February Newsletter - Bon Air Christian Church

Bon Air Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 2071 Buford Road N. Chesterfield, VA 23235 804-­‐272-­‐6228 Fax 804-­‐330-­‐0381 [email protected] http://www.baccdoc.org February 2015 No. 02 Volume 54 One of the all time cutest moments was Sunday
when Reese Blanchard was helping light the altar
candles with Jason Williams. Reese was so
attentive. She lit her candle, handed the lighter to
Jason, who lit his candle. She took the candle lighter
and showed him how you pull back on the lever to
extinguish the fire and then push out the wick so the
wax doesn’t get stuck in the barrel. There’s more to this whole candle
lighting thing then we might imagine. I loved the way she carefully showed
him the “how to details”. I thought about the first time she went up to light
the candles and her big brother Logan helped her. One person teaches
another person who teaches another person.
That’s how we live our faith. One person tells another person who
tells another person. In meetings recently we’ve talked about how we found
Bon Air Christian Church. Two people said, “Dot Morrison invited me.”
Two other people said they had come because of their children. Some of our
friends were brought here by their parents and what a gift to give to your
children! What a priceless gift to give your friends, to your children and to
your family.
I know sometimes it’s hard to roll out of bed and even harder to get
your kids up and ready for church on a Sunday morning. And yet being in
worship is so essential for our Christian faith. Here, gathered as the body of
Christ we find our sustenance as we are fed by the Word of God, nourished
by the words of hymns and if we open our hearts carried by God’s spirit into
the presence of the Holy One.
As we study God’s word together we come to a deeper
understanding of who God is and how God is acting in our lives. As we do
God’s work together we become the hands of Christ reaching into a hurting
world. As we worship we are being transformed into God’s holy people of
I am thankful for all those who have passed the messages of God’s
hope and grace to me through their acts of kindness and their words of
encouragement. Let us continue to pass it on. One person sharing the light
with another until the world is bright.
Shalom, Cindy
Mark your calendars for Craig Springs Camp!
Registration forms will soon be available. The church will pay for half
of the cost of camp. Listed below are camp dates:
Nature Camp: June 22-26 Directors: Lydia Hall and Kim Sherrat
Special Camp June 28 – July 3
Director: Janice Austin
First Triple July 5-10
Directors: Steve & Rhonda Williams
Second Trip - July 12-17
Directors: Robert Sharp and Sarah Trezza (This is the camp most of
our Bon Air members attend)
New Covenant/ChiRho: July 19-24 Director: Sally Good
AMPDD Camp July 26-32 Directors Chris and Kim Crowley
Family Retreat July 31 – August 3 Director: Amy Jones
Spring Work Weekend is scheduled for June 5-7th.
Library Corner
Here are some books you may want to read during the
cold rainy days of February from our library:
The author, Eden Alexander, of the #1 New York
Times bestseller Proof of Heaven teams up with the sages
of times past, modern scientists, and with ordinary people
who have had profound spiritual experiences to show the
reality of heaven and our true identities as spiritual beings in
his new book The Map of Heaven.
When Proof of Heaven was published, some readers
contacted Dr. Eben Alexander to argue that his near-death
experience was impossible. But many more have written to
say his story resonated with them in profound ways. Thanks
to them, Dr. Alexander came to realize that sharing his story
has allowed people to rediscover what so many in ancient
times knew: there is more to life—and to the universe—than
this single earthly life.
Dr. Alexander met and heard from thousands of
individuals whom his story has affected. He, with coauthor
Ptolemy Tompkins, also studied what the world’s religious
traditions, philosophers, and scientists have had to say about
the soul’s survival of death. He has been deeply surprised at
how often those voices from the past sync up with what he
hears from people today. In The Map of Heaven, he shares
some of the stories that people have told him and links them
to what the world’s spiritual traditions and its latest
scientific insights have to say about the journey of the soul.
