Technology Transfer at Ghent University

UGent Technology Transfer Office
The Ghent Innovation hub
The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) wants
to intensify and support the collaboration between UGent and the business community. TTO
acts as the central point of contact for industry
and as the back-office for the industrial liaison
A team of specialists with a broad industry ex-
In Ghent, more than 6.500 researchers covering more than 80 nationalities are involved in basic research, working at the Ghent University
Association, the Ghent University Hospital, or at one of the strategic
research institutes VIB (Flemish Institute for Biotechology) or iMinds (Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology).
They together realize an R&D investment of 250 million euros, of which
more than 25% financed by industry, indicating the strong collaboration with companies worldwide.
The city of Ghent houses the largest student population of Belgium
with about 70.000 higher education students including more than
3.000 PhD students.
The Ghent region is also an important economic hub within one hour
drive from the capital of the European Union. It is home to a diversity
of commercial and industrial activities thanks partly to the proximity of
the Port of Ghent. Established businesses like steel mills, paper mills,
car assembly, navigation software, speech technologies and biofuel
processing go hand in hand with clusters of new high-tech companies
in the fields of biotech, material sciences, ICT and numerous other innovative technologies .
Several applied research centers and semi-industrial pilot plants, created as joint-ventures between industry and academia, stimulate innovation in areas such as biofuels, new steel applications, innovative
textiles, data processing and materials.
The co-operation between all these knowledge actors is being stimulated by the networking platform Gent BC. As such, Ghent is one of the
most exciting areas for innovation and high-tech entrepreneurship.
We welcome you to join us.
Technology Transfer Activities
As an entrepreneurial university, the technology
transfer team of UGent pro-actively assists the
research community in identifying suitable strategies for the commercialization of innovative research. Such strategies can be research partnerships, IP licensing, or spin-off creation.
Research partnerships
UGent offers various ways of research collaboration, from simple consultancy assignments
to complex multi-party projects. Together with
their research community, the technology transfer staff will structure the funding mechanisms,
assist with attracting subsidies, address the IP
ownership, and support the patent prosecution
process. UGent strives for long term partnerships
under a framework agreement.
IP Licensing
UGent is investing considerable means in developing an attractive IP-portfolio of knowhow and patents. The IP in this portfolio is available for licensing
to third parties, to research partners, or to spin-offs.
Both exclusive and non-exclusive licensing are
possible. In some cases a transfer of IP can be considered as an alternative to licensing.
Spin-off creation
Ghent University has a long tradition in creating spin-off companies. Each year, between
five and ten spin-offs are founded, based on
knowhow, software, databases or patents of
the university.
Both small service driven spin-offs that start
in a bootstrap mode as well as larger venture
capital funded start-ups that leverage a larger
technology platform are encouraged. For researchers starting a small self-funded spin-off,
the university can temporarily act as a host
to enable a smooth transition from research
to entrepreneurship. For larger spin-offs that
are typically more growth oriented, the university can introduce the startup team to its
associated early stage funds SOFI2 and QBIC,
which exclusively target university spin-offs.
UGent TechTransfer also supports many initiatives to increase entrepreneurship among the
students and the research community of the
Science Parks and Incubation Centers
Science parks are available in Ghent (Ardoyen)
and Ostend (Greenbridge) for research oriented
companies that want office space in the vicinity
of the university association, either to facilitate
collaboration and to get access to the available
talent pool, or to operate close to like-minded
companies. Within the science parks multiple
incubators are available to early stage spin-offs
and start-ups. They provide a full set of office
and business services, and can arrange for access to the university’s research infrastructure
and pilot plants. The Incubation and Innovation
Center (IIC UGent) is the general incubator. Domain specific incubators include: Greenbridge
(Ostend, clean technology), VIB Bio Incubator
(Ghent, biotech), Bio-Accelerator (Ghent, biotech), and iMinds iCUBES (Ghent, ICT).
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Technology Transfer
perience is operating the TTO. Business lawyers, IP advisors and attorneys, licensing and
contract managers, business developers, and
investment managers all work together to offer a one-stop shop office that facilitates collaboration between UGent and the business
at Ghent University
Technology Transfer
UGent Industrial Liaison Network
Ghent University (UGent) has created a number of business development centres that group complementary research
departments by application area or domain of expertise. Each centre is responsible for technology transfer within its area
of competence. About twenty business development centres are active within UGent, constituting the industrial liaison
network. The business development manager within each centre can act as your direct point of contact for setting up
durable industrial partnerships, be it research services, collaborative research, or IP licensing.
Future Internet for a Smart
Ghent Bio-Energy Valley
Cleantech for sustainable
chemical production
Users and Network
Innovative technology
platform for composites
Exploiting protein-protein
interactions for the development of novel therapeutics
Center for advanced, polymer
based microsystems and
Sustainable Energy
Valorisation centre for
technological optimization,
research & innovation in sport
life science
The production of safe and
healthy food
Photonics, Materials,
components, systems,
Immunology, Vaccines,
Targeted Therapeutics,
inflammatory auto-immune
diseases, formulation
Innovative technologies for
durable cementitious and
mineral building materials
Early academic drug discovery of
small molecules
Intelligent information
Chemistry Technologies
Hybrid CT image building
technologies for material and
life sciences applications
Validation of biomarkers in
cancer and aging
Bimetra: Clinical Research
Center Ghent
Technology transfer at Ghent University wants to facilitate the commercial application of promising technologies developed
within the Ghent University Association. Key technology transfer activities include industrial collaboration programs,
IP licensing and spin-off creation. For its liaison with industry, UGent uses a network of specialized business development
centres backed by a central Technology Transfer Office.
Innovations for a sustainable
aquaculture production
at Ghent University
Transfer Office