ThisWeek21 - Florence School District One

Volume 12, Issue 21
This Week is a
publication of the
Office of
Public Information
January 30, 2015
in Florence School District One
Schools Provide
for Community
Schools in Florence One are rolling out the welcome mats for all local citizens of the community during
the next two months. The open invitation is to the Annual Showcase of Schools in February and March.
Each school in Florence One will offer programs, tours, and displays, and everyone in the community is invited to each of the showcases.
“We are excited about the opportunity showcasing will provide,” said Florence One Superintendent Dr.
Randy Bridges. “We look forward to having our parents in schools, and this effort is designed to go even further by extending an invitation to non-parents, senior citizens, and anyone who has not had the privilege of
visiting a school facility in years.”
“The programs which will be showcased are as varied as the number of schools there are,” said Bridges,
“including the Montessori Program, advances in technology, and special performances.” He pointed out as
an example that on Tuesday, February 3, Delmae Elementary has prepared a program to celebrate diversity
in the community, while next month on March 24, South Florence High School will showcase art and musical
For a complete schedule of the Florence One Showcase dates, check your local newspaper, visit the Florence One website at, or call your local school.
North Vista Elementary
Delmae Elementary
Royall Elementary
Williams Middle
Carver Elementary
Lucy T. Davis Elementary
McLaurin Elementary
Briggs Elementary
Dewey Carter Elementary
Wilson High
Greenwood Elementary
Savannah Grove Elementary
6 pm
5:30-7:30 pm
7:15-10 am
6 pm
5:30–7 pm
9 am–1 pm &
6:30–7 pm
6:30 pm
8 am-2 pm
6 pm
6 pm
6-7 pm
5:30 pm
J. W. Moore Middle
Lester Elementary
Alfred E. Rush Academy
6-7 pm
12:30 pm
6-8 pm
McLaurin Montessori
Florence Career Center
Timrod Elementary
Southside Middle
West Florence High
Wallace-Gregg Elementary
Sneed Middle
South Florence High
All day
9:30 am-12 pm
5:30 pm
6 pm
2:15 pm
5:30-6:30 pm
5-7:00 pm
5:30-8:30 pm
Lesley University to Offer On-Site Master’s Degree
Lesley is currently offering an onsite Master’s Degree
program, “Integrated Teaching through the Arts.” The
courses follow the cohort model and meet one weekend per month (Saturday and Sunday) at Carver Elementary School. Assignments are activity-based.
Two Lesley University informational meetings have
been scheduled. The meetings will be held at 4:00
p.m. on Thursday, February 5th and Monday, February
9th in the John T. Sullivan Board Meeting Room of the
School Administration Building, 319 South Dargan
Street. If interested, contact Jayne Boswell:
[email protected]
Preschool Enrollment
Florence One is now taking applications for preschool
enrollment. Parents should complete the applications
at The Office of School Readiness, 1001 West Sumter
Street, during regular school hours. McLaurin and
North Vista Elementary are taking applications for the
Montessori program during school hours beginning
February 3, and the deadline for completing them is
February 28 at 3:00 p.m.
Call the Office of School Readiness for more information at 843-673-1129 or visit the Florence One
Health Screening Reminders (See This Week 20 for
Health screenings on-site:
RN Beck Child Development Center, February 3,
7:15 a.m. until 8:15 a.m., Contact: Debbie DeMarco
Moore Intermediate School, February 5, 7:00
a.m.—9:00 a.m., Contact: Carolyn Moose
Royall Elementary is Friday, March 20th (and not
March 3rd as previously listed)
Mammography unit on site at Carver Elementary,
February 10
Mammography unit on site at Southside Middle
School, February 11.
Greenwood Elementary Teachers Receive
Donors Choose Projects
Michael Gambrell, Janet Leonard, Valerie McElroy,
Dianne Rowell, William Volk, and Patty Ward have
had a combined total of 27 projects in the amount
of $7,433 through Donors Choose funded this
school year. They have received Hokki Stools, Boogie Boards, privacy boards, magnetic words, outdoor balls, and many other resources to assist them
with their learning environment.
Students Build 5K Course at Wilson
Sophomores Will Ervin and Sam McCown are
building a 5K course at Wilson High School for their
International Baccalaureate Middle Years Project
(IBMYP) and Eagle Scout Project. The course will
provide Florence running programs with a trail to
host large scale meets. It will also provide a walking
trail for the surrounding community. The course
consists of over 2.5 miles of wooded trail, which
have been cleared during the first phase of construction thanks to the help of Charlie Shumpert,
owner of local business L.H. Stokes and Sons, Incorporated.
Labor is being provided by boy scouts from the
local community as well as Wilson High and Williams Middle students.
In order to help with the cost of equipment and
materials required for construction of this course,
which is currently estimated at $2,000, Wilson is
hosting a fundraising walk to give interested members of the public a chance to check out the course
and to see the progress that has been made. The
walk will take place on Saturday, January 31st from 9
am to 12 pm near the track area.
Will Ervin (left) and Sam McCown (right) are collecting the funds at Wilson, or funds to support
this project may be mailed to P.O. Box 3, Florence
SC, 29503. Checks may be made payable to Wilson
High School or Boy
Scout Troop 477,
Attention 5K Fundraiser. Contact Sam
McCown at (843)
615-4771 or Will
Ervin at (843) 6011459.