20 June - Western Heights High School

TE PANUI is emailed to caregivers who have registered to receive it. If you have yet to register
please visit our website (www.whhs.school.nz) and scroll down to the registration panel. Alternatively
it can be viewed on our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/whhsrotorua or this text-only
version is available on our website
We would like to acknowledge the caregivers (and students) who attended the senior report meeting
held on Tuesday 17 June. We decided to try a different approach this term and issued a briefer, marksbased report summary, then provided an opportunity for more in-depth discussion between teachers
and parents by holding the report evening from early afternoon until evening. We conducted an exit
survey at this event and found that parents overwhelmingly supported the new format for the report
evening. This has given us confidence to offer the same opportunity (with some adjustments based on
parent recommendations) for our junior school. Year 9 and 10 students will bring their reports home
on the last day of this term and the report evening will be held from 1-6 pm on Thursday 31 July. From
21 July (the first day of term 3) parents will be able to book interviews online or by returning a form to
Congratulations to our Stage Challenge team – the 2014 Rotorua Open Competition winners – and to
the students who represented us with pride in the Manu Korero Speech Competition, especially Te
Rangimonoa Rangihau who won the Pei Te Hurinui (Senior Māori) section. Reports are contained in
this newsletter. A second newsletter will be emailed next week with sports news and notices.
June 21
July 1
Key Dates – Term 2
United Nations Excursion (9am – 5pm) Tauranga
Equestrian (7am – 5.30pm) Cambridge
Electoral Roll Talk and Blood Donor Information Years 12 & 13 (Period 4) Hall
BOPSS Squash (8am – 4pm) Tauranga
Mana Wahine Dance (10.15am – 1pm) Rotorua Convention Centre
Piri Tahi Lunchtime Programme (1.20pm – 2pm)
Spanish Immersion Camp (to Sunday 29th) Tui Ridge
WINTEC Open Day (7.30 – 3pm) Hamilton
Ka Hao Te Rangatahi (9am – 3.20pm) Rotorua
ORSP – Grp 1 (8.30 – 3.30pm) Castle Rock
Year 13 Art Trip (11.20am – 12.20pm) Rotorua Museum
Earth & Space Science (8am – 3pm) Lake Okareka
Year 13 Art Trip (9.55am – 11.20am) Rotorua Museum
ORSP – Grp 2 (8.30am – 3pm) Castle Rock
Piri Tahi Lunchtime Programme (1.20pm – 2pm)
Junior Reports Issued
Year 13 Art (9.55am – 11.20am) Rotorua Museum
10 French (10.55am – 2.20pm) Café de Paris – Rotorua
REMINDER – NCEA Fees due for payment (invoices have been mailed)
End of Term 2
To accommodate extended parent interviews
Timetabled classes will conclude at the end of period 3 (12.20 pm) on
Thursday 31 July
Students will not be required at school after this time. Supervision will be available if required.
Waikato University
Congratulations to the following Western Heights High School students who completed a qualification
at Waikato University and have had the qualification conferred between 1 November 2013 – 30 April
Powell, Kevin
Hini, Anaha
Brake, David
Rolleston, Jamie
Tomlinson, Tyron
Tomlinson, Tyron
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Joseph
Pelham-Waerea, Alex
Pelham-Waerea, Alex
Retemeyer, Chelsea
Shadrock, Elias
Trapski, Alex
Desanges, Shaun
Hardy, Mary
van Gelder-Horgan, Michael
van Gelder-Horgan, Michael
Brady, Charlotte
Browne, Dylan
Carmichael, Ashley
Fielder, Caitlin
Bachelor of Teaching – Primary Kakano Rua
Master of Arts (1st Class Honours)
Bachelor of Teaching – Primary
Postgraduate Diploma (Distinction) in Maori Cultural
Studies/Tikanga Maori
Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Social Sciences
Bachelor of Management Studies
Graduate Certificate in Finance
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Teaching – Primary Kakano Rua
Bachelor of Sport & Leisure Studies
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
Postgraduate Diploma (Distinction) in Psychology
Bachelor of Teaching – Primary
Bachelor of Science
Postgraduate Certificate in Computer Science
Bachelor of Communication Studies
Certificate of University Preperation
Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design
Bachelor of Science
On Tuesday 10 June 2014 the WHHS Stage Challenge team of 95 cast and crew members, plus support
crew, arrived at the Rotorua Convention Centre, ready to compete against six other high schools. We
had an outstanding day rehearsing and enjoying the opportunity to make new friendships and watch the
other school’s rehearsals. During the evening show the costumes and make-up added colour and
vibrancy to each school’s entry. After the judge’s deliberation during interval we were very pleased to
be awarded 1st Place in the Open Division, with John Paul College placing 2nd and Rotorua Girls High
School receiving 3rd place.
We were also very pleased to be awarded the ‘Spirit of Stage Challenge’, in recognition of our support
and encouragement of the other schools on the day. We also received Excellence awards for:
Environmental or Social Awareness, Concept, School Initiative, Set Design and Function, Performance
Skill, Soundtrack, Stage Use, Visual Enhancement, Costuming Character, Choreography, and also Drama.
The awards and our placing are recognition of the commitments made by our team to attend Sunday
rehearsals and the positive effort made by everyone to train, rehearse, make, create, and work together
to create our show.
This is the explanation and introduction for our entry: ‘In a world overrun by technology creativity and
inspiration struggle to shine through, and we tend to lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With
guidance from Degas, Picasso, Rodin, Warhol and Banksy we are able to gain appreciation for the art that
surrounds us. Look up! Open your eyes to art!’
