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Toy Box News
News from the Office
The centre will be closed Mon. Feb. 16th-for
Family Day. We hope that everyone has a great
long weekend with their families. We will re-open
on Tuesday for regular business hours.
Parents, when dropping off a cheque for payment for your childcould you please write your child’s name in the memo line. This
way we will make sure to credit the write bill. Thank-you
We are doing some staff changes and are very excited about the
moves. We would like to welcome Miss Megan to Infant 2, Miss
Kayla to Toddler 2, Miss Vanessa to Toddler 3, Miss Arleigh to Toddler 4, Miss Renee to Preschool 4 and Miss Kiki to Preschool 6.
Just a reminder that the children do still try to get outside, so if you
can please bring in their snow gear. Also, make sure that everything is labeled with their name and is placed in your child’s cubby.
This will help things from going missing.
When your child is going to be absent for the day
if you could please call the centre by 10 am, to let
the girls know. Also, if someone different is picking up your little one, please let the staff in the
room know. Thanks
We are asking parents to please be aware of others in the parking lot, with the snow and lots of
little ones walking. Thank you for your consideration.
Love: Miss Anna
Infant One
Love is in the air in Infant One! We have
lots of fun Valentine’s Day crafts and activities
planned for this month. Please check if your child
has a change of clothes in case our crafts and sensory activities get them messy.
Feb. 3rd-Red and/or Pink Day
Feb. 11th-Valentine Making
Feb. 13th– Valentine Cookie Decorating
Feb. 16th-Family Day...centre CLOSED
Feb. 18th-Sports Day (wear your favourite
Feb. 27th-PJ Day
We would like to congratulate Donovan on graduating
to Toddler One. We are going to miss you, but we
know you are going to do great. We would also like to
welcome Dawson and his family to The Toybox. We
can’t wait to get to know you and your family !
Just a reminder that we will be closed on Monday Feb.
16th for Family Day. We hope you and your families
enjoy this special day together!
Love: Miss Tia, Miss Natalie and Miss Ashley
Infant Two
I love you, you love me! We're best friends, like friends
can be!" We love you in Infant 2. Love is in the air as
we celebrate Valentine's Day this month. We have
many special days planned, so please remember to
keep an eye on our calendar.
We would like to give a big warm welcome to Ashton,
Abigail, Parker, Katelyn and Judy. They are our newest members of our class! You've made a great addition.
Good luck to our friends that are moving up to the Toddler 3 room. We
know that you will do great and make a few new friends. Don't forget to
stop in and say hi as you walk by.
Miss Sherry's last day is coming up, before she starts her maternity leave, on
February 6th. She will really miss everyone and plans to stop in for many visits
with her little man! We're all very excited to welcome Miss Megan to our
class. She's happy to join in the fun and
start making memories with everyone!
To celebrate Valentine's Day we'll be having a special party! You are welcome to bring in a special treat and Valentine's if you like. There are 15
friends in our classroom!
Special Days:
6th-Miss Sherry's last day
13th- Valentine's Day Party
18th- Red and Pink Day
24th- Sugar Cookie Day
Love: Miss Sherry, Miss Jessica, Miss Tara, Miss Dana and Miss Megan
Toddler One
Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and Toddler
One's are too! February is here the month to share and
show you care. This month we will be sharing all the love
we have for all our family and friends.
First and far most we would like to give a warm welcome to all the new
friends that are joining us this month. We can't wait to get to know you and
your families better. Also, watch each and everyone of you grow and learn.
We will be very sad to say good-bye to our Toddlers that will be moving up.
You all have grown so fast. Don't forget to come back to visit anytime, we
are going to miss you!
We are excited for our SPECIAL days:
Feb. 4th- Making Cookies
Feb. 13th- Valentine's Day Party-pot luck
Feb. 18th- Wear Red and Pink
Feb. 27th- PJ Day
Parents if you would like to bring in treats for our pot
luck, please remember that we are a Peanut/Nut Free facility.
Please, remember to bring in Winter gear. We do still
go outside twice a day, weather permitting.
The cubbies are beginning to look very full, so please take the time to go
through your child's cubby for any items that need to be brought home.
Love: Miss Jen and Miss Tricia
Toddler Two
It may be cold and snowy, but love is in the air this month and is heating
things up, especially with Valentines Day quickly approaching!
This month, we will be focusing on learning and identifying SHAPES in
our classroom. Circle time lessons, activities and stories will be geared toward learning all about shapes and their differences.
