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attempt to bring pressure on subject, subject would resist and report the attempt
Source emphasized that the entire situation involving subject was a perfect
example of an individual being mismanaged, and source now believes that subject
should have had unlimited room to research the hydrogen fluoride laser.
New Mexico.
, Part-Time Laboratory Employee, 1012 Alamo, Los Alamos,
Issue Codes 5, 7, 11 and 12.
first met Leo Mascheroni in October 1985, when
began working at
Group X-1, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico, where
Mascheroni was a full-time Staff Member. Source explained that she was a casual
employee, as part of the secretarial pool, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and
that source worked for only approximately three months, until January 1986, at
which time source left Los Alamos National Laboratory to give birth to her first
Source returned to Group X-1 in April 1986, and remained until
approximately June 1987, when she left, again, to have a baby.
Source recalls
seeing subject approximately every other day, on a professional basis, and that
the two have had no social contact.
source knows subject is originally from
Argentina, and source assumes that subject is a naturalized citizen, since
subject had a security clearance. Source knows subject is married and has at
least one child, although source does not know where subject resides and has
never met subject's family. Contact with subject continued until approximately
April 1987, when subject left Group X-1 for a new position at Group N-9,
Source stated she had seen subject on one
Los Alamos National Laboratory.
occasion since that time in a Los Alamos restaurant, at which time she said hello
to subject, but subject did not acknowledge her presence.
Mascheroni not be favorably considered for a position of trust and responsibility
involving the national interest since
does not consider Mascheroni to be
trustworthy, for reasons to be described further.
Source advised that when she first arrived at Group X-1, she was assigned to be
the document control individual for Group X-1. Source elaborated that she was
responsible for documents coming from outside Group X-1 which were classified,
and was responsible for logging in those documents so as to have a complete chain
of custody.
If a document was created within Group x-1 and classified, that
document was supposed to be taken to source, who would then assign it a working
paper number.
At that point, the paper would then be given to a derivative
classifier within the group, then to OS-Division, possibly
, an
originating classifier. At that point, source would then get a receipt for the
document, which would have a laboratory number assigned to it by OS-Division.
Source stated she always had a strained relationship with subject, as subject was
very obnoxious and demanding and was continually rushing the Group X-1 support
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personnel which includes source,
, the group secretary, and
. Source stated subject always wanted things done as though subject was
the only scientist within Group X-1 who needed assistance. On an unknown date,
approximately fall 1986, source recalled subject handing her approximately 120
documents that had been made into vu-graphs.
Source recalls the material was
marked SECRET/RESTRICTED DATA. Subject wanted source to white out the only word
on the documents that made the material classified.
Subject was rude and
insisted that he had cleared the procedure with the group leader,
Source recalls this occurred on several occasions, and source recalled
complaining to
about the rush jobs.
Source did not know whether
had actually approved for subject to have source mark out a word which was
classified on the vu-graphs.
On the other hand, source recalled subject
presenting source a bottle of wine, presumably as a way of making up for his
brusque manner.
In December 1986, source recalled the subject bringing several vu-graphs to the
office which looked graphically poor.
Source recalls that the docwnents were
marked SECRET and that they appeared to have been processed with a dot matrix
printer, which source knew did not exist in the Group X-1 office. Subject took
the documents to
, who is a technician II for Group X-1, who was an
expert in graphics. In January, 1987, source saw another document, authored by
subject, again with printing done by a dot matrix printer.
Source knew that
subject had a laboratory personal computer, with a dot matrix printer, at
subject's home in Los Alamos.
Source, who stated she was extremely concerned
that subject was processing classified material at home, was further disturbed
when source was told by subject to distribute the document to various people
within the Los Alamos National Labor-atory.
Source stated the documents were
marked SECRET/RESTRICTED DATA and source was shocked that subject did not ask
source to bring the document under control.
Source recalled she may have
discussed this with subject, but that subject's attitude was that he did not have
time and that the matter was trivial. Source recalls also bringing that document
another occasion,
came to
and stated that she had found a
package of SECRET/RESTRICTED DATA material in an envelope laying on her desk When
she arrived at work on a Monday morning.
was extremely upset that the
documents were not marked and that they had been done on a dot matrix printer.
This raised further alarm in source's mind, particularly in light of the fact
that i f the documents had been found by a security guard sitting on
would have been issued the security infraction. Source felt this
was unfair of subject to jeopardize
in that manner.
Source believes
that, following source reporting the incident to
, an associate group leader, and subject all had a meeting, and that
subject had stormed out of
later told source that
subject had been told to return his PC to Group X-1.
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Locations of Record Sources
Source knew, through overhearing conversations and/or typing memorandums, that
and subject did not get along. Source knew subject only wanted to pursue
work on subject's ideas and that the former group leader,
, had
maintained a more or less loose grip on subject, whereas
tighter control.
Subject also would go over
head to
Associate Director for Defense Research and Applications, and at one point,
source was embarrassed because the subject revealed to source that
against everything that subject was doing.
Subject also stated, in that same
conversation, that
supported subject and that
was going to
provide subject his very own secretary.
Source believes subject has basic
personality conflicts with
and source. Source further believes subject is
very insincere in his compliments and that subject wanted all support people to
acquiesce to all of subject's demands.
