Level II, Part I, WOS, Blaine, 14-15

What is the Catechesis
of the Good Shepherd?
CGS is a Montessori-based
Catholic faith formation program where
children can grow in their relationship with
God through a deep engagement
in Scripture and liturgy.
God and the Child
CGS is based on the belief that
God and the child are already in
relationship. Our work as adults
is to provide a place for the child and God
to come together and grow.
The Atrium and Materials
The atrium is a specially prepared room
where children can come to know Jesus,
the Good Shepherd. The atrium is
prepared with materials that children work
with as a way of meditating upon the
essentials of our faith found in Scripture
and in liturgy. Examples of materials found
in the atrium include small clay figures of
Jesus and the disciples used to meditate on
the Origins of the Eucharist, detailed
interactive maps of the Land of Israel and
the City of Jerusalem to help situate Jesus
as a real person in time; Jerusalem Mustard
Seeds and beautiful pearls to help ponder
the Parables of the Kingdom of God;
and a small Baptismal font and
Paschal candle used to explore
the significance of Baptism.
Formation Leader
Carolyn Kohlhaas is a nationally
recognized Formation Leader for the
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and is
certified in all three levels of CGS. She
received her Bachelor of Arts Degree
in Theology and in Religious Education
from Franciscan University of Steubenville
and has both AMI Primary and Elementary
Level Certifications from the Montessori
Training Center of Minnesota as well as a
Masters in Education from Loyola College in
Maryland. Carolyn is the Lead Catechist
at The Way of the Shepherd Montessori
School in Blaine, MN and works with area
parishes in their implementation of CGS.
The Catechesis of the
Good Shepherd
[email protected]
“If God is presented to the
child through tangible and
meaningful activities,
it will do more for the child
than just arouse interest;
it will create in the child
a sense of joy,
admiration, and wonder.”
~Maria Montessori
Level II, Part I
Formation Course
For catechists working
with children ages 6-9
Course Description
9:00 am—4:30 pm
The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is
a Montessori-based religious formation
program for children, beginning at the
age of three. Originally developed in
Rome by Sofia Cavalletti and Gianna
Gobbi fifty years ago, the Catechesis
continues to spread world-wide. This
second cycle of the Catechesis is
designed to meet the developmental
needs of the 6-9 year old child. The
fundamentals of our faith, presented in
Level I, are built upon and deepened.
New themes are introduced at this level
corresponding to the child’s heightened
sense of morality and developing ability
to think abstractly. This course will give
particular focus to preparing children to
receive the sacraments of Reconciliation
and Eucharist, especially during Part II.
Level II, Part I Dates:
September 27
November 8
December 6
January 31
February 28
March 21
Level II, Part II Dates:
TBA 2015-2016
The Way of the Shepherd
13200 Central Ave NE
Blaine, MN 55449
Level II, Part I: $200
Level I, Part II: $200
(includes National Certificate Fee)
Send registration
information to:
CGS Training
The Way of the Shepherd
13200 Central Ave NE
Blaine, MN 55449
[email protected]
Course Objectives
• To explore the most vital religious
needs and the general developmental
characteristics of the 6-9 year old child.
• To meditate on the Biblical and
liturgical themes presented to the 6-9
year old as provided by Sofia Cavalletti
and Gianna Gobbi.
• To further the catechist’s ability to
observe and learn from the elementary
age child.
• To offer guidance and assistance in
preparing the atrium, making the
catechist’s album, and materials for the
Level II atrium.
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
Level II, Part I
(September, 2014—March, 2015)
The Way of the Shepherd
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