SOLO EVENTS BOARD | February 26, 2014
The Solo Events Board met by conference call February 26th. Attending were SEB members Dave Feighner, Mark Andy,
Steve Hudson, Mike Simanyi, Richard Holden, Dave Hardy, and Brian Conners; Doug Gill of the National Staff. These
minutes are presented in topical order rather than the order discussed. Unless noted otherwise the effective date for all rule,
class, and listing change proposals herein is 1/1/2015.
Comments regarding items published herein should be directed via the website
Recommended to the BOD
The following subjects will be referred to the Board of Directors for approval. Address all comments, both for and against,
to the Solo Events Board. Member input is suggested and encouraged. Please send your comments via the form at www.
#12872 Formula Junior Grid Rules and Helmets
The following rule change proposal has been recommended by the SSC and SEB:
Change 2.2.O to read: “At any Solo® event where Formula Junior (FJ) uses the same course layout as all other
classes: For any heat in which FJ is in competition, no car in the vicinity of the FJ grid or the course may be in
motion when any FJ kart is moving under its own power. From the start of FJ competition, when the first driver
in the class leaves the grid for the start line until the last driver has returned his kart to the FJ grid, this rule shall
#12693 Wheel Offset Allowance Proposal
The following rule change proposal is recommended by the SAC and SEB:
Change the first sentence of 13.4 to read as follows:
“Any type wheel may be used provided it complies with the following: it is the same width and diameter as Standard
and as installed (including wheel spacers if applicable) it does not have an offset more than ±¼” (±6.35mm) 7mm
from a standard wheel for the car.”
Comment: The wheel industry has moved from using inch measurements to using millimeters for wheel offsets.
Street Touring
#11982 Lexus CT200H Classing Proposal
The following rule change proposal is recommended to the BOD:
Change the first sentence of 14.10.F to read: “The engine management system parameters and operation of
internal combustion engines may be modified only via the methods listed below.”
Note: in conjunction with this change, the STAC has recommended a Tech Bulletin to class the Lexus CT200H (see
elsewhere herein).
#12423 CP Wheel Width Allowance Proposal
The PAC and SEB recommend the following rule change for 2015:
Change Section 17.4.F to read:
F. For class CP, any diameter and width wheel may be used.
SCCA Fastrack News
April 2014
Page 9
Member Advisories
Street Touring
#13236 Toe Link Clarification
There is no allowance in Street Touring for aftermarket toe links. In regards to aftermarket control arms, you can replace
your upper or lower arm. However the mounting points must be in precisely the stock locations, excluding the sway bar
endlink mount, and excluding incidental changes in length due to camber adjustment. Additionally the bushings must
meet all the requirements of 15.8.C.
Street Modified
The SEB has approved the appointment of Jinx Jordan to the SMAC.
Members interested in serving on the KAC are invited to submit their qualifications in writing to the SEB via www.
The SEB thanks Shawn Hill for his service as a member of the KAC.
Change Proposals
#13367 Fix the Shock adjustment allowance
The SEB/SAC are publishing the following for member review and comment. 
Change the first two sentences of 13.5.F to read as follows:
“F. A hole may be added to interior body panels, the engine compartment, trunk and/or a strut bar to provide access
to the adjustment mechanism on a shock absorber. The hole may serve no other purpose and may not be added
through the exterior bodywork.”
Street Touring
#12449 Oil Cooler Allowance Proposal
Add the following to 14.10.A :
“Engine oil, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid coolers may be added or substituted (including oil to
coolant heat exchangers) but may not serve any additional purpose.”
Note: Based on member feedback the STAC is proposing adding an allowance for oil coolers. Many street touring cars
are also driven at track events. The intent of this allowance is to allow common reliability modifications that offer no
performance advantage. In addition to feedback on oil coolers the STAC would like specific feedback on transmission
fluid coolers. Many new performance vehicles are being sold with two pedals, and as such transmission fluid coolers
may become more commonplace.
#12680 240SX Move to STX Proposal
Class change proposal:
Change Appendix A classification from STC to STX: Nissan 240SX
Other Member Items Reviewed
#13450 Wheel Offset Comments
Thank you for your feedback. Please see item 12693 elsewhere herein.
#13259, 13309 Tire Comments
Thank you for your input.
SCCA Fastrack News
April 2014
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#13311 Engine Comments
Thank you for your input.
Not Recommended
#13505 MR2 Classing Clarification
The SAC feels the MKI MR2 is classed appropriately.
Street Touring
#9999, 13019 E85 and Octane Comments
After review of member feedback, the SEB and STAC are withdrawing the previously-published proposal to add an
octane limit to 3.6.A (see December Fastrack).
#13265 Clutch Allowance Proposal
The STAC is not in favor of allowing update/backdate clutch swaps at this time. This is due to the fact that this allowance
would give advantage to only certain models, and it is not in the spirit of rules stability.
#13337 370Z Classing Proposal
The STAC would like to give the recent changes in STU time to develop before considering adding other high power
RWD cars to the class.
