PDF - Nihanth Subramanya

Nihanth Subramanya
Phone: +91 8095417331 | Email: [email protected] | Web: http://nhnt11.com
B.E. (Hons.) Electrical and Electronics Engineering
BITS, Pilani - K. K. Birla Goa Campus
Expected graduation: 2016
Current CGPA: 6.45
Internship Experience
Google Summer of Code 2014 - Instantbird (under the Mozilla Foundation) [blog, proposal]
I worked on asynchronous logging and indexing of chat history files and a UI for searching them.
Google Summer of Code 2013 - Instantbird (under the Mozilla Foundation) [blog, proposal]
I created an algorithm to rank contacts based on both how frequently and how recently they have been
talked to. A user interface was created to display this list in an easily accessible tab.
Both projects were mentored by Florian Quèze, Daniel Scruton, and Patrick Cloke.
Various Java Projects
biIRC - an IRC bot that allows a user to remotely interact with the machine on which it is running
using commands, macros, and if needed, a full shell.
CoNect4 - a LAN based multiplayer Connect 4 game. One can also play against the computer.
NPad - started as a simple Java notepad clone to teach myself UI and file handling, ended up a full
RTF editor with spell check and other features.
Other - I've worked on various small projects, most of which are on my GitHub.
Soda Dispensing Machine Simulation
Designed and programmed an x86 based Soda Dispensing Machine. The hardware and software were
simulated using Proteus.
Technical Skills
Languages: Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XUL, Python, C, Bash, MATLAB, Assembler
Version control tools: Git, Mercurial
UI Design and Graphics
Skilled in UI design using HTML/CSS, XUL/XBL, and Java Swing.
Software: Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro (skilled), AutoCAD (used)
Networking/Server Technologies
Tools: ssh (and related), nmap, telnet, hping
Ran FTP, HTTP, and squid proxy servers for multiple users. These were secured with chroot jails
among other things.
I was responsible for running the campus Linux repo server for a semester.
Gecko (Mozilla) - used for GSoC '13 and '14.
Android - Have written small apps, themes, and contributed to custom ROMs.
Open Source Experience
Google Summer of Code student in 2013 and 2014 (see above). I have since been a regular contributor.
Worked on supporting native graphics resources for low pixel density (LDPI) devices
Added a few features:
- Wildcard support for call blacklisting
- Compact notification dropdown header
- Share screenshot option
Senior member on XDA-Developers.
Academic Achievements
Entrance Examinations
IIT-JEE 2012:
All India Rank 4472
AIEEE 2012:
All India Rank 5098
International Assessment for Indian Schools [IAIS]
Gold medal winner - regional topper for Southeast Asia in Computer Science
(University of New South Wales, 2010)
National Talent Search Examination [NTSE]
Scholarship awardee (Government of India, 2008)
Other Skills/Interests
I'm a self-taught guitarist - member of the BITS Goa Music Society.
Learned piano for six years.
Member of the BITS Goa Quiz Club.
I've been quizzing since early high school. I enjoy trivia, especially in science, technology, music and
pop culture.