Birthdays we will be celebrating this month:
Lilly – Sunday, February 15th
Jayda – Monday, February 16th
Upcoming special days:
Tuesday, Feb. 3rd: Snow Day (inside): To let the toddlers get hands-on experience with
snow, we will be scooping some up and putting it in our sensory bin. Our goal: to build
mini snowmen, equipped with carrot nose and all! In the chance there’s no snow outside,
we will make our own using simple craft materials.
Thursday, Feb. 12th: Cupid for the Day: The toddlers will be making yummy treats in lieu
of Valentine’s Day. Our main focus won’t be on the day itself, but instead get the toddlers
in the habit of sharing – the treats will be distributed to other
rooms throughout the centre to spread the love J
Tuesday, Feb. 17th: Everything’s Fun and Games: To celebrate
upcoming birthdays in our room, we will set up various party
games for the toddlers to play (ex. pin the tail on the donkey
and bean bag toss – simplified of course!). We will also serve
yummy treats!
Thursday, Feb. 26th: Mini Lesson Session: Lately, we have been
introducing the toddlers to different kinds of animals, other
than the typical farmyard ones. We have extended our focus
to sea creatures and zoo animals. We will watch short, real life and kid-friendly clips on
animals/creatures that relate directly to what we’ve read about. Ex. While reading ‘Way
Down Deep In The Deep Blue Sea,’ the toddlers learn about sea turtles, hermit crabs,
swordfish etc. We thought it would be fun to show them the real version of these! Our sensory bin will as act as an underwater adventure, filled with toy seaweed, coral and various
sea creatures the toddlers can scoop up!
Can’t wait to have fun with your little sweets!
Love Carlen and Miss Kayla
Toddler 3
Red hearts, white hearts, pink heart too!
We like purple hearts, how about you? Green hearts, yellow
hearts, blue hearts too! Toddler three says “Happy Valentine’s to YOU!”
We would like to say a sad farewell to Miss Nina as she is
making her BIG move to the USE. We wish her the best of
luck. You are going to be missed.
We happily welcome Miss Vanessa and your new friends moving
over from Infant 2. We look forward to spending our days
here with you!
Special Days:
Feb. 6th-Favourite Team Shirt Day
Feb. 13th-Valentine’s Party
Feb. 18th– Sundae Day
Feb. 24th-Glowstick Dance Party
Just a reminder to parts that you are more than welcome to
bring in a treat for Valentine’s Day, but please remember
it needs to be peanut/nut free!
Love: Miss Stirling and Miss Vanessa
Toddler Four
Roses are red, Violets are blue, Happy Valentine’s from Toddler
Please remember that we do go OUTSIDE when possible. So
your child will need the following; snow pants, hats, gloves/
mittens, jacket and boots.
Toddler 4 would like to welcome Miss Michelle back from maternity leave. Also, a big welcome goes out to Aubery, Amyah
and Whitney. We are so excited to have you in our room. We
look forward to getting to know you and your families better.
Happy Birthday goes out to Miss Michelle on the 8th,
Emma H. on the 25th and Tuan on the 2nd.
Special Days:
Feb. 3rd-Favourite Shirt Day
Feb. 13th-Red, White and Pink Day *Party plans to
Feb. 18th-Crazy Hair Day
Feb. 27th-Movie/Comfy Day
Special Reminders:
*Please check your child’s cubby for anything that needs to go
home. They do share with other friends and space is limited.
*Call before 10am if your child isn’t coming so we may plan for
the day.
Love: Miss Racheal, Miss Michelle and Miss Arleigh
Preschool One
Here comes February floating on
in...the preschool one class has been
working on our letter and sound recognition, potty training and decorating the
classroom with beautiful artwork.
Have you seen the snow lately?! It’s looking like the
perfect weather to go outside and build a snowman….don’t forget to pack and label all of or outside attire so we can stay nice and warm.
Don’t forget to check out our SPECIAL DAYS:
Feb. 6th-Crazy Sock Day
Feb. 13th-Where Valentine’s Colours
Feb. 20th– Movie and PJ Day
Feb. 25th-Bring in your favourite Snack Day (reminder it
needs to be peanut/nut free!)
Reminder– We are closed Monday Feb. 16, 2015 for
Family Day. We hope you enjoy your long week-end.
Love: Miss Krista and Miss Susan
Preschool 2
Welcome February and all the fun activities that it has in store! This
month we will be focusing on love, friendships and our families. The
children are very excited to share their family photos with all their
friends. Thorough group discussion and circle time the children will
be encouraged to talk about families and their favourite family activities.
By singing fun songs and playing interactive games,
the children will be learning all about emotions
and feelings. The children will be encouraged to
identify feelings of others and themselves. Identifying how others feel is an important milestone for this age and is
very beneficial to their friendships and group play.
