Wet Canteen and Grocery Shop of Trg Centre

LETTER NO - 50098/WCT/2014-A1/TC/NSG
Dated :
07 Nov 2014
Sealed tenders are hereby invited on behalf of the President of India for Training Centre,
NSG, Manesar, Gurgaon(Haryana)-122051 from dealers of non CSD items and those who are
engaged in running of Grocery store/Canteen at any Orgnisation with an experience at least one
Rates so quoted by the Tenders for the following :(a)
Wet Canteen, Training Centre for Trainees/Staff Living Area.
Wet Canteen, Training Centre for PCIC Trainees Living Area.
Tender must be submitted under strong cover securely fastened, sealed with distinctive
and conspicuously marked as “Tender for Wet Canteen contract, Training Centre, National
Security Guard, Manesar (Haryana)”. When a tender is sent by post, the inner cover containing
the tender must be enclosed by a second cover. The outer cover will not bear any indication of the
contract. Tender shall be addressed to the Inspector General, Training Centre, National Security
Guard, Manesar, 122051 and not to any Officer by name. The tenders will be received up to 1000
hours on 27 Nov 2014 and will be opened on the same day at Coord Branch, Training Centre NSG
in presence of tenderers. “Tenders are eligible to quote for both Wet Canteens as mentioned
vide Para 2(a) & (b) above. However, if same firm stands to be highest bidder in both, the
firm will be allowed to choose to operate one of the two canteens by the Presiding Officer
and subsequently the firm’s second bid will be considered invalid. In that case the second
highest bidder for the available Wet Canteen will be considered as the highest bidder.”
Cost of tender form non refundable will be Rs. 100/- (Rupees one hundred only), which will
be paid either DD/Cash in favour of Training Centre Welfare Fund, Manesar, Haryana payable
at AXIS BANK LTD, SECTOR-14, GURGAON (HARYANA) at the time of collection of tender
form or in case downloaded from the website, amount be submitted along with tender form.
The rebate offered by the tenderers will be indicated both in figure and words.
Rebate less than Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees five thousand) per month will not be accepted.
Items to be sold in Wet Canteen. The rate of sale of items in Wet Canteen will be fixed
from time to time by a board of officers detailed by this unit.
Rent for accommodation will be paid by the contractor per month as fixed by the board of
The contractor shall bear cost of water and electricity charges in respect of the
accommodation provided by this unit for every month as per meter reading latest by 10th of the
succeeding month.
The shop allotted to contractor will remain in force from the date of execution of the
contract for one year and thereafter it will be reviewed by the appointing authority for fresh terms
and conditions.
The approved tenderer/appointed contractor shall not be allowed to run his business
through power of attorney.
All the tenderers must submit the tender alongwith the documents mentioned in sub
paragraph (a) to (d) below without which tender may be rejected/accepted at the discretion of the
Photo copy of PAN card duly attested by a Gazetted Officer.
Financial stability certificate from the Deputy Commissioner or from any
nationalized Bank mentioning the approximate value upto which the tenderer is capable of
under taking works.
Power of attorney in favour of signatory or signatories of the tender is signed by a
person or persons other than the actual tenderer or on behalf of firm/company and
his/her/their signature(s) attested by Class-I Magistrate.
An attested copy of passport size photograph of the signatories of the tender shall
have to be furnished along with the tender.
Note: In the event of submission of photocopy for any of the documents, the same should be
countersigned by a class-I Gazetted Officer.
Submission of more than one tender quoting different rates by one and the same tenderer
or firm against a particular tender call will disqualify a tenderer for appointment as contractor and
all the tenders of such shall automatically be rejected.
Any alteration made in the tender before submission must be signed/initialed by the
tenderer which in turn will be countersigned by the presiding Officer after opening of tenders. No
alteration and modification of rates will be allowed once the tender is submitted.
All tenderers must affix their signature with full postal address alongwith PIN code. No and
date on the tender papers, if the tenderer is a firm or company such tenderers must submit
alongwith their tender a photocopy of the registration certificate of the firm or company duly
attested by class I Gazetted Officer.
All tenderers must furnish earnest money amounting to Rs. 35,000/- (Rupees thirty five
thousand) only duly pledged in favour of the Inspector General, Training Centre , National Security
Guard, Manesarin any of the following forms:-
RTGS/NEFT with receipt of transaction authorised by bank
Deposit receipt from a recognized bank
On finalization of contract the successful tenderer will be issued a formal letter of
acceptance on production of security money amounting to Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty thousand
only) pledged in favour of Inspector General, Training Centre , National Security Guard, Manesar.
Tenders shall only quote the rebate offered in the tender forms.
The earnest money of the successful tenderer will be refunded as soon as the Security
money is furnished unless the tenderer applied for conversion the same as part of the security
deposit. The earnest money of the unsuccessful tenderers will be refunded on finalization of
Unless otherwise forfeited under the terms of the contract the security deposit or part of it
as the case may be will be refunded to the contractor on termination of the contract.
If a contractor willfully neglects or fails to perform or observe any condition of the
agreement or attempt to cheat or indulge in any unfair practice with the motive of making undue
gains, the contractor shall be liable to any of the following actions as decided by the Inspector
General, Training Centre, National Security Guard, Manesar.
Forfeiture of security deposit in whole or in part.
Cancellation of agreement.
Debarment from entering into any such contract with National Security Guard for
period of 3 (Three) years.
Successful tenderers will be required to enter into a period of agreement prior to
occupation of shop.
Inspector General, Training Centre , National Security Guard reserves the right to
accept/reject any tender without assigning any reason thereof and the rights to terminate the
contract without issuing any reason with 30 days notice.
All disputes prior to the signing of contract, the Gurgaon Session’s Court shall have
necessary jurisdiction. After the signing of the contract, disputes if any shall be resolved in
accordance with the terms and conditions, agreed upon by both the parties.
Any further information required may be obtained by the tenderer from the office of the
undersigned during office hours on any working days.
(VN Kulkarni)
Group Commander (Coord)
For Inspector General