8 October 2014 - Finchampstead Parish Council

at 8pm on Wednesday 8th October 2014
California Ratepayers Hall, Finchampstead, Berkshire
Cllr Mrs Newcombe - Chairman
Cllrs Bromley, Chapman, Driver, Jennings-Frisby, Marshallsay, Veitch
Mrs A Kent – Assistant to the Clerk
Cllrs Cundy and Pearce.
The minutes of the meeting held on September 10 th 2014 were signed as a true and correct
472/2012 - CORRESPONDENCE AND OTHER MATTERS – SDL Arborfield Planning Application
AGLC Steering Group Cllr Bromley attended the meeting on Sept 16th. The Marino
application has been submitted to WBC and should be available to view online in a
few days. AK will request a hard copy of the application for the PC. The next meeting
is on Oct 14th, Cllr Veitch is attending.
Secondary School WBC are progressing the Academy option, the opening date for
the School is by Sept 2016. Site chosen has now been made public.
Community Forum. The next Community Forum is on October 23rd, at Henry St
Garden Centre, several Cllrs are going.
AGLC’s Transport meeting is on Thurs 9th Oct, members of FAST are attending.
339/2014 - CORRESPONDENCE AND OTHER MATTERS - Shaping our new communities
The FAST Group met on 30 Sept and a response was submitted to WBC, a copy of the
response is in the mail.
339/2014 - CORRESPONDENCE AND OTHER MATTERS – 53 Barkham Ride - planting
The approved plans for this site (F/2013/1934) stated an approved landscaping scheme
would be implemented, the planting should have started by now. The matter is now an
Enforcement issue, ref/2014/00364
173/2014 - CORRESPONDENCE AND OTHER MATTERS – new structures built at California
Country Park
The matter has been registered with WBC reference F/2014/00181. M Lee visited the site, a
check was carried out into the planning history and the newly erected chalet building is
allowed. The camping pod requires planning approval, the building of a second pod is
scheduled. No further update
367/ 2014 GYPSY AND TRAVELLER LOCAL PLAN (GTLP) draft options consultation
Completed by the Committee and sent to WBC on 19th Sept.
368/2014 - CORRESPONDENCE AND OTHER MATTERS - Land to the rear of Wildacre,
Hollybush Ride, F/2014/1965, AK informed WBC’s Tree and Landscape Department of the
application as many trees on the site are covered by TPOs. Ms Ramsey WBC, wrote the TPOs
are still in effect. She has been allocated this planning application, and will be reporting on
it. Cllr Marshallsay has also spoken to D Wetherill, WBC’s Planning Officer.
368/2014 - CORRESPONDENCE AND OTHER MATTERS – new Gypsy /traveller licences
Mr J Lee informed the PC he will be submitting an application for additional mobile homes at
Hogwood Meadows and Little Moor. He met with M Head who suggested he ran his plans
by FPC . There are 14 licenses available for new pitches and he would like to get them for his
existing pitches. M Head clarified, the GTAA ( Gypsy & Traveller accommodation
assessment) when published, will state if this area requires more pitches, at this stage WBC
do not have evidence that more pitches are needed.
5 new issues and 1 closure.
 50 Nine Mile Ride, 4-5 mobile homes being moved onto site. The trial was scheduled
for August 6th 2014. WBC registered the matter as an Enforcement issue, reference
RFS/2014/00302. The trial date is December 11th. A Planning Contravention notice was
served w/c 22nd Sept, the resident is required to complete a questionnaire on the
mobile homes, he has a week to respond or a fine of £1K can be imposed.
 23a Nine Mile Ride An enforcement notice has been served, the resident has until 23 rd
Oct 14, to comply and remove the washrooms and services.
 Fairlands, Church Rd, Farley Hill is appealing against an enforcement notice on this site.
The alleged planning control breach is without planning permission the material change
of use of land for agriculture to a mixed use, stationing of mobile homes for residence.
The Inquiry was held on May 15th, Cllr Marshallsay attended.
