Unit 4 – Marking Guidelines GCSE GERMAN – Ambitious - Edexcel

Unit 4 – Marking Guidelines GCSE GERMAN – Ambitious and Complex Structures For candidates to achieve in the upper mark bands of the assessment grids for communication and content and knowledge and application of language, GCSE candidates will be expected to prove knowledge and understanding of higher level German grammar. In Controlled Assessment units, candidates will need to apply their knowledge and understanding, drawing from the following lists. The examples are indicative, not exclusive. For structures marked (R), only receptive knowledge is required. Nouns: weak nouns Adjectives: adjectival endings after etwas, nichts, viel, wenig, alles Pronouns • reflexive: dative • relative: all cases, and use of was • interrogative: wen, wem Verbs • mode of address: ihr • impersonal • infinitive constructions (ohne … zu …; um ... zu ...; verbs with zu …, eg beginnen, hoffen, • versuchen) • modal: imperfect subjunctive of können, sollen Tenses • imperfect/simple past of common verbs • future • conditional: würde with infinitive • pluperfect • imperfect subjunctive in conditional clauses: haben and sein Prepositions: with genitive (most common, eg außerhalb, statt, trotz, während, wegen) Conjunctions: coordinating and subordinating Time: use of seit with imperfect tense