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The 4th Sunday of Epiphany
God of heaven, you send the gospel
to the ends of the earth and your
messengers to every nation: send
your Holy Spirit to transform us by
the good news of everlasting life in
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen
Please pray for:
+ the preparations for ‘Believe... in
Barrow’, the town-wide Mission; for
+Sentamu and Canon Roger Simpson,
the Mission leaders. Pray too that as
a Team we will grasp this special
outreach opportunity.
St George’s: Ruth 4 & Luke 1 v.68-75
St Aidan’s: Psalm 146
109 Crown Him with many crowns
204 Hail to the Lord’s anointed
148 from heaven you came
373 My hope is built
188 God is our strength
189 God is working His purpose out
579 Restore O Lord
760 When we walk with the Lord
+ those who are unwell & for those
who care for them - especially Mike
Blakeborough, Kerrin Crooks, Mavis
Davies Amanda Maitland, Audrey
Knagg, June Evans, Minnie Grant,
The ‘Believe in Barrow’ Prayer
Jake Fearon, Margaret Pearce, Paul &
Almighty God, who called your
Claire Coulson, Abigail Whitaker,
Church to witness that in Christ
Doreen Royal, , Marjorie Gorry, Edna
you were reconciling the world to
Dobson, Brian Cottam, Linda Phelps,
yourself: help us so to proclaim the
Eddie Creagh Alan Dickox, Gloria
good news of your love through
Richardson,Elizabeth Hogg, Frank
Armer Betty Foster, & Alec Ham. Pray the Believe in Barrow Mission, that
for the lonely, anxious or bereaved all who hear it may be reconciled
especially the family & friends of
to you through him who died for
Joan Martin, Eric Pickson, Vera Hapus and rose again and reigns with
good-Strickland & Barrie Kells.
you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
+ Messy Church, give thanks for the
leaders and helpers and all who
come along. Pray that these times
will be a means of discovering more
of Jesus’ love and our need of Him.
The Parish of St George with St Luke
& St Perran and The Parish of St Aidan
Sunday, 1st February 2015
A very warm welcome to today’s
am Morning Worship at
worship at St Aidan’s & St George’s.
St Aidan’s with Revd Jo Northey
This morning at St George’s we
conclude the ‘HOPE’ sermon series,
*10.30 am Holy Communion at
based on the Book of Ruth. While at St George’s with Canon Gary Cregeen
Preacher: Revd Matt Hornby
will explore God’s Promises!
3 pm MESSY CHURCH @ St George’s
As a church family in South Barrow
Gary is at St James’ this morning
we seek to learn more about God
Next Sunday, 8th February 2015
and encourage one another in
*9.30 am Holy Communion At
Christian faith and life. For more
St Aidan’s with Revd. Matt Hornby
details about Sunday and Mid-week
Preacher: Canon Gary Cregeen
activities please pick up the new
*10.30 am Holy Communion at
Spring 2015 Programme at the back
with Canon Gary Cregeen
of church. Also, the FEBRUARY
edition of TEAM TALK is available
*Refreshments served after these
- pick up a copy today!
services - all welcome to remain
for a chat over coffee!
Items for Sunday 8th February 2015
Newsletter to Judith Cowsill (829710) or
email: [email protected] or Gary
Cregeen by Thursday 5th February.
Thank you
one God, now and for ever. Amen
TODAY! 3 pm until 5 pm
Fun, faith, friendship & food for
all the family... and it’s free!
The February 2015 TEAM TALK is
available at the back of church today—buy a copy for yourself and a
friend or neighbour! 50p a copy!
If you were going on holiday you
would need to ‘get ready’.
As Christians we are charged with
preparing people for the ultimate
journey - eternity! ‘
Barrow’ will provide a unique
opportunity to do just that!
Some Christians seem to be incredibly confident about sharing their
On Saturday 21 February, from
faith, but most of us feel unsure.
10 am until 1 pm at St Francis’
We would love our family and
Church, Canon Roger Simpson,
friends, and even the people we
meet, to somehow get to know a (leader of ’ Barrow’), will
little of what our Christian faith provide an opportunity to help us
make the most of the unique
means to us, and might mean for
opportunity. ‘GETTING READY’ will
them. But how?
include practical help & encourage'Sharing your Story' is not designed
ment on how to share your faith
to give you all the answers or turn and keep your friends; how to invite
you into an embarrassing or annoy- people to events; what resources
ing God-botherer. It is designed for
may be helpful, etc. The day will
ordinary Christians who would like
also help us to consider how our
to be a little braver and a little betcongregations can prepare to
ter about helping others connect welcome new people, and develop
their life with God. Jesus last words ‘seekers’ groups for those who want
to His disciples were "you will be to know more about what it means
witnesses for me". 'Sharing your
to be a Christian.
Story' will help you gently, carefully
You may be reading this and
& more positively witness to people
around you and to bring God into thinking: “This sounds good but it’s
not for someone like me”. Well,
the picture."
‘Getting Ready’ is for anyone who is
'Sharing your Story' will be at
concerned for the future well-being
9.15 am (until 1 pm) on:
of family, friends, neighbours and
colleagues and who believe Jesus
Saturday 7 February (Trinity
can make a real difference in this
Church, Abbey Road)
life and the next. Sign up today!
This Week in South Barrow...
Monday 2nd 10.45 am Funeral of Eric
St Aidan’s Hall
Pickson at the Crematorium (Gary)
Tuesday 17th February
4 pm Gary at Rydal Hall (24 hours)
3 – 5 pm
Whether you want to : Sit and relax with
a pancake and a cup of tea, make and
decorate pancakes or run around and
play games… there will be something fun
for all ages! Everyone welcome!
5 pm St Aidan’s Rainbows
Suggested donation: £1 per person
All proceeds for St Aidan’s ’FIT FOR
PURPOSE FUND’ - to fix the building and
create a community cafe
7.30 pm Gary speaking at Roose
Townswomen’s Guild (Yarlside Sch.)
For more information please contact Jo
10 am Staff Meeting at The Vicarage,
31 Middle Hill (Gary, Jo. & Matt)
6.30 pm Brownies @ St Aidan’s Hall
Tuesday 3rd 9 am Barrow Mission
Community Prayer Mtg. at St John’s
Wednesday 4th 9.15 am Mid-week
Team Communion at St Aidan’s (Jo)
1.30 pm Home Group the Pennington
Room, St George’s Hall (Matt)
4.30 pm Rainbows @ St George’s
This Spring we hope to launch ‘START!’ in
South Barrow! Start! is a basic six-session
introduction to the Christian faith,
beginning in February 2015. We will be
meeting once a month as a small group,
probably on a Sunday afternoon, in a
relaxed and informal atmosphere.
Provision will also be made for younger
children. Listen out or log onto the South
Barrow Team website where more
details will be posted shortly!
6 pm Brownies @ St Georges Hall
6 pm Youth Club at St Aidans (Jo)
8 pm Night Prayer at The Vicarage,
98a Roose Road (Matt).
Thursday 5th 10.40 am St George’s
School Assembly (Matt)
11.45 am ‘ Barrow’ Prayer
meeting at St Pauls (until 12.30 pm)
Saturday 7th 9.15 am ’Sharing Your
Story’ at the Trinity Centre, Abbey Rd
Team Rector: Canon Gary Cregeen
Tel. 877367 Email: [email protected]
Team Vicar: Revd Jo. Northey Tel. 364246 Email: [email protected]
Assistant Curate: Revd Matt. Hornby Tel. 877755 Email: [email protected]