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St Edmund of Abingdon 16th November 2014
Year A , Weekdays Yr 2; Psalter week 1
Mass SB
Mass SM
Monday 17thNovember
No Service
(St Elizabeth of Hungary, Religious)
Tuesday 18th November
No Service
(Dedication of the Basilicas of St Peter & St Paul, Rome)
Wednesday 19th November
No Service
Thursday 20th November
No Service
Friday 21st November
10am Mass SM
(The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
Saturday 22nd November
10am Mass SM
(St Cecilia, Virgin, Martyr)
Sacrament of Reconciliation after the 10am Mass today
MASS INTENTIONS 16th-22nd November
Anniversaries this week: Desmond Stratton (16th),Ruth Adams
Remembering those who have died recently: Doris Lamb, all
those who have died in conflicts around the world, all deceased
relative & friends of parishioners, Steve Moorhouse, Fr Innaiah’s
Other Intentions: Musicians and choirs on their patron saints feast
day-St Cecilia 22nd Nov.
THE DEANERY is made up from the pastoral areas of New Forest, Avon Stour,
Dean: Fr Tom Grufferty
New Forest Pastoral Area
Waterside: Hythe & Holbury - see above
Parish Priest- Rev Innaiah Maddineni Tel: 023 8086 2270
St Theresa of the Child Jesus-Beaumont Road, Totton &
Our Lady of the Assumption & St Edward the ConfessorFurzy Lawn, Romsey Road, Lyndhurst:
Deacon: Rev Andrew Philpott (Totton)
Deacon Rev Stephen Short (Lyndhurst)
Saturday Vigil Mass
Sunday Mass
Parish Priest-Rev David Adams Tel: 01590 676696
St Anne-Rhinefield Road, Brockenhurst
Our Lady of Mercy & St Joseph-High Street, Lymington,
St Francis of Assisi-Park Lane, Milford on Sea.
Deacon: Rev Stephen Morgan
Saturday Vigil Mass:
Sunday Mass
Milford on Sea,
Parish Priest: Rev Marcin Drabik :Tel: 01425 614968
Our Lady of Lourdes-Mount Avenue, New Milton
Saturday Vigil Mass:
Sunday Mass
10 am and 6.30pm (6.30pm Mass is in Polish)
In todays Gospel Jesus moves on from the parable of the wise
and foolish virgins to develop further what it means to be
watchful and faithful during the time of waiting.
Each of the characters in the parable plays an important role,
but the central figure is ‘the man on his way abroad’. There is
a Master who will be away for some time, but who will eventually return. In the meantime, he entrusts three servants with
certain responsibilities, The three servants are entrusted with
talents given to them by their Master. The word ‘talent’ was a
standard measure of weight in the Near East. A talent is a
large sum of money. In fact, the servants have been given a
The men with the five and the two talents trade with them.
Using the interest which they raise, the treasure is doubled.
The third servant, paralysed by the fear of taking a risk, hides
the talent.
On the Master’s return the servants who traded and doubled
their treasure are praised and rewarded. The anxiety-ridden
servant is condemned because he is wicked and lazy. Referring
to the demanding nature of the Master, he tries to excuse why
he behaved as he did: out of fear of failure he has refused
even to try. He knew that the Master was an exacting Lord and
demanded performance from his servants. He condemns himself by not responding to the demands of the Master. The fear
-ridden servant who would not move, is stripped of everything.
But the parable has a strange ending which sometimes seems
to contradict other passages in the Gospel where Jesus shows
so much concern for the poor and deprived. In this parable,
the rich get richer and the fear-ridden poor man is reduced to
nothing. Why should the rich get richer?
A disciple who responds fully to the gift God has given him
will receive still greater gifts. Growth in the kingdom of God
which Jesus has established among us can only be gained by
risk and effort. Miserliness and fear will never bring the rich
benefits of the kingdom. Exercise brings strength, fear and
laziness bring only death. As always, the teaching of Jesus
subverts an established order which spends great time and
energy looking after itself and defending self-righteousness.
Such behaviour is parallel to digging a hole in the ground and
hiding the Master’s talent.
Once we are aware that there is an all-important ‘in between’
time in the Christian life, we must take it seriously. It cannot be
lived locked away within our own securities. We have been
given a treasure to be used. To be a Christian means to be a
missionary. To sit locked up in fear, awaiting the return of a
stern Master, is to commit oneself to self-destruction. He is
rich in his bountiful gift of ‘talents’….but asks that we exercise
them with joy and courage.
(An extract from ‘This is the Gospel of the Lord’ by Francis Moloney)
Today we celebrate the Feast day of St Edmund of
Abingdon. Joint Principal Patron of the Diocese.
St Edmund of Abingdon: Bishop
St Edmund Rich was born in Abingdon (Oxfordshire)
about 1175, and died at Soissy (France) on this day
in 1240. He studied at both Paris and Oxford and in
the cathedral school at Salisbury. Despite being attracted to the monastic life, he was appointed Archbishop of
Canterbury in 1233. He had frequent disputes with the king
and it was while on his way to ask for the Pope’s support that
he died in France. He was buried in the Cistercian abbey of
Pontigny. He is venerated as a vigorous, reforming bishop and
as a peacemaker, as well as being a distinguished commentator on the Scriptures and an effective spiritual writer.
