal of the men’s singles
I am the happiest person at this moment because beating world number 30th
ranked player will surely improve my ranking and also cement my place in the
Egyptian national team. I knew I was going to face Aruna after seeing the draw and
I was ready for him. My coach told me that I must ensure I play short ball and
receive his service very well. I know if I continue playing topspin on his forehand,
he will take point but my coach said I should play the spin on his backhand and that
was what I did. I am comfortable playing Aruna anytime. I am indeed so happy for
this great victory.
NWACHUKWU Onyinyechi (Congo Brazzaville) after beating Egypt 4-2 in
women’s doubles final
We lost to the Egyptians in 2012, but this year we were determined to win and my
partner really helped me because when I serve, I know she will follow it up very
well. My partner played with pimples and they found it hard to play with her.
HAN Xing (Congo Brazzaville) after beating Egypt 4-2 in women’s doubles
We were relaxed in the match and we were so determined to win. I was sure before
the match we are going to win and I am happy we won. In the semifinal against
Nigeria, we were also relaxed and whenever we were relaxed we always win. So we
were not nervous throughout the match.
MAKANJUOLA Kazeem (Nigeria) after winning the men’s doubles final 4-2
against compatriots
We were so clam during the match and when the match was 2-2, we changed our
tactic and we were also lucky to win the sixth game because we were leading 10-5
and they met at 10-10. So it was nobody's game. Aruna and I have been partnering
ourselves as junior players and we played the doubles at the 2013 Kuwait, Qatar
and Spanish Opens. So we are used to each other.
ARUNA Quadri (Nigeria) after winning the men’s doubles final 4-2 against
I think the semifinal match against the Egyptians was our best match in this
doubles event because it was our never-say-die attitude that helped us to come
from 3-1 down and leveled 3-3 before finally winning the match. So in the final, we
were used to our opponents and when the game was 2-2, we decided to calm the
game and ensure that we secure our victory. I am happy that we are wining our
first title as doubles partner.