Part metaphysical and scientific detective story, part
manual for living, The Map of Heaven explores
humankind’s spiritual history and the progression of modern
science from its birth in the seventeenth century, showing
how we forgot, and are now at last remembering, who we
really are and what our destiny truly is.
In his debut novel, The Hundred-Foot Journey,
longtime Forbes magazine correspondent Richard C. Morais
delves into a rich, imagery-filled culinary world that begins
in Bombay and ends in Paris, tracing the career of Hassan
Haji as he becomes a famed Parisian chef. Narrated by
Hassan, the story begins with his grandfather starting a
lowly restaurant in Bombay on the eve of WWII, which his
father later inherits. But when tragedy strikes and Hassan’s
mother is killed, the Hajis leave India, and, after a brief and
discontented sojourn in England, destiny leads them to the
quaint French alpine village of Lumière. There, the family
settles, bringing Indian cuisine to the unsuspecting town,
provoking the ire of Madame Mallory, an unpleasant but
extremely talented local chef. From vibrantly depicted
French markets and restaurant kitchens to the lively and
humorously portrayed Haji family, Morais engulfs the
reader in Hassan’s wondrous world of discovery. Regardless
of one’s relationship with food, this novel will spark the
desire to wield a whisk or maybe just a knife and fork.
Christian Women’s Fellowship
The Christian Women’s Fellowship is open to all women of the
congregation. There are three groups to choose from:
o The Day group meets the second Tuesday of the month.
The next meeting will be February 10th. Everyone is
asked to bring a sandwich to the meeting. Meeting
starts at 10:30.
o The Evening group 1 meets the first Tuesday of the
month in members’ homes. The next meeting is
February 3rd at Janet Lenhart’s at 7:00 p.m. Kitten
Whitlow is the group leader.
o The Evening group 2 (Salad Group) meets once a
month at 6:15 at the church. The meetings are held on
the second Wednesday of the month. The next meeting
is scheduled for February 11th.
JOY Group
February 17 10:30
Elizabeth Simrell
“Maintain Your Brain”
The JOY group will meet on February 17, 10:30 AM, at the
church, pot luck luncheon.
Elizabeth Simrell will present "Maintain Your Brain." She will
discuss recent discoveries in neuroscience and how to capitalize on
those discoveries for preserving brain function.
Her background and credentials:
Master's Degree: Speech-Language Pathology from the University of
Virginia; Bachelor's Degree: VA Tech (French/Foreign Language
She has extensive experience in helping adults with
communication disorders, and brain wellness programs to healthy
adults who want to stay brain fit and ward off cognitive decline.
FYI: Paul plans on coming with her!!
Prayer Concerns:
Our sympathy is extended to Bruce, Gail, Glenn, June and Kevin
Macfadden upon the death of their wife and mother and grandmother,
Bud Deihl had back surgery this past month and is recuperating at
Shirley Acree will soon begin chemotherapy for breast cancer.
We pray for: Cathy Wheless, Lloyd Thacher, Harriet Griggs,
Alice Beasley, Alma Spivey, Helen Macklin, Bruce Macfadden,
Natalie Ringel, Dot Morrison, and Gerry Roppe´.
Our prayers are with: Sophie Sutphin, Juanita Coleman’s great
granddaughter who is undergoing chemotherapy; Dawn Mooney’s
sister, Debbie Roben; Jake and Mazie McCann’s granddaughter, Jessie
Abbate, Duke Dale’s sister, Leslie Brinson; Nancy Maiden’s brotherin-law John Maiden who has been diagnosed with cancer; Joe
Bancroft’s friend, Johnny Guilliams who has cancer; Gerry Roppe´’s
Uncle Jack; Shirley Burkhalter’s sister, Ginny McGuire and nephew,
Kevin McGuire; Shea Hollifield’s friend, Denise Ambrose who is
being treated for leukemia; Tom Mayfield’s friend Mickey Denke;
Leigh Anne Phan’s friend, Ron Evans; Rhonda Ringel’s friend, Evan
Smith; Steve Kline’s friend, Ed Winfield; Steve Goff’s friend, Beth
Ann Molter; Peggy Hill; Jackie Nilles’ aunt, Brenda Grant; the
Landergan’s friend, Dan Bickett; Stacy Price; Arlene Blythe’s friend,
Donna Leake; Hannah Bryant who has leukemia and the Macfadden’s
friend, Lewis Bell.