 Site at Tintagel Farm, Sandhurst Rd
An Enforcement Appeal has been lodged on the Enforcement Notices relating to
material change of use of the land from a lawful mixed use of woodland and the
stationing of one mobile home for human habitation to an unlawful mixed use
consisting of the aforementioned uses and in addition residential, business and storage
uses and the stationing of two further mobile homes for human habitation. A Public
Inquiry is scheduled for 6 days starting 15th October 2014. Cllr Marshallsay will attend
the Appeal on 17th Oct, and Cllr Driver on Fri 24th Oct. FPC’s will object on the grounds
of TBH and development in the countryside.
 Hogwood Meadows The site has been tarmacked for more parking and a drop kerb
made to the entrance. May 20th static mobile home is now parked there. The site is
located diagonally opposite the Reading Football ground. The property when you are
facing it is to the left of Misting Meadows. The track built by owner without planning
permission at Misting Meadows is being removed and stored temporarily near the rear
of the house. He has been instructed to removal excess hardcore from the site, and will
lay topsoil and seed to enable the land to recover.
Silverstock Manor, Sandhurst Rd – APP/X)360/C/14/2215811
An enforcement appeal has been received, for the alleged breach without planning
permission the erection of entrance walls, piers and gates more than 1 metre in height
adjacent to a highway. A letter with our comments was sent to Inspectorate on
25th June 14. Still awaiting Appeal decision.
Twin Oaks – Longwater Lane
Very large shed being constructed. As no application has been submitted, a warning
letter was sent w/c 30th Sept, the resident has 28 days to action.
The new application for Prior Approval will be listed on our main database.
Plans are downloaded for each meeting along with letters pertaining to the application.
396/2014 – DECISIONS - Decisions were reported as at Appendix B.
397/2014 - APPEALS – NEW
Unit 11, Marino Way, F/2014/1563 –Proposed change of use from (B8) use to a personal
training studio (D2) use. Comments to the Inspectorate by 30 th October. FPC had no
objections to the application. No further action required.
Pineridge Park Homes, Nine Mile Ride – Proposed use of land for the stationing of 22 mobile
homes for residential purposes with the formation of additional hardstanding (retrospective)
A Public Inquiry will be held at Shute End commencing 10am on Tues 28 th Oct to Fri 31st Oct,
Tues 4th Nov to Fri 7th Nov and Wed 10th Dec to Fri 12th December. 8 days in total. Cllr
Newcombe may attend.
Tintagel Farm, Sandhurst Rd- ENF/2014/0610 – see Enforcement issues
TPO 886/1997 18 Manor Park Drive Finchampstead, and 16 Manor Park Drive.
WBC consents to the following work being carried out :
18 Manor Park Drive pruning on 4 Oaks, and felling Oak (T5) on plan.
16 Manor Park Drive, Oak (T1) - Fell and replace.
TPO 325/1987 10 Little Fryth, Crowthorne
WBC refuses consent to the following work being carried out
Silver Birch (T1)
- reduce height by up to 2 metres
Reduce any extending lateral branches by 2 metres
Silver Birch (T2)
- reduce height by up to 2 metres
Reduce any extending lateral branches by 2 metres
Silver Birch (T3)
-Reduce overall crown by up to 2 metres
Remove secondary growth to crown break
5 metre crown lift
Reasons for refusal: The right to light premise refers to buildings; to date there is no
legislation that relates this to trees.
WBC consent to following work being carried out:
Silver Birch (T1)
- selectively prune to crown clean, through the removal of rubbing
and declining branches, ensuring a natural form is maintained.
Silver Birch (T2)
- selectively prune to crown clean, through the removal of rubbing
and declining branches, ensuring a natural form is maintained.
Silver Birch (T3)
- selectively prune to crown clean, through the removal of rubbing
and declining branches, ensuring a natural form is maintained.
Demolish Oak Lodge, Dell Rd and build new dwelling. Whilst property is being built there will
be a mobile home on site. The address of the mobile home is: Caravan, Oak Lodge, Dell Rd
Finchampstead RG40 3TB.
 WBC planning lists. – noted.
 Email from M Head, no evidence as yet that additional pitches are needed.
 Report of a rundown Council house on Roycroft Ave, which has been left empty for 3
months by owners. Check position with WBC. SB will supply number of house. AP has
provided name of housing officer.
 Email from C Ramsey about F/2014/1965 Hollybush Ride, Wild Acre
 Completed Shaping our new Communities questionnaire.
401/2014 Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will be on Wednesday 5th November at 8pm in the California Ratepayers
The meeting closed at 9.30pm