Voluntary Medical Retirement factsheet

Voluntary Medical Retirement
What you need to know about Voluntary Medical Retirement
This factsheet contains information which may be helpful
if you are considering applying for a Voluntary Medical
Retirement. It explains what possible implications this could
have on your QSuper benefit and also where to find more
information and advice.
What is a Voluntary Medical Retirement?
A Voluntary Medical Retirement, or VMR, is a trial scheme
introduced by the Queensland Government to support eligible
public sector employees who experience illness or injury and
seek to voluntarily retire due to their medical condition.
For a full explanation of eligibility criteria and the terms and
conditions of the VMR, please refer to the Directive 9/14 on the
Public Service Commission website, www.psc.qld.gov.au.
How will my QSuper benefits be affected?
A VMR will normally be treated as a resignation benefit for
superannuation purposes. Your age and intention to seek
further employment will impact your ability to access your
funds and the tax treatment of any withdrawals.
Tax implications
The tax applied to specific components of your payment
depends on your individual circumstances. We recommend
you speak to your tax accountant or financial adviser for more
information. For general information on tax implications, visit
the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website, www.ato.gov.au,
or call 13 28 61.
Ongoing Insurance
A VMR may affect any future insurance cover. In most cases
leaving work on medical grounds will mean that your
insurance cover will cease on the date you terminate your
employment and you may not be eligible for Death and
Total and Permanent Disability cover through your QSuper
account in the future. If you have multiple ongoing or future
employment with a Queensland Government employer you
may still be eligible for cover. Please contact QSuper to find
out more.
For superannuation purposes a VMR is not related to a
redundancy or retrenchment.
A VMR does not automatically entitle you to
early access of superannuation funds or an insurance claim –
if the medical condition meets the required criteria,
then additional benefits may be available.
For details on requirements and the application process for
accessing an ill-health benefit with QSuper, please refer to the
product disclosure statement or call our contact centre.
What does a VMR package comprise of?
A VMR package comprises the following:
„„Accrued recreation leave
„„Accrued long service
„„A severance payment of a minimum four (4) weeks’ pay
and a maximum of 52 weeks. This payment may be
considered as an Employment Termination Payment, which
could have some taxation advantages.
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Voluntary Medical Retirement
For your employer
Where can I get advice?
If you are a member of the Defined Benefit account, to
ensure that your QSuper benefit is calculated correctly, please
notify your employer to tick the Other box under the Type
of termination section and write VMR when processing the
Employer Certificate form.
3 Employee’s termination details
Date of termination
Type of termination
Voluntary cessation (including resignation and retirement)
Involuntary cessation (including redundancy, early retirement,
retrenchment, contract end and termination of contract2)
Final day of permanent employment (employee is changing to
casual employment3)
Retired ill health
Other (e.g. secondment)
For more information on the process and eligibility, please
speak directly with your employer. If you need help deciding
if a VMR is right for you, please visit the ATO website
www.ato.gov.au or seek personal financial advice.
As a QSuper member you have exclusive access to personal
financial advice through QInvest.1 QInvest offers affordable
advice you can trust to help you reach your financial goals.
To find out more, call QInvest on 1800 643 893 or visit
Need more information?
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