WSD Homeless Parent Letter

Craig Raehtz, Director of Curriculum and Operations
Western School District
1400 S. Dearing Rd.
Parma, MI 49269
Phone: 517.841.8180
Fax: 517.841.8801
Email: [email protected]
Dear Parent or Guardian,
Your child _______________________, has been identified as qualifying for
additional services from the Western School District.
We receive funds through the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act that can
assist identified students with school supplies, school fees, clothing needed for
school (such as coats or shoes) and transportation to remain at Western if you are
now living outside the district.
In addition, your child now qualifies for free breakfast and lunch. Our building
liaisons can also assist in locating sources for medical/dental services, glasses and
food among other things.
Please feel free to contact the building liaison in the school your child attends if
you need further assistance:
Western High School: Becky Callendar, Josh Smith
Western Options High School: Jasmine Klugh
Western Middle School: Anne Starr, Jeff Young
Western Elementary Schools: Colleen White, Jeff Kinney
Craig Raehtz, District Homeless Liaison