PawByte working towards bringing Agriduel to the Nintendo Wii U

Press Contact
Nathan Hurde
[email protected]
August 2, 2014
Agriduel planned for release on Nintendo Wii U via eShop.
Chicago, IL USA – Agriduel(formerly known as Fields of Fresh), PawByte's first Role Playing
Game( RPG) project has been submitted to the Nintendo for approval on becoming an official
Wii U eShop title. The Nintendo Wii U offers a very unique way to play games thanks to it's
innovative GamePad which has a touch screen embedded on it.
When Agriduel was funded in November 2012, it was weeks prior to the official North
American launch of the system and with the amount of ongoing questions of how to become a
Wii U developer at the time, it was not added as a stretch goal as the information of becoming
a Wii U developer was not yet as public as it is now.
Agriduel is being developed with in-house technology by PawByte called the Game Pencil
Engine. Currently, demos of the game has been tested on Windows and Linux devices and
soon the Wii U on approval. In the event PawByte becomes licensed developers the Game
Pencil Engine will also become available to Wii U developers for free.
The Game Pencil engine is coded in C/C++ with Open Source and Cross-Platform libraries,
with a specific Wii U port option being made within the same C/C++ codebase or ported to
HTML5 using the Game Pencil Engine cross platform export algorithm.
Nintendo's vision matches very closely with PawByte's own vision for gamers and the world.
They truly treat the gamer like their friend, highly value gameplay and place intricate care and
polish into all of their products and releases. Nintendo has created names bigger than
Hollywood and games so great, no one has been able to outshine their greatness. The
Gamepad is just another prime example of Nintendo going above and beyond the call to
innovate our beloved industry. PawByte aims to make extensive use of the Wii U Gamepad
and Miiverse community for Agriduel and any upcoming it's Wii U titles in development.
On August 8, 2014, we will provide a video update of our recent progress and introduce
ourselves more to the public. Visit by 19:00 (GMT-6) to view the video update.
PawByte is based in Chicago, of the United States, but it's staff is composed of people all
over the country and the world. From graphic artists to voice actors, musicians and
programmers. PawByte is a fully staffed team and is constantly updating itself to be able to
provide a true impressive experience to it's gamers.
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