anti-aircraft MiSSiLe coMBat VehicLe

Upgrade of PRWB 9A33BM (SA-8) Anti-Aircraft MISSILE Combat Vehicle
Wojskowe Zakłady Uzbrojenia S. A.
CERTIFICATION of interoperability with NATO MARK XII
identification system for the upgraded anti-aircraft missile
combat vehicle 9A33BM OSA-P (SA-8) integrated with
IFF (SIC-12) system manufactured by Wojskowe Zakłady
Uzbrojenia S.A.
Certification No CL 062140501RC – confirmed the accomplishment of the implementation of the latest cryptographic
technologies intended for the combat operations and
presently in use within NATO on post-soviet missile systems,
as well as joint operations of the Wojskowe Zakłady Uzbrojenia
S.A. upgraded anti-aircraft missile system OSA-P within
defense systems of the Alliance.
increased resistance of the system to passive and active
target identification in the Mark XII Mode 4 UPGRADE
Mark XIIA Mode 5, Mode S
radioelectronic camouflage by limiting radar radiation
to a minimum due to application of passive optoelectronic
equipment for target detection and tracking (optoelectronic
head and video tracker)
introduction of advanced techniques and algorithms for
radar signal digital processing and imaging as well as visual
picture from the thermovisual and television cameras
increased resistance to radioelectronic jamming thanks
to application of digital radar signals analysis system
use of advanced parts allowing the supply of replacement
parts necessary for normal operations
increased detection of low RCS targets
precise location determination by inertial land navigation
system supported by GPS
system growth capability to launch state-of-the-art missiles
elimination of adjustments and tuning
integration of Dehumidification System
air conditioned crew cabin
The research and development works were performed under
50 / BO Special Purpose Project funded by the Committee
of Scientific Research in the years 2001 / 2003.
Wojskowe Zakłady Uzbrojenia S. A.
Upgrade of PRWB 9A33BM (SA-8) Anti-Aircraft MISSILE Combat Vehicle
Wojskowe Zakłady Uzbrojenia S. A.
Scope of upgrade
IFF Antenna
Eye-safe laser rangefinder
Long-range thermovision and day / night TV cameras
Low-noise semiconductor amplifiers
Sector control of radar radiation
Air conditioned crew cabin
Dehumidification system
Generating set with diesel engine
Target acquisition digital indicator
On-board computer
Video tracker
Interrogator and Cryptographic Computer
Mark XII mod 4, NSM, UPGRADE mod 5 i mod S, Interface unit
Inertial land navigation system support by GPS
Modern LSI digital elements
Modern semiconductor power supplies
DEFENDER Award granted at the 13th International Defence Industry Exhibition for the upgrade of the Anti-Aircraft Missile
Combat Vehicle PRWB 9A33BM2 and M3 OSA-P (SA-8)
Wojskowe Zakłady Uzbrojenia S. A.