Book of the month: “How do I love you.” by Marian Dane Bauer
Special Days:
Feb. 6th-Movie Day
Feb. 9th-Baking and Decorating Cupcakes
Feb. 13th-Valentine’s Day Party
Feb. 18th-Dancing Hearts Science Experiment
Feb. 27th-Teddy Bear Day (Bring your favourite teddy)
Holidays: Feb. 16th– Family Day (Centre Closed)
We wish everyone a lovely February and a very Happy Family Day!
Love: Miss Stephanie and Miss Lyndsay
Preschool 3
We cannot believe February is already here! Let’s
hope it brings us some sun!
In our classroom we’ve been working on recognizing
letters and the sounds they make. We’ve been singing a song that
goes a little like this:
A says “ah”
A says “ah”
Every letter makes a sound A says “ah”.
Our little friends catch on quickly!
We’ve also been encouraging our friends to play cooperatively together-this might include sharing, inviting others to play or working together.
Special Days:
Feb. 4th-Use apples as stamps for craft
Feb. 13th-Valentine’s Day Party! We will hand
out class lists for those who wish to bring in cards
and treats for their friends.
Feb. 10th– Picnic on the parachute!
Feb. 16th-CLOSED for Family Day
Feb. 26th-PJ and Movie Day
Parent Reminders: Weather permitting, we go outside twice a day.
That being said please, bring proper gear for your child to enjoy the
Love: Miss Tawnya and Miss Melissa
Preschool 4
February is fast approaching and
P4 has some fun things planned.
This month we will continue working on independence. We will be
working on dressing and cleaning up after ourselves. We will also
be working on the alphabet, learning and understanding word
Please bring all outdoor belongings. The weather is great and we
will be going out everyday.
Please keep all personal belongings in the cubbies or at home. We
wouldn't want to misplace anything.
Valentine’s Day is approaching and if you would like to send in
treats you’re more than welcome too! Please nut/peanut free.
Also, the centre is CLOSED, February 16th for the Family Day
Holiday….hope you have a great long week-end.
Special Days:
Feb. 4th– Backwards Day and Making
Cookie Day
Feb. 13th-Valentine’s Party, wear your
red and pink
Feb. 20th-Movie and PJ Day
Feb 24th-Sundae Day
Happy Birthday shout out to; Alex V on
Feb 4th, Cassidy on Feb. 8th, Finleigh on
Feb. 10th, Sofia on Feb. 12th and Roman
on Feb. 22nd. We hope you all have a
wonderful day!
Love: Miss Shelly and Miss Renee
Preschool 5
LOVE is in the air!
L-is for all of the LOVE we have for our friends.
O-is for OUR ONLY friend celebrating a Birthday this month. Happy 3rd Birthday Adam E. on Feb. 29th.
V-is for some VERY special days to come this month.
E-is for EACH and EVERY friend who will be moving up to a
new class. Best of luck, and we love you all!
Special Days:
Feb. 6th-Bring in a FAMILY photo....please bring in a
copy that you don't mind us using for a special craft!
Feb. 13th-Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating
Feb. 18th-Spa Day-Nail painting, Tattoos, and Hair Styles
Feb. 24th-Hat Day, wear your favourite hat
REMINDER, that the centre will be CLOSED on Monday February 16th for Family Day. We hope everyone enjoys their long
week-end! See you back Tuesday for regular hours.
Love: Miss Taylor and Miss Lucie
Preschool 6
We are already into the second month of the
year….2015! New month brings a new room. Welcome P6, I cant wait to get to know you and your
Hello, my name is Miss Kiki and I will be the new P6
teacher. I can’t express how excited I am to work
and prepare our little ones for the BIG transition into BIG school.
This month we will be focusing on letter recognition. If you could work
at this at home as well with your little ones. We will be singing the alphabet song and pointing out the letters in our names.
*Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather-we do try to
get outside twice a day. So these colder days make sure you are bringing; snow pants, boots, hat and mittens.
*Please, bring in a family photo for our family tree wall of fame.
*If you haven’t yet done so could you please bring in a toothbrush and
toothpaste for your child. Label it with their name. Thank you.
Special Days for the month:
Feb 5th-Movie and Popcorn Day
Feb. 12th-Valentines Day Exchange...as I will be away on Friday the
13th. Just a reminder we have 10 friends and if bringing in treats they
are to be nut/peanut fee.
Feb. 19th-Comfy Cozy-PJ Day
Feb. 26th-Show and Tell...bring in your
coolest thing to class and show it off to all
your friends.
HOLIDAY-The centre will be CLOSED Monday
Feb. 16th for the Family Day. Enjoy the
long week-end with your family.
Love: Miss Kiki