Software Update Instructions

Software Update Instructions
3 Connect the USB storage device to the (USB) connect
To get the best features and support, update
your product with the latest software.
4 Switch this product to the HDMI ARC source, and swit
ch your TV to the HDMI source
What you need
• Connect Soundbar to your TV through HDMI (recomme
nded non HDMI ARC input)
5 On the remote control, within 6 seconds press MUTE t
• This software update can be completed without connect
ing TV through HDMI but you have to follow the local disp
lay on the soundbar carefully.
»» If an upgrade media is detected, on the TV screen you
are prompted to start the update.
or on this product.
wice, and VOLUME+ once, then hold down SURROUND
On Soundbar local display, message “UPGRADE” will be
Check software version
In HDMI ARC source mode, press TREBLE -,
BASS - and VOLUME - on the remote control.
Check on TV screen for version info
Check on Sound bar local display for version info (will sh
ow in following sequence)
1) Main Version
2) RISC version
3) TX version
4) RX version
5) Touch Panel version
6) Repeater version (if applicable)
»» If an upgrade media is not detected, an error message
is displayed on the TV screen. Make sure that the latest
software of this product is put in the USB storage device.
6 Press MUTE to start the update.
On Soundbar local display, message “UPGRADE” will be
7 Wait until the update is completed.
On Soundbar local display, it will show “DONE” -> “RES
TART” when update is completed
»» If the update is complete, the Soundbar will automatic
ally turn off and on again.
Update software via USB
8 The update will be completed within 10 minutes
1 Check the latest software version on
If you cannot complete the update at step 7, please powe
r off the device and unplug the USB storage device. Then
start from steps 3 -7 again.
• Search for your model and click on "Software and driver
2 Download the software into a USB storage device.
9 Check the SW version to ensure the SW upgrade is do
ne successfully
a. Unzip the downloaded file, and make sure that the unzi
pped file is named the following:
HTL5140 - "HTL5140.BIN".
HTL5145 - "HTL5145.BIN".
HTL6140 - "HTL6140.BIN".
HTL6145 - "HTL6145.BIN".
b Put the related software file in the
root directory of the USB storage device.
It is recommended that you perform a factory reset after s
oftware upgrade.