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MARCH 8 2015
Members of Emmaus may sign up as Walkers and then gather friends and
family to support them by making a donation.
Both walkers and donors are needed! You can sign up at each service to be
a walker or find a participating walker, complete their form and make a
donation to help raise funds.
Funds raised are shared 25% to the local Interfaith Kitchen, in Deland,
serving homeless and others in need of hot meals five nights a week, the
remaining 75% goes worldwide to help
feed folks in need.
Last year we had 36 walkers that raised
a total of $3,200. We want to beat this
amount both in number of walkers and
funds raised!
Also, you will find water bottles in the
narthex in which we are collecting
Crop Walk 2014 - Emmaus walkers – ready to start!
dimes. Please take a minute to look at
these water bottles – the top opening is the same size of a 4 year olds arm
that is malnourished and the bottom of the bottle is the size of a 4 year olds
arm that is well nourished. Your dimes will be added to funds raised by our
If you would like more information please contact Larry Hendrickson 386 479-1005
or email [email protected]