PRAYERS FOR THE SICK: Please keep in your prayers:
David Bazley, Janice Bird, Maureen Bolton, Nigel Bolton, Russell
Bowlds, Alice Bramhill, Philomena Breen, Kitty Burroughs, Marion
Butler, Petra Daniels, Baby Elijah, Derek Faiers, Derek Francis, Mervyn Francis, David & Joan Grennell, Amanda Gudge, Sally Herbert,
Catherine Heron, Trudy King, Doreen Holman, Joan Hopper, John
& Lena Keane, Michael Kirwan, Betty Marek, Sarah Marshall, Sarah
Mc Cann, Maggie & Steve Moorhouse, Maureen Mullen, Tony
O’Connell, Karen O’Donovan, Julie Poole, Sharon Poole, Norma
Rudd, Susan Soutter, Marion Teague, Emmie Walker, George Watson, Brian Weston.
If you wish someone to be included for prayers here, or if the
person being prayed for is now well & you would like their
name removed , speak to Deacons Ian or Steve or Linda via
the Parish office.
SAD NEWS It is with great sadness that I have to announce
the death of Edna Doris Lamb, known as Doris, wife of …
James ,who passed away on 3rd November aged 99 years.
The service will be on Friday 21st November at SM’s at
10am, followed by a cremation at Southampton Crematorium.
May she rest in peace.
OUR CHRISTMAS FAYRE is only 21 days from
today!! Could you donate any of the following
items? A prize for the Raffle, Craft items, Bottles for the bottle stall & empty (clean) jam jars as part of
the tombola for the children. Please take them to the parish
shop, Faith Hope & Charity, or leave them at the back of the
church for collection, or hand them in to the parish office (Tues
or Thurs). Please mark them ‘Christmas Fayre’.
RAFFLE TICKETS Please return all sold and unsold tickets by Sunday 30th November. Thank you for your continued help & support.
If anyone has borrowed some of the cream table cloths
from the cupboard in St. Bernard's can you please return
them as they are required for the Senior Citizens
Lunch. Thank you.
THANK YOU to Wayne Culver for doing a brilliant job
tidying up the loose wires at SB’s. It is really appreciated.
the biggest threat to reducing poverty that exists today.
Today, we will be asking parishioners to sign cards calling on political leaders to promote policies which will
prevent climate change pushing people deeper into
poverty and support a transition from polluting fossil
fuels to sustainable energy.
flowers for both churches. Thank you to all our flower
arrangers for the lovely displays all year round. If you
wish to join the team of flower arrangers please contact
the parish office and I will pass your details on.
APF COLLECTORS your Missio calendars are available from the
parish office.
FOODBANK In the 3 weeks up to Christmas the foodbank will
provide Christmas food parcels for local individuals and
families in crisis. Please leave any of the following items
in front of the altar and they will be collected from there.
Tinned ham, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, box of
biscuits, Children’s selection box, box of chocolates,
large bar of chocolate (150/200g) , snacks and nibbles (e,g. peanuts), Christmas crackers. Thank you for your support.
NO MASS SM’s Fri 28th or Sat 29th
The Pope Tweets: @Pontifex Work is so important for human
dignity, for building up a family, for peace!
Dear all, In this month of the Holy Souls, I encourage you to
increase your prayers for the holy souls - our family members,
friends, and all those who have no one to pray for them. "When a
man is dead, he can do nothing more for himself. ... But we can
do something for the faithful departed in purgatory. Our love extends
into the afterlife. Through our fasting, prayers, and good works, but especially through the celebration of Holy Eucharist, we can obtain grain for
the departed" (YouCat 160).
World Youth Day 2016 Thursday 21st July to Tuesday 2nd
August 2016
We are delighted to announce that we will be taking a coach of
young people from our diocese to Poland for the next World Youth
Day in 2016 with Pope Francis. We’ll be travelling across Europe with
Bishop Philip to join with over a million young Catholics. With accommodation in the heart of Krakow facilitating full participation in the whole
event, this is going to be epic! Guide price £995. Apply online for more
information. Limited places. BOOK NOW!
The collection for Bamenda was £190.62
The donations for CAFOD/Ebola was £202.11.
Thank you for your generosity.
Those struggling to come to terms with a bereavement or illness.
For those suffering as a result of conflicts around the world.
The Seminarians preparing for the priesthood
Those suffering from Ebola and the courageous medical staff who
are nursing them.
Holy Souls
Quiet Day – for anyone who experienced loss or bereavement, Friday, 21st Nov, 10-4pm
Advent Quiet Days – Friday 5th Dec & Saturday 6th Dec
(9.30 for 10am-3.30pm)
For all the details contact: Wisdom Centre, Romsey, Hampshire,
SO51 8EL, Tel: 01794 830206
E-mail: [email protected]
PAUSE FOR PRAYER 25th November SM’s 10-11am
ST DOMINIC’S PRIORY, Sway are holding a Christmas
Bazaar Saturday November 29th 12noon-2pm Stalls, tasty
food, pizza, hot dogs, cakes, tea and coffee. Proceeds to
the Stables Fund.
arrival is from 12 midday for lunch at 12.30pm, at the Old
Mill, Holbury. Anyone wishing to attend can you please
add your name to the list at the back of the church. Please note
the closing date is the 30th November.
Christmas cards and gifts are now available
from our parish shop
Faith, Hope &Charity.
SO45 6DA