Measure (°C) safely and accurately and monitor food with the Sitex

Measure (°C) safely and accurately
and monitor food with the
Sitex Foodsafe App
“An indispensable app for anyone preserving, preparing,
processing or selling food.”
Have you experienced these problems before?
Then the Sitex Foodsafe App is exactly what you’re looking for!
• Too much paper work when measuring
temperatures while preparing food and meals.
• Keeping a record of all the relevant details is
• Employees who measure food temperature
incorrectly, inaccurately or not at all.
• You don’t know whether the temperatures
measured meet the HACCP standards.
• Measurements aren’t registered properly.
• Monitoring product shelf life is tedious,
especially in a restaurant or home shop.
• No real idea as to whether the food is served
within the time set.
• The Food and Consumer Product Safety
Authority criticises your measuring method for
food safety purposes.
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Sitex Foodsafe
How will yoy benefit from the Sitex Foodsafe App?
You’ll save time because all you need to do is
measure. The Sitex Foodsafe App automatically registers and monitors everything
for you!
The user personally sets up the App, decides
what products are to be measured and how
this is to be done.
Facility to set an alarm containing the top
and bottom limits per product. Measurements
are taken according to HACCP standards.
Employees are responsible for tasks
performed. Employees can be identified
by their personal login codes.
No need to rummage through confusing paper
work. Your data are automatically saved in an
online database.
Filing problems are a thing of the past. You
can retrieve any data in the database at any
point in time - detailed or summarised. Daily
reports on all measurements and alerts for
any scheduled actions.
Facility to add images to products.
You receive an alert if food is not served
within the time set.
User-friendly interface without needing to
waste the user’s time to process and analyse
data. This saves you time and money.
Monitoring and alerts for products with
specific reference to shelf life according to the
Best Before Date entered.
Start working with Foodsafe today!
The App provides you with an efficient, practical and user-friendly manner to
responsibly manage your HACCP policy.
Do you find the benefits of the Sitex Foodsafe App worthwhile and would you personally like
to experience what the App can mean to your business restaurant or kitchen? Or would you
like more information?
Then surf to and have a look around or contact one of our employees
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