Preparing Future Faculty Graduate Assistantship Award

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January 30, 2015
Department Heads and Graduate Directors
Louí Reyes, Dean ad interim of the Graduate School
Preparing Future Faculty 10 hour Graduate Assistantship Awards
Deadline date for nominations: March 2, 2015
The Program: The Preparing Future Faculty Graduate Assistantship award is
designed to promote the development of the next generation of faculty at community
colleges and institutions of higher education. The Program requires students to
work 10 hours a week for an instructional unit on campus and participate in the
Preparing Future Faculty workshops of the Graduate School. Salaries for the 10
hours a week award for the academic year is based on the three levels of payment of
graduate assistants (see the Graduate School web site for the current salaries of
graduate assistants at
Selection Preferences: While the graduate assistantship program is open to all
full time students, preference is given to students that truly want to become faculty;
and underrepresented students that wish to teach at a community college or 4 year
institution. Underrepresented students in their field of study include for example,
male students in the Nursing department, women in Math, Engineering and the
Sciences, and minority students in fields of study where they are underrepresented
in their department of study.
Continuation to spring semester: The student must have a faculty supervisor
that will develop a work plan and supervise the teaching graduate assistantship.
Continuation from one semester to the next is based on faculty evaluations of their
job performance, academic performance and attendance and participation in the
Preparing Future Faculty workshops that are organized by the Graduate School. It
is hoped that students will work hard and sell their skills to a given department so
they can obtain a 20 hour graduate assistantship the following year from their
departments. Participation in the program is limited to one academic year.
Please note that international students must take the NMSU Graduate
international Teaching Assistant screening exam administered by NMSU. Please
see the Graduate Catalog for more information on teaching assistantships and
international students.
Requirements of the Faculty supervisor/mentor: The faculty mentor must
agree to serve on at least one panel discussion in the Preparing Future Faculty
workshops or agree to serve on the Advisory Board of the Preparing Future Faculty
program which will meet once each year. Faculty mentors must also agree to give a
performance evaluation on the student intern.
Fellowships are available for 1 year. Eligible nominees will be judged using the
following criteria:
1. Nomination Letter from Department Head or Graduate Director.
2. Complete and submit: Preparing Future Faculty Form and supporting
The Graduate School
New Mexico State University
Educational Services Building, Suite 301
PO Box 30001 MSC 3-GS
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001
Phone: (575)646-5746 Fax: (575)646-7758
Preparing Future Faculty Graduate Assistantship Form
Nomination (deadline 3/2/15)
Student Name:
Aggie ID:
Degree Program:
GPA: Undergraduate:
Requirements for Nomination
(Initial and submit supporting documentation)
NOTE: The program requires students to work 10 hours a week for an instructional
unit on campus and to participate in the Preparing Future Faculty
workshops of the Graduate School.
Candidate has applied and has been accepted by the department
Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher
Copy(ies) of transcript(s) and current resume attached to nomination letter
Application packet includes:
_____ two letters of reference
_____ statement from candidate on why they wish to become a faculty
member including what type of institution
_____ completed Memorandum of Understanding
_____ completed Work Plan developed by their proposed faculty supervisor
_____ If international student, must complete or have completed the NMSU
Graduate International Teaching Assistant screening exam
_____ Candidate will be offered a 10 hour teaching assistantship within the
department for the duration of the award
Department Head Signature
Memorandum of Understanding
Preparing Future Faculty Program of NMSU
I understand that I will work as a teaching intern for New Mexico State University for up to
one academic year.
b) I will work for 10 hours a week during the academic year as indicated in the work
plan developed by my faculty supervisor.
Student Signature:_____________________________________________ Date:_______________________
I agree to attend the Preparing Future Faculty Workshop offered both semesters by
the Graduate School.
Student Signature:______________________________________________ Date:_______________________
d) I also understand that continuation into the second and final semester of the Program
is based on my outstanding performance as a graduate assistant. Unsatisfactory work
and/or academic performance could terminate the program at any given point in time.
Student signature:______________________________________________ Date:_______________________
Printed Name of the Student____________________________________ Department_________________
Student’s Banner ID______________________
Supervising Faculty_________________________________________Email: ___________________________
Department of faculty_______________________________________NMSU Mailing Address: __________
Approval of Department Head _____________________________________Date: _____________________
Work Plan for Preparing Future Faculty Program
In order for students to qualify for the Preparing Future Faculty Assistantship program, they must
have a faculty supervisor to develop a work plan for their 10 hours a week assignment.
Printed Name of Student ______________________________________________ Student ID ________________
Student Email address ________________________________________________
Name of Faculty Supervisor____________________________________________Department_______________
Faculty Email address_________________________________________ Phone no._________________________
Faculty Campus Address_______________________
Check semesters for student involvement in Preparing Future Faculty Assistantship program
_____ Fall 20_____
_____Spring 20_____
Please Describe the Duties of the Graduate assistant—to be completed by faculty that will be
supervising the student (the student must be engaged in the instructional mission of NMSU.
They cannot be a research assistant). ATTACH PAGES IF NECESSARY.
Which course or courses will the graduate assistant assist with? What types of duties will they
perform fall semester and spring semester? Please note that the selection committee values
increased responsibility from one semester to the next. Students can be engaged as graduate
assistants on campus and with distance learning and online courses that are supervised by
How often will you meet with the student? What types of roles will you perform as a
mentor? How will you encourage the student to become a faculty member?
I agree to provide the above named student with a work plan each semester and agree to send a
performance evaluation letter each semester to the Graduate School.
Faculty Signature _______________________________________________________Date ___________________
Approval of Department Head __________________________________________Date ___________________