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2 February 2015
Holista CollTech Limited (‘Holista’) is pleased to announce that is has acquired the Asian rights
to EMULIN™ - an all natural patented compound derived from parts of plants.
It was discovered by two Florida based scientists Daryl Thompson and Joseph Ahrens.
Thompson is a bio-chemist. Ahrens is a physiologist and formerly served as Director of
Research of the Florida Department of Citrus. Emulin was the result of their initial work in
studying the use of grapefruit as a blood sugar reducing and weight loss tool.
Ahrens and Thompson have since identified three phytochemicals that emulate insulin (hence,
the name EMULIN™) at various key enzymatic control points and increase insulin sensitivity.
These compounds have been left out in our modern day diets as we have processed and
refined our food.
Repeated studies have shown Emulin will work with the body to control blood sugar by
regulating carbohydrate metabolism at 7 different control points.
Trials on humans found that insulin resistance could be overcome and fasting blood glucose
could be reduced by up to 33%, returning blood sugar levels to normal.
The worldwide patent to the compound is owned by ATM Metabolics LLC – company based in
Florida, USA. According to Joseph Ahrens, the Director of Research, EMULIN will work even
better in a low carbohydrate diet. “If this compound had been discovered 50 years ago, it would
have been classified as a vitamin” said Dr. Ahrens.
For personal use only
“This goes beyond just blood sugar management. It is a carbohydrate chaperone that totally
manages the excessive intake of sugar and starch” said Daryl Thompson.
The Emulin story has been featured in the American media and has received airtime on ABC
News, CNBC, FOX and several other channels.
“Holista is very pleased to add this ingredient to our profile” said Dr. Rajen Manicka, the CEO.
“We think this can be a unique addition to the rapidly growing and yet to be defined low
carbohydrate market. This can also add to our ongoing efforts in the work with now do with
baked goods which are essentially refined carbohydrate, mostly wheat”.
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