Please pray for those who are deployed and serving our country:
Captain Nicolle Bernard and Sergeant George Smith. Our prayers are
also with Sydney McKenney who is working in Ecuador.
Ribbon Scarves for Sale
In the hallway in front of the Fellowship Hall there will be scarves for
sale to support the bathroom renovation. A suggested price will be on
the scarves but any donation will accepted. Please put the donation in
the box and take the scarf you would like.
These scarves would make a beautiful Valentine’s gift.
The design plan renovation the sale of these scarves will support are
on the display bulletin boards throughout the church. At the Yard Sale
this past fall $750 was raised. This sale will help raise the other $
3750 needed for to start this project.
Worship Committee On Sunday, February 8th at noon the Worship Committee will have
their first meeting to plan for Easter and the other responsibilities. A
light lunch will be served. Anyone in the congregation that would like
to help with this committee is welcome to come to the meeting. Many
hands will make the work lighter and fresh ideas are welcomed. Hope
to see you. Andee Kirk
To all those who help decorate the church for Advent and put all the
decorations away and to the many folks who did the detailed cleaning
to get the church ready for the season of Advent.
Church World Service Kit Program
Once again BACC will be the drop off site for kits for Church
World Service. The church will begin collections on April 7 through
May 21. On May 21 the New Windsor Service in Maryland will pick
up all the kits collected.
The Day group of the CWF will once again be assembling kits.
The cost to process each kit is $2.00. Below is a list of items for kits:
School Kits: Pack all items inside cloth bag.
One 12” x 14” to 14” x 17” finished size cotton of lightweight canvas
bag with cloth handles (no reusable shopping bags or backpacks)
One pair of round tip scissors
Three 70 count spiral notebooks (no loose leaf)
One 12 inch ruler
One hand held pencil sharpener
One large eraser
Six new pencils with erasers
One box of 24 crayons
Hygiene Kits: Place all items in a one-gallon plastic bag with a zipper
One hand towel 16” x 28”
One washcloth
One wide-tooth comb
One nail clipper
One bar of soap (bath size in wrapper)
One toothbrush (in original packaging)
Six standard size band aids
Baby Care Kits
Six cloth diapers
Two t-shirts or undershirts (no onesies)
Two washcloths
Two gowns or sleepers
Two diapers pins
One sweater or sweatshirt (can be hand-knitted or crocheted)
Two receiving blankets (can be hand-knitted or crocheted)
Items must be new and under 12 months in size. Wrap items inside
one of the receiving blankets and secure with both diaper pins.
Donor Drive for Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Donors
February 21, 2015 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Bon Air Christian Church
Please come and join
Bob and Janet Lenhart
in celebrating their
50th Wedding Anniversary
from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
on March 7th, 2015
At Bon Air Christian Church
2071 Buford Road
Bon Air VA 23235
Please no gifts.
Let your presence be your present.
RSVP—is not needed
but appreciated
804 276-8016 or [email protected]
Every four seconds someone is diagnosed with blood cancer.
Fifteen people die each hour from these diseases.
For many patients, a bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cell
transplant may be their best or only option to be cured. Please come to
the Bon Air Christian Church donor drive on Saturday, February 21,
2015 between 10 am and 2 pm and help make a lifesaving difference.
Seventy percent of patients do not have a matching donor in
their families, so their doctors will need to go to the Be The Match
Registry to find a suitable donor. In order to help ensure that suitable
donors can be found, Be The Match Registry constantly strives to add
people willing to donate to the registry list. Healthy adults between the
ages of 18 and 44 are needed to join the registry to help make sure that
patients can find a donor when one is needed.