Student Directors: Alea Wharekura, Co-Director: Keely Gage
Spirit Leader: Anna Hamilton; Costume Design Leader: Jamie Thompson; Backstage Leader: Tyler
Simpson. Co-Host: Alex Miller
Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’
Choreographer- Anna Hamilton.
Caleb Powley, Orion Harris, Connor McNamara-Spackman, Sean Jensen, Bill Kermode, Joe Williams,
Codey James, Andy Innes, Keanu Flavell, Lewis Morrell, Vivian Johnson, Cole Starling.
Degas’ ‘Ballerinas’
Choreographers - Kaylee Willoughby and Sasha Douglas.
Anastasia Shoebridge, Phoebe Owen, Josie McGovern, Alice Croucher, Brianna Engert, Marisska
Roussouw, Warna Karunanayake, Erin McKnight, Sian Pearson, Anna Kincheff.
Warhol’s ‘Marilyn’
Choreographers - Rachel Pittman and Ashleigh Whitmore.
Anna Hamilton, Lara McRae, Lindie de Kleerk, Hannah Clayton, Tyla Jensen, Nethmi Karunananyake,
Anna Wild, Jenny Seok, Cassidy McDaid-Rush, Kate Griffiths, Emma Cronshaw-Hunt, Sion Kang.
Picasso’s ‘Guernica’
Choreographers - Caroline Jones and Tegan Allpress.
Nina McGregor, Abbie Ramsdale, Haruka Shigeuchi, Melanie Jonker, Sarah Wild, Danielle Corney,
Shanyse Douglas, Keely Gage, Dakota Day, Laura Willis, Shevon Boddis, Sofia Morrell, Stephanie Jonker.
Choreographer – Alea Wharekura
Mandy Walker, Brooke Wilson-Mott, Morgan McHale, Asjah Doctor, Taelor Parker, Steven Reedy,
Rhyan Puha, Jenny Kim.
Extras – Street Hustle & Bustle
Jamie Thompson, Lindsey Gemmell, Kalista Pijnaker, Melanie Hall, Jessica Hall, Katarina Mau-Thompson,
Lucy McGovern, Molly Bidois, Sarah Wharekura, Rose Stewart, Olivia Tregilgas, Maddie Guy, Emma
Lund, Tayla McKenzie, Erin Hamilton, Bailey Morrison, Johanna Nielsen, Titia Dittmer, Sarah Carnell.
Backstage Crew
Backstage Leader - Tyler Simpson
David Lewis, Matt Robertson, Te Moana nui a Kiwa Ryan, Emily Hammond, Deepika Magesan, Stephen
Support Crew
Make-Up – Jordyn Whangaparita; Photographer – Reade Nikora; Costume: Kathleen Ashley; Lighting:
Seungwon Kim; F/S – Rain Gotz-Tier, F/S – Jason Hanson
We would like to thank Our Parents and WHHS Staff for their support, especially Bronwen Ropiha,
Jane Bowman, Sonia Irwin, Claire Barrat-Wood, Curtis Hemana, Phil Bulkely, Donna Warren, and our
volunteers, Pikihuia Eparaima-Thyne, Alyssa Rogers, Stacey Tamblin, Olivia Ashby, Shaun Loper, Jacob
Rakei, Hannah Lyons and Eddie Bowman. We would like to invite new members to join our team and
look forward to creating a new Stage Challenge in 2015.
Ka tika kia waiho mā te tangata e mihi, nā runga i tēnei whakaaro he mihi tēnei ki a mātou kai-whakairo
i te kupu rangatira, ngā waha kākā o Te Akoranga Reo Rua.
I te wiki tuarua o tēnei tau i tū ngā Manu Kōrero ā rohe o Te Arawa ki Waiariki, tokotoru a mātau
kaikōrero i tū hai māngai mō tō tātau kura. I tū maia, i tū pakari rātau katoa, hai te mutunga o te rā
anei ngā hua:
Te Rangimonoa Rangihau (RTT)– Pei Te Hurinui (Senior Māori) = 1st
(Ka haere atu ia ki Heretaunga hai mangai mō te rohe o Te Arawa)
Sharma Waiomio (WDY) – Tā Turi Kara /Sir Turi Carroll (Junior English) = 3rd
Reimana Rameka (RTT) – Rawhiti Ihaka (Junior Māori) = 6th
Te Roopū Manāki
Te Roopu Manāki have begun practices to prepare for the Secondary Schools National Kapahaka
Competition that will be held in Gisborne next term - July 29th – August 1st 2014
Te Roopū Mānaaki will be performing on Thursday the 31st July at approximately 11.40am.
Tickets and more information are avaliable online at tairawhiti2014.com
He Mahi Ringawera
Te Akoranga Reo Rua and Te Roopū Manāki students represented our school with pride and honour at
a fundraising event for the local St Faith’s Angelican church. This was a formal dinner event, catered by
the world renowned chef Peter Gordan as he filmed the finale of his most recent cooking show. The
students looked immaculent and were friendly and great ambassadors for our school.
Opening Of The New Rotorua Police Station 2014
Our Te Akoranga Reo Rua Students again represented our school at the recent opening of the new
Police Station. Our students were part of the official welcoming ceremony with local police staff and
Ngāti Whakaue kaumatua, and provided whakangahau items as well.
The school acknowledges the constant holistic and pedagogical support of Ngati Whakaue
and the yearly financial assistance of the Ngati Whakaue Education Endowment