Curriculum Vitae - Andrea Mambretti

Andrea Mambrei
Politecnico di Milano
Phone: +39 392/0354113
Via Galileo Galilei 
Costa Masnaga 23845 Italy
Email: mmbr
: hp://www.andreamambre
Twier: @mmbr
GitHub: mmbr@github
Linkedin: mmbr@linkedin
Born: November , —Como, Italy
Nationality: Italian
I’m a former student at Politecnico di Milano where I got both my Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Computer Science Engineering. My main interests are in computer security and
operating systems (eg. linux kernel hacking). I’m currently working on a privilege separation
mechanism for multi-user logic applications based on LLVM/Clang, Linux kernel and Glibc. Since
, I have been working at NECST research laboratory with professors Stefano Zanero, Federico
Maggi and Marco Domenico Santambrogio.
During the first half of  I visited the NEU Systems Security Lab where I worked on my master
thesis advised by professors William Robertson and Engin Kirda.
In the past years I took part in many CTF competitions (such as ruCTF, ICTF, DefCon als) with
both “Tower of hanoi” and “Shellphish” hacking teams.
Areas of specialization
Computer Security
Operating Systems
Distributed Systems
Programming Languages
I mainly write programs in C and Java. I have experienced also Bash, C++ and Assembly ( and
x). For my programming classes I have worked, at a basic level, with functional languages such
as Erlang, Haskell, Scheme (Racket dialect) and Prolog. Furthermore, I know Python, Jsp, Php and
M  S in Computer Science Engineering, Politecnico di Milano
G: /
T: PRIVMUL: PRIVilege separation for Multi-User Logic applications
A: Prof. Federico Maggi
C: Prof. William Robertson, Northeastern University
C: Prof. Stefano Zanero
B in Computer Science Engineering, Politecnico di Milano
D in Computer Science, ITIS Badoni
Mother tongue
TOEFL  - /
Work Experience
Feb 
S N S...
Security Consultant
Summer Schools
SysSec ”Reverse Engingeering” Summer School, Amsterdam
Publications  talks
MIT Meeting, Massachussets Istitute of Technology, ”AndROMeda, Analyzer of Android (custom) ROM in
the wild”
Computer Security Course, Politecnico di Milano, ”Introduction to assembly  exploiting”
Poul Workshop, Politecnico di Milano, ”Reverse engineering applied to Malware Analysis”
NecstSummerWorkShop st edition, Goglio di Baceno, ”Reverse engineering for fun and profit”
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