Joining the registry is easy – fill out a form with health
screening and contact information, have the inside of your cheek
swabbed and you’re done. Your information will be on file and
checked for matches with patients needing transplants.
When you join the registry, you agree to donate either bone
marrow or peripheral blood stem cells - whichever is needed. The
patient's doctor determines the type of donation depending on what is
best for the patient.
All medical costs for the donation procedure are covered by the
National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP), which operates the Be The
Match Registry, or by the patient's medical insurance, as are travel
expenses and other non-medical costs. The only costs to the donor
might be time taken off from work. Donors never pay for donating and
are never paid to donate.
Be The Match Registry is a registered non-profit organization.
Financial donations are accepted to help with costs associated with
operating the registry.
Joining the registry can give patients hope and a second chance
at life. Please participate in the donor drive on February 21. Additional
information available at: http://bethematch.org/
"Putting Compassion into Action"
For 70 years, Week of Compassion has responded
to people in need throughout our world, both near and far. Week of
Compassion responds to the immediate needs and also helps with the
rebuilding and long term recovery for communities--such as after
tornadoes in Oklahoma, typhoons in the Philippines and war refugees
in the Middle East. This year, the goal for our Week of Compassion
special offering is $2100.00. Please give generously. Offering will be
collected February 15 and 22.
Valentine's Day Dinner
& Dance
Sponsored by Youth Group
February 14, 2015
Dinner at 6:00
Dance at 7:00
BACC Welcomes New Members
A warm welcome is extended to our newest members, Sam and
Carol Herrin. Sam and Carol joined our congregation on January 11th.
Please make the following update to your church directory:
Sam and Carol Herrin
2706 Teaberry Drive
N. Chesterfield, VA 23236
[email protected]
Our awesome DJ will be Kevin Heath
RSVP to the church by February 8
Additional church directory updates:
2015 General Assembly is coming! Gerry Roppe´
16510 Amelia Avenue
Amelia Courthouse, VA 23002
The 2015 General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of
Christ) is set for July 18-22 in Columbus, Ohio and planning is well
underway. If you’ve been before, you’ll find a bounty of new worship
experiences and learning tracks. If you’ve never been, there is a
website with a wealth of information, including a page just for you. Go
to ga.disciples.org to see the schedule, workshop offerings and register
online. Register on line if paying by credit/debit card. If you are
paying by check you may register by mail. Contact the church office
for a registration form. Early registration (ends April 1) is 155.00.
After April 1 the cost to register is $210.00.
Redd Elementary says “Thank you!”
Micah Ministry is an opportunity to help children in
Our church participates with the Micah program to provide
volunteers at Redd Elementary school on Jahnke Road. This year
there are 5 volunteers who go into classes to work with individual or
groups of students and about ten who are student pen pals.
We are one of over 100 faith communities in Richmond that
participate with Micah in elementary schools.
The goal of Micah is to support the performance and success of
students that are in schools that have a high level of poverty and often
have additional problems that interfere with student learning. In each
elementary school that has Micah volunteers there are opportunities to
be mentors, classroom helpers, one on one tutors, helpers in the
library, helpers with one time projects, and use special skills such as
gardening or artistic skills within the school.
Our school, Redd Elementary, has Micah volunteers from a
synagogue and two other churches. There is also a Community in
Schools coordinator in our school whose responsibility is to provide
support to the most needy students so they will be successful in
school. At Redd this individual is Talaunda Harris and this year she is
also the coordinator of all the volunteers.
Community in Schools is nationwide and is located within
school buildings in 25 states and in Washington D.C. The focus is the
student's in class performance and beyond to the family and the
community and how they impact the classroom performance.
We are fortunate that there is a CIS resource within our
school. Their role as described on their web site is to "surround
students with a community of support empowering them to stay in
school, and achieve in school as well as achieve in life". The
Communities in School program is in elementary, middle and high
If you would like more information about becoming a Micah
volunteer at Redd elementary school, contact Barbara Bancroft at 2041688. Any special interest or talent you possess can be used if you
have an hour a week or an hour a month. The love you receive and the
thrill of seeing a student progress is addictive, come find out!
