Rad-Wal® Solid Waste Recycling System

Rad-Wal® Solid Waste
Recycling System
Green Disposal Made Simple.
Net Zero was a Dream,
Today it’s a Reality.
The Rad-Wal® solid waste recycling system augments your existing
recycling programs to provide a recycling solution for the other 72%.
The Rad-Wal® solid waste recycling system provides commercial
organizations, communities, and
municipalities with the ability to
augment current recycling efforts
and achieve the coveted Net Zero
The Radiant Wall of energy gasifies
the solid waste at 7000o breaking
down the solids into their molecular
elements and creating synthetic gas.
Rad-Wal® is a closed cycle,
non-combustion gasification system
that consumes up to 140 tons of
solid waste per day and transforms
that waste into renewable energy on
generator producing on demand
grid power augmenting solar and
wind technologies.
The resulting syn-gas is stored in
tanks and consumed in a turbine
“After surveying the market
for renewable solutions, we
presented the Rad-Wal®
system at the 2014 SeaTac
Environmental Challenge
Project, and the judges
were blown away!”
“The Rad-Wal® system will
help SeaTac Airport achieve
their 2025 recycling goals a
decade ahead of schedule!”
Aerospace Engineering Student
Raisbeck Aviation High School
The system produces no harmful
emissions common with legacy
gasification systems, incinerators,
and combustion based systems.
AeroSphere Environmental offers
the Rad-Wal® solid waste recycling
system as a service, and no capital
funds are required. AeroSphere
funds the manufacturing, delivery,
and operation of the system with a
purchase agreement.
Environmental Impact
• 100% Recycling
• Net Zero footprint eliminating
land fill use
• Completely closed loop system
• Does not disseminate pollutants
into the air or water
• Non-combustion process that does
not utilize oxygen.
• Incinerators utilize a combustion
process at 3000o leaving residue.
• Vaporizes waste at 7000o using
Radiant Plasma Energy
• At 7000o, waste is broken down
to it’s original molecular elements
leaving no residue.
• Factory constructed and shipped
in industry standard containers
• Assembled within 120 days and
minimal environmental impact
Green Energy
• Transform solid waste into green
grid energy
• Net Zero footprint eliminating
land fill use
• Waste heat from plasma chamber
and generator captured and
transformed into energy
• System efficiently generates twice
the power consumed
• Creates and stores clean synthetic
gas and scrubbed exhaust
• Renewable and clean energy on
demand stabilizes the grid
• Green Energy storage augments
renewable solar and wind
solutions when these are offline.
• Produce enough excess energy to
power 1,400 homes year round.
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