Source is aware that in approximately February 1987, subject was given official
notification that he had been RIF'd from Group X-1. Following that RIF, source
was going through subject's safe in order to perform an inventory and source was
stunned to hear subject state that he was storing classified documents in his
desk. Source asked subject for the documents, and subject stated he had no time.
Approximately two days later, he provided those documents to source.
It was
source's suspicion at the time that subject may not have had the documents in his
desk, but rather at his home, and had told source he had no time in order to
delay handing the documents in, so that they could be retrieved from his home.
Source recalled advising Wilson of that information .
It is also source's recollection that
then went to subject's desk and
"jimmied" the drawer open. Source does not know if
found anything in the
desk or if he did anything at all.
During two weeks in April 1987, the source was vacationing in Hawaii and when she
returned, subject had already physically departed to a new position in Group N-9
at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. When source returned, source was advised
, the group secretary, that subject had apparently been caught
with documents in his desk, had written his combination to his safe on his
bulletin board, and that, when subject had been forced to bring his PC back, the
PC was found to have contained classified information .
Source does not think
was deliberately attempting to pin security
infractions on subject, and source revealed that she did not believe
reacted fast enough to the information
was providing
subject's apparent lack of regard for security procedures.
Source further
revealed that, had Wilson not taken any action in regard to the security
would have gone over
head and reported the
incidents to Operational Safeguards Division herself.
Source stated that she
felt very strongly that the support and secretarial staff we very much aware of
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security policies and procedures and she felt that the scientific staff should be
no less aware and responsible in that regard.
Source further revealed that of approximately two safe drawers full of classified
documents that subject was in possession of, one-third were from the reports
library, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the rest were generated by subject
himself. Source recalls frequent discussions between herself and an unrecalled
individual within Group N-9, because N-9 did not want subject's documents, and
source knew that they could not remain in Group X-1. Source believes the problem
was finally resolved by sending the documents to records storage, and source
assumes they are there now.
source stated she does not believe subject is an honest individual, and further
stated that subject would "lie, cheat or steal" to achieve his ends.
further questioned subject's honesty, stating that she believes subject was
undermining Wilson's authority by attempting to influence the secretarial staff's
thinking in regard to
and by going over
source cited as an example of subject's dishonesty, the fact that he would not
give her the documents that he claimed were in his desk, prompting subject to
suspect that they were not in his desk at all, but were, in fact, at his home or
other location.
Source states subject had a poor reputation among the staff personnel because of
his rude and demanding behavior, and the fact that she never saw subject arrive
at his office before 11:00 A.M. Whenever source required subject's signature or
needed information from subject, source could never find subject in his office,
and source always had to hunt subject down.
Although source does not believe subject is in need of any kind of mental or
emotional counseling or therapy, source believes subject is extremely insecure,
which he manifests by always reacting in a defensive manner when someone
questions him.
Insofar as source is concerned, subject is a very poor candidate for a security
clearance. Source stated subject is untrustworthy and exercises poor judgement,
but, more to the point, source believes subject, for egotistical purposes, chose
to ignore the security rules.
Source has no doubt that subject willingly
processed classified information on his PC at home, and source states she
believes the subject would knowingly divulge classified information if subject
felt it would be useful in gaining support for his projects.
Source is also aware that subject believes he was singled out to be made an
example of in regard to security violations. Source stated categorically that,
as the document control person within Group X-1, source never knew of any other
security infraction of that magnitude, and is certain that she would have known
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about them. Additionally, source does not know of any security violations which
were "glossed over" by Wilson or anyone else within Group X-1.
Source knows subject has traveled to Argentina on vacation on one occasion, date
source does not know if subject still has family in Argentina, and
source does not know the extent of any connections the subject may have with that
Source does not believe that subject is loyal to the United States Government.
Source believes subject is loyal only to subject.
Source does not believe
subject would actively hurt the United States Government or Los Alamos National
Laboratory, but source believes subject is quite capable of hurting either of
those two entities, inadvertently, while pursuing his own projects.
Source would not rehire subject at the present time, because source doubts the
subject could change his attitude toward people, temper his ego, or adjust his
work style in a rapid manner.
However, source stated she always believed in
giving everyone a second chance, and stated that, sometime in the future, if
source were in a position to hire subject, source would give subject a second
, Data Analyst Technician II, University of California,
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Group X-1, TA-35, Building 87, Los Alamos,
New Mexico.
Issue Codes 7 and 11.
first met Leo Mascheroni in approximately October 1986, when
became a data analyst technician at Group X-1, Los Alamos National Laboratory,
Los Alamos, New Mexico, where Mascheroni was a full-time staff member. Source
stated she provided graphics support for numerous scientists within Group X-1.
Source stated contact with subject occurred approximately one time on the job.
Source stated this infrequency of contact occurred because subject worked mostly
at his home.
Source stated this contact with subject continued until
approximately early 1987, when subject fell victim to a reduction in force in
Group X-1, but source has heard subject has found another position at
Group N-9, Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Source has had no contacts with
subject since that time. Source knows nothing of subject's background, with the
exception that he is from some foreign country, based on his heavy accent.
Source knows nothing of subject's educational or employment background and has no
stated she could
knowledge as to subject's marital status or address.
not recommend subject for a position of trust and responsibility involving the
national interest because of subject's apparent disregard for security
procedures, to be described further.
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