BACC has received the following thank you note from the Redd Elementary
Community in Schools Coordinator. The purpose of the Community in
Schools program is to prevent school drop out by starting in elementary
school and providing a variety of supports to students.
Thank you for your kind donations to our families at Redd School by way of
food, clothing, Christmas presents and especially your time. We cannot
verbally express enough how much your support means to us and our
“one person can make a difference” You make a difference at Redd School!!!
Talaunda Harris &
Dr. Sherry Whalton-Carey
CIS Site Coordinator & Principal
Ash Wednesday this year is February 18th. Our church will participate
in the Disciples of Christ Chain of Prayer. There will be an online
sign up and also a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board outside the
office. It is a meaningful way for us to begin the season of Lent. The
on line sign-up link is:
Food Drive continues
The food drive continues for 2015. Food collected is picked up
once a month for the Bainbridge Center. All canned and boxed food
items are greatly appreciated.
Food suggestions include peanut butter, canned meats, and
powdered milk. The powered milk in pouches can be divided up
among the clients. Also, small cans are appreciated as many of the
clients are elderly singles or couples. These are only suggestions.
You may drop off your food in the container in the hallway
outside the fellowship hall or in the container outside the church
February 1
Elders: Bud Deihl, Janet Lenhart
Deacons: 8:45 Laura Hollis (P), Tom Snodgrass
11:00 Paul Seemiller (P), Connor Kirk, Rick Bernard, Cathy Law
Worship Leaders: 8:45 Tom Snodgrass 11:00 Joan Mielke
Acolyte: 8:45
11:00 Peyton Nilles
Worship & Wonder Storyteller: Allison Landergan
Worship & Wonder Helper: 8:45 Pete Landergan 11:00
Ushers/Greeters: 8:45 Sandy Logan 11:00 Laura Hollis
February 8
Elders: Frank Clark, Bill Sydnor
Deacons: 8:45 Chris Bates (P), Tom Mayfield
11:00 Whitney Graham (P), Jerrell Todd, Daniel Whitlow, Joan Mielke
Worship Leaders 8:45 Jane McKinley
11:00 Doug White
Acolyte: 8:45 Sloane Hylton 11:00 Sarah Boger
Worship & Wonder Storyteller: Deb Romig
Nursery: 11:00 Cathy Vaden
Worship & Wonder Helper: 8:45 Tammy Rucker 11:00 Arlene Giffel
Ushers/Greeters: 8:45 Sandy Logan 11:00 Cathy Law
February 15
Elders: Steve Kline, Shea Hollifield
Deacons: 8:45 Sandy Collins (P), George Smith
11:00 Laura Hollis (P), Stephen Blanchard, Clairee Cochran, Arlene Giffel
Worship Leaders: 8:45 Bernie McDonald 11:00 Kitten Whitlow
Acolyte: 8:45
11:00 Reese Blanchard
Worship & Wonder Storyteller: Andee Kirk
Worship & Wonder Helper: 8:45 Lena Neal 11:00 Pete Landergan
Ushers/Greeters: 8:45 Steve & Angie Goff 11:00 Jean Turlington
February 22
Elders: Barbara Bancroft, Duke Dale
Deacons: 8:45 Carol McGowan (P), Jeanne Brock
11:00 Ian Thomas (P), Lauren Johnson, Doug White, Polly White
Worship Leaders: 8:45 George Smith
11:00 Cathy Law
Acolyte: 8:45
11:00 Audrey Duke
Nursery: 11:00 Hannah Moon
Worship & Wonder Storyteller: Sandy Collins
Worship & Wonder Helper: 8:45
11:00 Rose McCaferty
Ushers/Greeters: 8:45 Lena Neal & Madison Arthur 11:00
Offering: Bill and Wendy Sydney
(P) denotes communion preparation