#13464 Steering Wheel Allowance Proposal
The STAC is not recommending any additional steering wheel allowances at this time. It should be noted that in late
2013 an alternate steering wheel proposal was put out for member comment. This proposal was ultimately withdrawn
due to lack of member support.
#13277 MR2 Turbo Classing Proposal
The STAC believes the 1991-1995 MR2 Turbo exceeds the performance parameters of all current ST classes.
#13300 Differential Cover Clarification
Allowing alternate differential covers for all cars would exceed current Street Prepared allowances and thus is not
recommended by the STAC.
#13462 C4 Classing Classing Proposal
The STAC would like to give the recent changes in STU time to develop before considering adding any other high power
RWD cars to the class.
Street Prepared
#13455 Water Injection Allowance Proposal
The SPAC does not feel that this allowance is in the spirit of the category.
Street Modified
#12794 AWD Weight Proposal
The SMAC believes the current weight formula is appropriate.
#12514 Water Injection Clarification
The fuel allowances of 3.6.B and the water injection allowances in 15.10.G are sufficient as written.  The SMAC does
not believe increasing 15.10.G’s allowance to include window washer fluid is appropriate.
#12430 KM Tire Proposal
Due to lack of member support the KAC withdraws the proposal to change the rear tire width limitation (see December
SCCA Fastrack News
April 2014
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Handled Elsewhere
#13338 Shock Adjustment Allowance Proposal
Please note that Letter #13367 references the same subject and has a request for member comment. 
#13029, 13041, 13057, 13072, 13091, 13096, 13108, 13124, 13133, 13134, 13139, 13152, 13173, 13216, 13256, 13314
95 Octane Comments
Please see item #’s 9999/13019 elsewhere herein.
#13260 240SX to STX Comments
Please see item #12680 in the January Fastrack.
#13250, 13317 240SX to STX Comments
Please see item #12680 in the January Fastrack.
Tech Bulletins
Errors and Omissions: The following previously-published definition was inadvertently omitted from Section 12 of the Solo
Rules, and should be added:
An electronically controlled system that can reduce braking force to one or more wheels during deceleration with the
goal of preventing wheel lockup when the brakes are applied.
The definition of Traction/Stability Control in Section 12 is clarified to read as follows:
A system that adjusts engine power, braking force, or torque distribution when wheelspin due to attempted acceleration,
understeer, or oversteer is detected. Conventional limited slip differentials (e.g., viscous, passive clutch, helical/worm
gear, locker) are explicitly excluded, but “active” differentials and their controllers are included.
#13498 2015 Subaru WRX STI Classing Proposal
The SAC wishes to class the 2015 WRX STI in BS and the WRX in DS. Please change the final years in the current
listings to...
Impreza WRX STI (incl. Special Edition) (2004-15)
Impreza WRX (non-STI) (2001-15)
#13379 964 Porsche Classing Clarification
Add to the exclusion listings (both Street and Street R):
Porsche 911 Turbo S and 3.6S (964) (1992-94)
Add to SS:
Porsche 911 Turbo (964, non S or 3.6S) (1989-94)
#13507 BMW E30 Classing Clarification
Per the SAC, please change the current listing in DSR from
SCCA Fastrack News
April 2014
Page 12
3 Series (6-cyl, E30, E46, E9x except M3) (1984-1993, 1999-2014)
to be
3 Series (6-cyl; E46, E9x except M3) (1999-2013)
#13252 Part Allowance Clarification
The SAC wishes to add the following clarification to the Street section of Appendix G regarding the 2005 SRT4 ACR...
“Per documentation received from SRT, the correct front struts for a 2005 SRT4 ACR have a lower knuckle hole to
spring seat height of 229.6 mm.  The 2003-2005 non-ACR strut is 10 mm longer at 239.6mm. “
#13562 2014 Base Mini Classing Needs to Be Changed from HS(R) to GS(R)
The SAC wishes to separately class the new 2014 base Mini in GS, however at this time it is covered by the recentlyupdated listing in HS.  Effective upon publication, change the year as shown in the existing HS and HSR listings:
Cooper (non-S, non-JCW) (2002-13)
and then add the following to GS.
Cooper (non-S, non-JCW) (2014)
#13447 Dodge Charger V6 RWD Classing Proposal
The SAC would like to add the following Street classifications...
FS: Dodge Charger (V8)(2006-2014)
GS: Dodge Charger (V6)(2006-2014)
#13493 BMW 328 Classing Proposal
Per the SAC, the following new listings, effective immediately upon publication, are added for F Street and G Street.
228i, M235i, 328i (2014)
SCCA Fastrack News
April 2014
Page 13
428i, 435i (2014)
320i (2014)
Street Touring
#11982 Lexus CT200H Classing Proposal
Per the STAC, The following Tech Bulletin new listing is provided, to be effective immediately upon publication.
Add new listing in STF as follows:
CT200H (2011-2013)
SCCA Fastrack News
April 2014
Page 14