Web Intelligence for Product Space Analysis Adee Athiyaman

Web Intelligence for Product Space Analysis
Adee Athiyaman,
Western Illinois University
The total meaning of a product is "sketched" in consumer's memory as a semantic
structure. It includes (i) hierarchical relationships (product class, product category), (ii)
functional relationships. The functional relationships would be the product's primary or
secondary uses and (iii) finally, associational relationships related to perceived
attributes of an object. One result of semantic structure analysis is the listing of
attributive words. These are mostly adjectives. These evaluative adjectives combined
with adverbs, provide descriptions of "how" the consumer likes the product. Using
these evaluative adjectives as dimensions in Euclidean space, we will construct a
product-space map, for example, for a tourism product, and highlight it's competition
in the marketplace. Then, we will discuss strategies for positioning and/or
repositioning the product. A unique aspect of this training program or course is the use
of Web 2.0 for data collection. Specifically, "big data" from blogs, forums, and chat
rooms will be mined to obtain meaningful insights about the marketplace without
interviewing a single consumer.
Speaker Profile:
Adee Athiyaman is a Professor of Marketing at Western Illinois University. Prof. Adee
specializes in mathematical modeling of business issues. Prior to arriving at WIU, Adee
was the Director of the Centre for Business and Economic Research at James Cook
University, Australia. His research interests include "consumption behavior" analysis
(for example, market segmentation based on quality of life indices, and media
consumption habits), and "consumer behavior" analysis (for instance, discrete choice
modeling). Adee has published more than 50 refereed papers and around 50
monographs, book chapters, and working papers. He also serves as the director of the
Institute Intelligence at Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs. For more details